Top 10 Final Fantasy Classes

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“A game is all about building a perfect squad to take down the bad guys guys and these party members basically define squad goals welcome to watch mojocom. And today will be counting down our picks for the top 10 final fantasy classes only powerful in their respective games. But also iconic to the series and well known to role playing gamers everywhere woosh. We re looking for the best of the best from this long.

Running series of jrpgs. So let s select our party number 10 dark knight slice slice one of the coolest classes in the series the dark knight rose to fame. Thanks to final fantasy. 4.

And the iconic journey of cecil. A knight from the kingdom of baron. Who had to cleanse his blade of darkness to take on true evil. The dark knight sacrifices his own hp to deal more damage making it unmistakeably bad.

Ass as it sheds through enemiesand man. Just look at that sleek armor number. 9. Monk.

The monk lives by a code of less is more while this melee fighter usually comes with little equipment it can devastate enemies by enjoying increased damage from fighting bare fisted. That s right don t be surprised to see a monk out damaging your characters swords and spells with his bare hands throw in its useful martial arts abilities and some elemental claws and you ve got a one man two fisted army number 8 thief thief oh thief check it out i got his wallet knight laughs nice chaos demon of destruction hey..

Quick. Crafty and sporting a love for all things shiny the thief is a great asset to any final fantasy party japanese known for their stealing abilities. The thief make sure your inventory is full of rare and powerful items taken straight from the hands of your enemies. Made even more popular in final fantasy.

9. The first game to feature a thief as a main character this class is a popular and handy choice thief hah guys check it out hes got nine no wait ten ten different sandwitch cards chaos demon of destruction okay guys haha jokes on chaos. I like meatball subs. I mean who doesn t number 7.

Red mage jack of all trades master of none. If there s ever been a class to live up to this saying. It s the red mage able to use basic black and white magic as well as being potent with a sword. The red mage patches up any holes your team might have quite nicely.

They might suffer later in the game when they ve been outpaced by other classes. But with a secret ability or two and a great amount of versatility. The red mage still earns its spot on the team and who can say no to that stylish hat number 6 knight. If one strategy prevails in all rpgs.

It s hit your enemy with a sword until they fall over and that just about sums up the knight in a nutshell. They re basically upgraded versions of the basic fighter or warrior class..

They hit harder. They take more damage and in some games. Even come with an elementary knowledge of white magic. You can t go wrong with throwing a knight into the fray and watching them chop up the opposition number 5.

Ninja ninja morning lurking in the shadows with a sword in each hand and an arsenal of shuriken and ninja scrolls. The ninja is a deadly and powerful class these stealthy warriors are known for their ability to duel wield and for their ability to throw just about any item in your inventory to deal massive damage. They re a popular choice thanks to the series favourites like edge and shadow and they are a powerful addition to. Any.

Team. Yuffie. Yuffie. Kisaragi feast.

Your eyes. On. Woahohoh. Forceful thud yuffie.

Ow. Number..

4. White mage. You might think you ve assembled the strongest team of fighters in all the land. But who s going to keep them all alive.

When they are charging head first into battle knight cast cure you insufferable dick. We can t afford to lose knight. The entire world is interrupted white mage naw man its cool. I got this that s where the white mage comes in in their iconic red and white robes.

The long list of healing spells all designed to save your bacon. But let s not forget their legendary spell holy. Which turns them into massive damage dealers at the same time. A white mage is a must at least if you care about staying alive at all number 3 dragoon dragoon.

I will choose whom to serve there are few attacks more extreme than jumping hundreds of feet into the air to strike a deadly blow down on your enemy. And that is exactly what the dragoon loves to do experts at using spears and pole arms dragoons leap into actionliterally with their iconic jump ability that keeps them from harm and delivers devastating damage. Some dragons can even call on the ancient magic of dragons as if they needed to be any more badass than they already were dragons drive with all my strength number 2 summoner belgemine ah. The high summoners daughter i ve heard much of you whether you want to call them esper seidelons aeons or whatever else everyone can agree that having the godlike power of mythological beasts on your side is a win.

And that s exactly what the summoner brings to thetable popular characters like rydia dagger and yuna have made some owners of a beloved part of the series. Even if their attacks or sometimes a little over the top..

We re looking at you bahamut zero before we reveal our top pick here are a few honourable mentions forsake. The darkness. You once embraced or the light will find no hold number 1 black mage with their straw hats blue robes and glowing eyes. There s no doubt that the black mage is the most iconic of final fantasy classes.

And it has a mega ton of power to boot. Whether they re burning to a crisp or raining thunder down on the battlefield. The black mage always leaves its mark with its devastating elemental magic. And when they take it up to eleven summoning meteors or using the legandary ultima.

You re gonna want that straw hat on your side. Do you agree with our list is there any class you d add to your party for more. Fantastic top tens published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom. Fanfare.

” ..

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Top 10 Final Fantasy Classes

Which is the best class in the Final Fantasy franchise or series? Who is the most powerful? These are important life questions, and today we ll be going through the classes of this ironically named series to see if we prefer the Black Mage, the Thief, the Red Mage, The Summoner, the Dark Knight, The Monk, The Ninja, The Dragoon, the Paladin, the Time Mage, the Mime or the lowly Onion Knight. These can be from any game from Square Enix s landmark roleplaying series So Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV are all eligible, even the spinoffs like Final Fantasy Tactics. So long as it has FF in the name, any and classes your party members can take on in this JRPG franchise are all fair game here.

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