Top 10 Scariest High School Horror Movie Moments

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” s out completely welcome to watchmojocom. Ovie moments before we begin we publish new content content every day so be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell get notified about our latest videos for this list. We re ranking. The most frightening tense or otherwise scary moments that take place in a high school setting within a horror film.

We re also going to loosen our criteria a bit here and include horror films that were about highschool kids even if the specific entries in question do not take place on school grounds number 10. They want everyone the faculty. The faculty is something of a forgotten gem from the late 1990s horror scene. Messy effects work combined with a hip young cast robert rodriguez is a sure direction and a great screenplay from screenwriter.

Kevin williamson. Simply stated the rated r. Flick. Just goes for it as evidenced by a couple of scenes that still stand the test of time for starters.

There s the gross part. Where a teacher s scalp and hair comes off in the hand of a student in the school showers meanwhile. There is also a scene where the kids all take an experimental drug to prove they aren t possessed which pays homage to john carpenter s the thing in the best possible way number 9 teen wolf ginger snaps. Hello bridget speaking of underrated horror franchises.

The gingersnaps series is beloved by fans of a certain age for its smart and forward thinking themes of feminism puberty and sexual awareness within its narrative of a vicious werewolf of course. This isn t to say that the first ginger snaps doesn t have its fair share of gory violent moments. As the title character ginger. Fitzgerald.

Causes. Plenty of carnage case in point. A scene. Where ginger.

Who is quickly losing her fight against like han therby murders..

The high school janitor in a fit of rage over how he looks at her sister. This sibling bond. Is actually one of the aspects. That makes ginger snaps.

Such a memorable film to this day. I don t like how she looks at you number eight choke point final destination. The final destination franchise has earned an impressive run thus far with five films to its credit. We re taking it all the way back to the og final destination film for this entry.

However with one specific fan favorite scene in mind. Sure we could have gone with miss luton s overkill death in our home here. But instead we re gonna go with todd s horrific shower scene. Maybe.

It s the tense realism with which it s shot hearts. The image of todd s bloodshot eyes as the makeshift clothesline wraps around his neck whatever. It is we can t help. But cringe as we watch him struggle for those scissors.

That are just out of reach number. 7. Nancy gets stabby the crafts it all got out of hand. And i m sorry.

The craft is either delightfully cheesy or hopelessly nostalgic depending on the age at which you saw the film for many it s a quean throwback to the popularity of goth and witchy culture in the 1990s anchored by a talented cast of fresh young faces firoozeh bulk in particular stood out as the troubled trailer park which queen nancy downes bulk honestly steals. The show not only with her striking appearance but also the intensity of her acting. There s an energy that ramps up as the film pushes forward especially. The scene.

Where nancy attacks new girl sarah with a knife..

The attack comes from virtually out of nowhere with bulks slash fit successfully silencing any elements of camp present. Until that point number six bait and switch scream fuck just some scary movie like scary uh huh. You might be picking up a focus on horror films from the 90s and early millennium here and you wouldn t be wrong here. However.

We have that game changer of self aware slashers wes craven s iconic scream. Although only the fonz henry winkler meets his demise on high school grounds ghostface made his presence felt right away from screams opening scene. It s a now classic. Bait and switch.

Where drew barrymore prominent on the film s posters and frequent talk show promoter of the film gets gutted and hung from a tree. Almost immediately plus beyond all the gory details barrymore s phone conversation with the killer prior to her demise. Is just chilling final question. Number five heads up prom night.

We re heading back to the 80s for our next entry. Although to be fair you d be forgiven for thinking. This film was a product of the late 70s. Prom night was actually filmed in 1979.

Which explains its focus on the disco music and fashion. That was popular at the time. No one s laughing at the film s climax. However as a string of murders and one memorable decapitation put one serious damper upon everyone at this high school prom.

The soft focus cinematography and setting may evoke memories of carrie. More on that later. But prom night. More than stood out on its own eventually spawning a franchise number for sister hacked halloween.


So we know that michael myers doesn t kill anyone on school grounds in john carpenter s classic original halloween. However the film along with bob clark s black christmas. Helped popularize the slasher tropes of high school kids in peril. So we re giving this legendary film a pass plus.

Michael s been killing off teens since he was barely tall enough to hold a kitchen knife. Never mind stabbing his sister to death with one finally halloween gets special mention simply for being that age old sleepover litmus test for watching your very first scary movie its iconic for many reasons. But we ll always remember the shivers michael set up our spines when we roamed our high school halls michael number. Three body bag.

A nightmare on elm street. Tina fans of wes craven s classic franchise already know this. But the first nightmare on elm street film is a legitimately creepy experience. There are barely any one liners to be had as teen murderer.

Freddy krueger haunts. The dreams of all the high school kids on elm street. We re led at first to believe that tina is gonna be the hero of our story. But when she s killed in her sleep by freddy our focus is shifted to nancy thompson.

Who was having visions of the same razor gloved madmen. One of nancy s early dreams is in class. As she witnesses tina beckoning her from the hallway clad in a bloody body bag. It is dark disturbing stuff.

Number two peter possessed hereditary. What s wrong the most recent film on our list proves that horror is flourishing and still able to push people s buttons hereditary was one of the breakthrough genre hits of 2018 thanks to a harrowing occult storyline and an incredible performance from lead toni collette for this specific entry. However we re gonna mention alex wolf and his portrayal of 16 year old high school student peter teen possession scenes have been done to death at this point no pun intended. But peters slow an explosive build during an otherwise uneventful class.

Still gives us chills from wolf s awkward hand gestures to that final nose breaking blow against his desk..

The scene is overwhelmingly intense before we name. Our number. One pick. Here are some honorable mentions music music.

Number. One telekinetic death prom carry. Applause. You know this just had to be number one right carrie white gets her revenge.

Upon all of those who cruelly tormented. Her in director. Brian. De palma s classic adaptation of stephen.

King s popular novel. An awful dose of dumped pig s blood is what ultimately sets carrie off on a telekinetic death spree. As she uses her powers to lock the doors and horrifyingly burned. The senior prom and its partiers to the ground.

De palma s split screen technique is put to perfect use as it depicts carrie s frenzied reaction in the fiery chaotic aftermath. Carrie white may burn in hell. But this moment is forever burned into our memories. Do you agree with our picks check out these.

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School s out . . . completely. For this list, we re ranking the most terrifying moments in high school-themed horror movies. Brace yourself for the scariest scenes in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), “Hereditary” (2018), “Scream” (1996), “Final Destination” (2000), “The Faculty” (1998), and many other fright fests! What high school horror movie moment scared the bejeezus out of YOU? Let us know in the comments!

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