Top 10 Scariest Game Over Screens

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“Parting. Shots still give us the creeps welcome to watchmojocom. Over screens for this list list will be ranking. The video game scenes that occur after a character s death were disturbing frightening or otherwise made for uncomfortable viewing.

We re not necessarily looking at the actual animations themselves for this list but rather the screens after you ve bitten the dust and broken that controller so take a deep breath steel your nerves. And get ready to die. Number. 10.

Cadillacs. And dinosaurs. Ah. The age of the coin op.

We re standing arcade machines would do just about anything to make you keep plugging in those quarters. Music music case in point this game over screen from the awesome cadillacs and dinosaurs a fondly remember tie in to the comic franchise and cartoon series of the same name music here one of the game s big baddies holds a gun point blank to the losing characters face in a first person view. Should you not continue the game. After a 20 second.

Countdown. Well you re eating lead baby making it game over permanently music. Number nine friday. The 13th.

Sometimes the simple and direct approach is the best the creators behind one of 1989 s most challenging difficult and frustrating games clearly knew this when they designed this game. Over screen friday..

The 13th. Features obtuse controls. A non intuitive map. Screen and a villain whose nayan unbeatable.

If you don t know what you re doing as a result you re gonna die a lot music friday the 13th seems to know this fact and came up with an ultra memorable final screen to hammer home the point. That you re just not gonna get jason voorhees. You and your friends are dead. Game.

Over is the message and we really couldn t have said it better ourselves. Number eight five nights at freddy s franchise. Okay so jump scares are cheap. They re designed that way purposely to scare us after all the odds are pretty good that having something jump out of nowhere.

Without warning will get us frightened out of our wits. Every single time. The five nights at freddy s franchise. Does this all too well and could be seen almost as a benchmark of sorts.

A way to measure how successful a game is at getting its jump scare point across as such the series has scared the crap out of kids and adults alike via its use of murderous animatronic animals with soulless eyes lurching up and signaling that the game is over pal. Let us. Know when we can open our eyes. Okay.

Number. Seven crash..

Bandicoot. 3. Warped. Okay.

So our next entry is sort of a combo deal with both crash bandicoot s numerous deaths and the final screen working together to create something unique morons by defeating entropy urs. That s already the most interesting thing about losing in this third bandicoot outing is how much detail the developers put into animating all of the waste crash can bite the dust. Some are humorous such as crash losing his pants while others showcase just how many ways the little guy can be chomped stomped sliced and diced finally after all is said and done villains like luca. Luca and cortex appeared to intimidate the player and respond differently depending on whether you choose to continue or not number six final fight franchise capcom strikes again with their infamous put in another quarter routine this time.

It s all about the final fight franchise. The classic side scrolling beat em up that puts your character in very real danger should you perish along the way. Here. Your chosen hero is bound and set up within some not so elaborate deathtrap such as rising water or the burning fuse of deadly dynamite should you find your pockets empty of coins or just have somewhere else to be you can feel free to let the clock run out and watch a guy agar cody and more bite.

The bullet hope you re proud of yourself number 5. Soma survival horror is always a great place to look for a truly scary game over screen. And the 2015 tidal soma. Certainly didn t disappoint fans of this love.

It or hated genre. The ending. Here. Is a bit more abstract in nature with lights sound and creepy noises.

All coming together in a kaleidoscope and hallucinogenic collage music. If that didn t scare you into submission..

Then the matter of fact message of you died should hammer home. The final point. That soma is determined to give you nightmares at any cost. Number four shadow of the colossus shadow of the colossus was so popular and well received when it was originally released back in 2005.

That fans clamored for another goal with a remake developed over a decade later music would do both of these iterations have in common the simple yet awesome screen pops up when the game s title character wander fails in his quest to destroy all 16 chiller colossi. These victorious enemies simply show up and stare you straight in the face music. There s no fancy animations and no gross out sequences just an almost meditative and palpable fear. As you re faced with your own mortality music.

Number three the legend of zelda majora s mask okay so we love link like we really love the little guy that said we hate seeing anything bad happen to the hero of hyrule. So the next game over screen on our list hits us right where it hurts sure we were bothered by the return of ganon in zelda. 2. The adventure of link.

But that was kid stuff compared to the apocalyptic game over screen in the legend of zelda majora s mask. The noise. The dust. The deafening explosion and link being blown to kingdom come.

It s all too much for us to handle. And it s an ending. We really only want to watch once although as a child playing this game. I definitely saw more than once number two batman arkham franchise.

The arkham series of batman games are massive achievements and have crossed over to fans from the console worlds on through to followers of dc s comic books and cinema. They deserved death just music one of the reasons..

This series is so beloved is the attention to detail paid to the caped crusader s rogues gallery with each of batman s enemies. Receiving multiple taunts and speeches to give at bruce wayne s demise line my little batman. Some are darker and more violent than others. But they re all memorable and animated to perfection the fact that each character gets multiple takes at punishing the bat also gives the game s excellent replay value.

So. If you can try to watch them all before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them. If you re on your phone. Make sure to go into your settings and switch on notifications number one resident evil franchise every modern gamer is likely familiar with the resident evil franchise this series which almost single handedly popularized the survival horror genre we say almost because the world of resident evil is actually indebted to the 1989 game sweet home which was based upon the cult japanese horror film of the same name the game over screen of that title was surprisingly grim and gruesome for the time.

Two sentiments. Which were beefed up big time. When resident evil took the reins in 96. The slow zooms.

The graphic deaths and the ominous you died message itched in blood red. They were the game over screens that truly made us afraid of the dark music in the mood. For more awesome gaming content be sure to check out this video here on mojo plays and don t forget to subscribe and ring. The bell to be notified about our latest videos music you.

” ..

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These parting shots still give us the creeps. For this list, we ll be ranking the video game scenes that occur after a character s death, which were disturbing, frightening or otherwise made for uncomfortable viewing. Whether this was in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil, or others, these game over screens were certainly memorable. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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