The Story of The Judge/Rook Far Cry New Dawn // All Scenes + Dialogue

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“You know what this means it means. The politicians are in silence. It means. The the corporations have been erased that means the world has been cleansed by god s righteous fire mouthful.

It means. I was arrived the collapse is calm the world as we know it is over hawaii is so long. I waited so long for the prophecy. The god whispered in my ear to be fulfilled.

I prepare my family for this moment. And you talk though for me i hate you you for what you ve done. But you re all i have left now you re my family well then the world is ready to be born anew. We will step into the light.

I am your father. Then you are my child and together. We will march music music music music. He told me music you know you know best god tells you if i listen to you it s good and right and i can help and i can save people and make it right everything will be okay.

If i judge is your judge. The judgment is right and just the judgment is god s word..

I see now i am so sorry please give me a mask. I am afraid no one can know me please let me be reborn like the world cleansed of sin and knew and i will fight to cleanse the sin thank you joseph thank you father i can t think i m getting hungry we need to go topside. But i m terrified i think i did the right thing i want to do the right thing now he says he forgives me. But i can t i don t know if i did the right thing.

I don t know and all he gives me is the word music applause music a non believer is a sinner. A non believer does not know our ways a non believer as real it s our most sacred flame. We need joseph he cleanses our sins father will absolve the sinner son listener to the north family of new eden. You have searched your hearts and truly believe that this sinner should seek our father yeah father shows mercy to sinners after all we are all his children music sacr from the truth.

Father guides us in this moment sinner is granted pilgrimage north. They will bring back the father joseph this will allow you to cross the threshold and live bring back proof of his death they will at last. Understand i am their prophet and i ll give you the help you need we both get what we want music. We will show you the way music listen.

Well joseph has a sanctuary far to the north ritual. Demands you light signal fires along the way until the old man is alive. We can see them. But if you don t like the fires it will be the death of you because despite the sacrament.

The north can still kill you this boat and the fire are your best means of safe swift passage stray from them only when it s absolutely necessary use your bow to light. The signals with fire arrows bring me proof of my father s death and i will make sure you are remembered as a friend of the prophet go now with my blessing my child..

I have something for you already my chosen bike the highwaymen throughout the long nights. Now i will ask them to find the strength to fight in the day as well your friend should make good use of the distraction and act quickly. My family cannot fight forever as for you remember gods. If what you have experienced so far is just a taste of god s power do not waste.

It i will also give leave for my judge to follow you they speak. Only one language that of violence in this they will serve you well before you can be our shepherd. You must be our sword go and make the land safe for all who wish to live in peace. The whedon s got music you uh you all right in there just not forget shake for no.

Hey yeah. You might be meeting. This judge and all. But i know deep down.

There s still something left of that deputy of hurts so much music you re not just helping us. Benny eating fake and you remember. The people here they were the friends and they want to help them. And i appreciate that my parents told me you helped out on the day.

I was born mom was in labor and you brought us to the birthing center. Do you remember anything i waited nearly 18 years to say thank you better late than never..

I guess i m not sure what to say to you my friend you ve changed hey we all walk different paths in life. But yours my goodness oh man. Damn hey look at you yeah wow so much has changed and so we last. Saw.

Each. Other yeah. Well i m a daddy now. Yeah got a little boy named blade.

And what about you man you re uh. Putting you some sort of death monster now or sorry. I m real nervous ramse you still the silent type hey hey yeah yeah all right oh me uh i m a crack on then i come and go that s the luck to you and hope you got a little faith man. If you ever see me up harding by the lake.

You don t cut me up okay. That s just please i don t know did i fuck up. I mean yeah. I did i m counting on her to raise my baby perk.

He s a total fuck up. He s got his cousin a bigger fuckup to help him how s my baby not gonna be fucked up..

I m kind of fucked up myself i ran with the highwayman for years and they re like several hundred fucked up people running around fucking up. I m worried i fucked up thanks for the talk. What you do you don t say jack shit. What s that about you have some kind of fucking life changing trauma or something some intent everything.

I know is wrong type moment. Something like that screw you up. Oh oh honey you all right there world s fresh out of therapists. But i m in here.

If you need it boy georgie. You know when things cool off. Maybe. Let s get this one some help like the top can kind of help think they ve got some blenders in their gray.

Matter that made pleasing music. There is only the justice of gods. And this vicious cycle. Give me god s justice release me ” .


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The Story of The Judge/Rook Far Cry New Dawn // All Scenes + Dialogue

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