This is How The Best Pathfinder Plays – Albralelie Apex Legends Highlights

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“Deep marry boys all right now we can keep raggin. No fear let me get get that double bounce real quick pretty. Sixty art star pop. Nothing.

Randy s bang. One thing is one literally one push this push this today he ll head this way okay this way that s not big kind of national. The items are here they re literally not here. I didn t want any items on that okay eighty eight people here this pathfinder half shell.

He s pulling on me. I m chasing him there s a little team over here we need to pick you up it s ready daddy i know i m raising you i don t know i do i do give me outrun this nice okay mac. Pathfinder is still viable..


But like you have to play like such a bitch now i m not acting. I m streaming right now in the world it s not the guns dudu. It s fun to use. But it s fucking bad bad luck yeah like it s fun.

But it s not good emotion emotion. The integer right we need to run beam is run. I got the beacon. We need to run he s going the opposite direction of yeah okay fucking run it s one guy you know.

It s a full team no it s its already killed one of that team you just. Yeah you killed one okay i have no meds oh no shields at least i need to heal up. He s reviving in the smoke coming back..


Did you doubt him. Again. Yeah. Okay.

I can t see into the cofee gift. Shields mac. There s nothing. He just there s two of them left.

One is down once pushing to his right focus the gong to right hook. He s going to shut him that chose one wait 40. Oh nice here you go pulling back dig..


His purple. Yeah. My god raps next time. Thank you knocked one right arnie.

Right on you i want it any meds. I gotta thank you for you do so guys like this way you chased. Me bro just gonna be teammate please i m in that roof once on the single fire roof line. One shot bozo no shooting game pushes the life they re both beat.

Oh i m trying my hardest to hit my shots. My teammates are missing everything everyone s lighting in here. But there s like five guys inside it they re all one shot 37 on them right up there for mine..


Bob. What s up well. They re on 82. Oh no they re down here rathe one shot.

She s pushing her up music you music. ” ..

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This is How The Best Pathfinder Plays – Albralelie Apex Legends Highlights

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