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“What is going on guys its precise welcome back to the channel. I hope you you guys are all having a great day today today s video. I have for the new damascus camo in modern warfare. So the store updated.

I had a brand new bundle called dark damascus now. I believe they re gonna be coming out with a lot more of these for other weapons. And i think it ll look way better than it does on the first weapon. It came out for the 1911 pistol.

Think about it this camera right here on m4a1 mp5 mp7. A kilo it would look way better also in my opinion. This is kind of like a hybrid of platinum camo and damascus you can see the designs of damascus. But it has the color of platinum camo.

So i don t know let me know what you guys think of it it looks a little bit better in game. Someone s gonna happen to a game. You know let me know share your opinions in the comment section. What you guys think of it.

If any of you guys are brand new makes you guys subscribe season 3 of modern warfare begins just in a few days. And i m gonna be covering literally everything. It has to offer so join us here. Today by subscribing ring.

A little nerd. Acacia bell. As well. So you guys could receive notifications to be the first people.

I m the brand new videos also drop a big fat like on the brand new dark damascus camo. I m hoping that come out with this camel on better weapons again m4 mp5..

Things like that you guys already know anyways. Not the further ado let s hop in new game. I have some nasty streaks. I went on with this and a little surprise at the end for you guys as well.

And it was me i thought further ado let s get run it into it alright man. We have the brand new dart dumbasses camo in modern warfare. This actually looks pretty dope in the light. You guys can see it pretty well when you reload.

The girl buddy you re gone this look at that looks actually really nice. This might be the new camo that is coming to season three there we go all right if i get a nuke. I am going to be actually mind blown. Very mind blown that that s gonna be the goal.

There we go okay these guys are all up top now i m gonna apologize now if i don t talk too much oh i m really really focused on this game. I wanna. I would really like to get this nuke. Oh my god we go they all they re still i m gonna watch our back come on got him kilo up do i m so nervous teammates be careful here we go advanced up c4.

Okay we re good holy cow. Guys. We re doing some work there we go no hole my god there we go one a 19. This is actually crazy okay this advance is almost gone.

Oh my god i don t know how i feel about this there we go i got hit no he died oh. My god we re so close to that nuke nice catch buddy guys. This has been honestly such a rough. Oh my god such a rough game ever since i got off the nuke as much as that s hard to believe after our triple kill.

It s true man it sucks. But we re gonna play another one after this hopefully we have time though we can still do something in this i m not giving up there we go thank you i have enough time to get this stuff come on racks on the good street listen icon middle come on get that up we re good..

We re out in like a 10 or 11. There we go we got our advanced this is called in man. I want to save it but know this games almost over why no all i needed was time and i would have had it on a 12. I mean 18 no.

19. Right there bro 60 kill game already man we got out listen. I m sorry playing shoe house again i got a pistol. I suck with these so i m just making a little easier on myself by using or not using sorry.

By playing out a good map all right let me have that at least. We should be able to turn off sky catch whoo later buddy. No okay looking pretty good teammates help get out of here watch this another one over there man. I was man.

We were doing so well to this guy this guy s just not care that hold on mater. This flank. These guys don t these guys don t care at all screw. It.

Oh. My goodness. C4 kale behind us. All right get out of here.

Turn it around here. Okay. Let s go come on i m just gonna have to flank around here no to shot pistol man. But i can t do anything with it let me know if you guys are comping.

This. And i m really curious well..

It was laughs yeah my uh my own. I wasn t really sure if i wanna. Oh. My goodness man.

I hate when the gunfights get that close whoa. They re all underneath awesome those are some free easy kills. People over here nice good catch buddy whoa. Seven multi he would be a oh.

My goodness nothing all behind me from the sample down to just thing. With this gun to it. Runs. An animal.

Quick. Oh. Let s close they have a wheel s en. You ve got to be joking here right a wilson if i m being honest.

I m pretty sure that was ours why in the world do they have our our kill stream. The uh. Oh man. It s been such a rough game.

So many nice clothes streets no way come on thank you where we are going in or now dude. The range on this is not good at all all right oh. No be careful teammate all right all that in i don t know where anyone s out okay no they re on the hardpoint. I m gonna jump up here let s go movie up i knew it know what i look like an idiot.

There okay. I ll take that we have 91 kills right now dude..

I wish i could get a nuke maybe shoot. They re all over here. Oh yeah. They re all on this hill.

Nice. No that s where it in advance uav. Oh. My god get out of here you re coming.

Honest. I ve actually oh my goodness iii. What there s something shitting. Me here.

We go like what in the world is going on this is a crazy game. He see me oh i gotta get on this come on team help me. It s hard to play the objective on i have a frickin pistol. Okay okay.

Oh. My goodness what am i doing this oh you vo no one else your job to you mate. I m gonna turn around come on what a nice street to push this so you re tommy the games gonna end when i get this advanced uav and start turning off. Don t you guys hate when the game ends when you re doing good i just shuffle i just dropped 132 kills lip pistol if that doesn t deserve like i don t know what does if you guys made this one video comment down below hashtag 132.

I apologize for aging as much as i did i really wanted to do that s all i m gonna say i really wanted the new quit week that s fine a hundred and thirty two kills. I don t say man subscribe for guys who knew for more crazy stuff like that i ll catch you guys in tomorrow s video alright these. ” ..


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