THE SUPERSTAR KILLER!! – Blitz The League 2 Walkthrough Pt.2

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“Trick play oh oh. I hate stuff like that oh. Man yo yo. What s s going on gamers your boy man back on the blitz.

The league man doing play for now this is my first time playing him i haven t played before in the past and i m glad you guys have and you loved it so you re really excited all all of this. I m experiencing for the first time quick heads up the languages can get intense in this game at points. I ma have juice trying you know mute out some of the big blind ones you know it means you don t have to worry about you know just blatantly hearing man just stupid bald up. We re gonna try and get stuff like that but you know some of them i slipped through the cracks.

And so just a heads up for one one for you to have if you know this might not be the stage for you to watch. It that bothers you just wanna throw that out there for you guys so i m having a lot of fun so far quick heads up i up the difficulty and restarted. The franchise or that i m sorry to campaign and i had to replay the first game and it was a little bit tough i barely won i think i said score at the bottom 19 to 16 either like clench it out at the end so i m excited for that but i m still hoping. It s like a normal game.

And we play some easy team first and then the harder teams come cuz. I don t want to get my butt kicked from start. But yeah i played the first game and i think i did all right because we already got a sponsor. So that was pretty cool.

I don t think we had a sponsor after the first game last time just going to catch up on that but besides that i think we re good man. Let s hop into game. Two we re playing the bearcats. Who are also undefeated at one and oh all right listen up let s focus on the task at hand.

The baltimore bearcat. The best player they got is running back quasi in boot oven. He s a warrior and the spearhead of the bearcat often there s only one man appear so defend the spirit attack by aiming for him cause. He s taking a lot of pounding.

But he s still a shark and lethal is a man i wish quasi bubble moombahton bleh. We try me i wish i m telling. Y all. Now there will be among where we meet head the head and bones will break i guarantee it bones will break.

But it won t be mine. Did you pick. The ball up. Oh oh oh.

Number. Spacing. Opportunity. Let s go.

Oh. Bro. Why aren t y. all.

Blocking. Me..

Y all. A blocking. Good. Move.

A lane. They ai. N t the only running threat. Oh.

My lord i was gonna run. But they blitzed and then i tried to throw. And i couldn t ok. Ok.

Ok. Ok. See most people will be intimidated by 3rd and 43. Not me.

Though oh crap crap not me. Though most people would not me those i needed that stiff arm to knock him out though we re good no we re not pick. We re not putting bro. We re not plenty just trust.

And believe that i m. A. Running. Threat.

Si si. Si. Si. Si.

Just. Put. On. Let.

s. Go. Moody. Chains.

Some. Downs upcoming. Oh trick play. Oh that hurt oh ank ooo dangling brooke oh i hate stuff like that oh man oh oh injected injected boom out for one play i m a good doctor.

I want the only ones with the polling run game. Okay..

I mean maybe you are smallest percolator right up the middle right up the gut right up the gut bro trust. And believe coach oh trust and believe coach trying to tell you oh we go for two around here dot. I m up. I mean if y all.

Go cheating pass interference. Me okra first and 30. Let s go moo bomb. Brain let s go oh me first you first hit at the game.

What did. I tell you your ribs are broken. Oh. Oh.

That s one of our ribs. Dan use the beast. Like that he ll be out for two plays ask that s nothing obviously you can just hurt. My teammates huh come on come.

On. Oh. You think come on miiverse. You.

Me. Oh. Oh. Oh.

No can we can we tackle him. Please. Rob. No.

No yeah. Why he gotta hit me. Like that bro. Oh.

I know i know he had it like that no pay for you know fake for you you should have took your points. And went wait. And winning got the lead alright. They saved just too much time to retaliate shake and bake.

What the heck man. I rematch matumbo come on rematch. See me again see me again see me again. He s dead all righty that wasn t good enough.

I want your bones to break. I want i want your bones to break..

Oh. No no these guys are so good come on i know that giving it to you come on come on quasi come on come on razi. Oh. That wasn t him.

Oh okay. They re on the one they re on the one. Oh. I was supposed to beat you down how did you do that meet me at the gold line.

Kwazii meet me. Oh dang. It man know when there why is it me. Why is it me.

That s always standing there to get beat up bottom up. Let s go let s go. Oh quasimodo ai. N t the only running threat on the field.

That s what i m trying to tell y all dan oh i see you get up timeout timeout timeout four seconds four seconds y all. Know what to do trust in me coach trust in me really. He s gonna kill me instantly. No.

No and they get ball in half. You re a cheesy come on time for me to be great come see me bro i know y all gonna try and run it time for me to be great or let my teammate hurt you i got a long way to go let s go fourth down three now oh spin move oh not at all bang. Oh they blitz. Got em up stiff arm.

Oh. We re going we re going all right i ll take it closer bottom up let s stop it let s go all right let s redo. This trust and believe coach trust and believe in me here s the difference between our team and your team. We go for yes give me the lead be great oh.

I gotta get at least one pink. Man close game. Oh close game time for me. Big great fourth down beat them down.

I m better than you oh they punted they punted. They re scared. They re scared. Let s go put me on palm return.

Oh. Laurie pandas okay run that ride run that rock pick up that block time for me to be great. Time for me to be great holden blocks holden blocks. Let s go time for me to be great.

Time for me to be great got september. Was only ninja to quran looking neto look at me toes..

Just to seal the deal baby just to make it a two point game crap. Oh was it ready to hike it i see you i see you got him dot game that was the closer how i not pick that dough crap. I m there i m there i m there i m there i m there i m there i m there i m there get him ha ha fumble fumble fumble fumble fumble fumble oh hey i into his career to at least mutombo out for five games. I told y all bones would break.

I m not getting in his eggs. I m sorry sorry. Oh. I think you throw it to him.

I mean yeah. He stiff armed. Me barely so just to add insult to injury. I m about to crib.

This cuz. I m. Great. Oh.

My oh oh oh oh oh hold on blocks. Hold your blocks. Gg. Gg.

Yeah. That was a close one man for a second. I was kind of worried after that dudes first run. I kind of thought we might have got blown out not gonna lie.

I ain t got a lot of kick. It have a seat just have a seat. What s this about you re gonna go play with that new hotshot franchise. Why the fuck would i want to play there his teams in division three because i happen to know that the nightmare is gonna cut you at the end of this season along with that big contract of yours.

That s why they traded up to draft max person. Oh man fuck. Them you might get picked up by another team for a fraction of your current salary or you can go play with franchise and keep your deal as is just tell me one thing. What s in it for you wow.

What a performance real ironman football that s hot you and i need to get together this evening and discuss our options you ll find me a flexible negotiator mmm drastic he ll have time to talk a little business whatever you like beautiful we have the opportunity to land the biggest sporting goods company in north america you need me to do a little meet and greet their reps will be at the game this sunday. I need you to give me a top notch performance. That s the only kind of ever gear get it done on the field hotshot and perhaps. We can celebrate afterwards make sure you check out my other channel for daily uploads in thousands of videos that you can t find over here and if you like this clip make sure you click the annotation to subscribe link is also in the description.

I m at okay crap we need help i get that hurt. Oh. I don t have enough for jugger now shake with the thunder game. Yes.

These girls communist aggression filthy walk back yeah all the block is not true ” ..

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