Top 20 Creepiest Pok dex Entries

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“Everyone this is tricky and if you ve been following my content for about a a year or two you may have seen this video on another channel before it kind of getting close to halloween. And i just wanted to share this video again and i m sure that you guys have noticed my obsession with creepy ghostly things so i thought it would fit my channel. Very very well i made us about a year ago. And it was uploaded to another channel like i said i worked really really hard on this and i just really wanted to make sure that no one would miss it plus.

Some of you who are new to my content. I didn t want you to miss anything either so i went beyond a top 10 and went straight to 20. So i hope you guys enjoyed leave a like and be sure to put what pokemon you think is the creepiest in the comment section below with all that out the way let s get started at number 20. We have credulity to be completely honest this pokemon doesn t look like it would be dangerous.

But it s pokedex entry definitely goes against that it ensnares prey with its eight tentacles. It then melts. The prey with a strong acid before feeding. Oh.

That s lovely two reps. Little thingies around you and then it mounts you alive that s not cool. But of course this pokemon really isn t that big of a threat in the pokemon world. Considering that this is a fossil pokemon.

So i suppose that s a good thing they went extinct moving on to number 19. We have cubone. I m pretty sure if anybody has looked up creepiest pokedex entries cubone has been on there somewhere. And i m pretty sure that everybody is familiar with its pokedex entry.

It wears the skull of its dead mother on its head. When it becomes lonesome. It is said to cry loudly. That s really really depressing don t get me wrong.

That is extremely creepy. But i find it more sad than scary. And what freaks me out the most is that there s a lot of queue bones and they re all wearing their dead mother on its head. Why are there so many do they kill their mother.

I know that team rocket killed them in the game. I feel so bad for cubone. Okay now i m sad let s move on moving on to number 18. We have victreebel in the pokemon show this pokemon is extremely hilarious in my opinion this pokemon has always freaked me out.

But it s dex entry does not sound pleasant at all this horrifying plant pokemon attracts prey with aromatic honey then mounts the men s mouth..

I honestly cannot imagine being melted alive that is the most unfortunate death ever can you imagine being stuck headfirst in its mouth. And just be melted. No moving on to number 17. We have gotha tail.

I didn t expect this pokemon to have a creepy pokedex entry. But it s pokedex entry is both depressing and extremely creepy. They can see trainers life spans. When it learns its trainers lifespan.

It cries and sadness just like some death note shinigami crap. Going on right here. A lot of people death is absolutely terrifying and could you even imagine being around somebody that you love and seeing their lifespan when you first think about it it doesn t really sound that bad. But if you actually put yourself in those shoes and imagine when somebody is actually going to die you would constantly just be waiting for it that is torturous in my opinion moving on to number 16.

We have spiritomb. I know this is random. But i honestly wish that at shiney forum was its regular form because it s shiny form is beautiful. But anyway.

This pokemon has a very interesting pokedex century. It was formed by combining 108 spirits. It was bound to a fissure in an old keystone as punishment for misdeeds 500 years ago. I actually want to know what this thing did.

But it s honestly crazy to think about that this pokemon is actually 108 evil spirits combined. But the creepiest thing to me is that somebody actually fused them together someone had to have done that and that sounds like some freaky ritual stuff so what the freaking crap dude. Taking our number 15 spot is para sect. This pokemon looks so happy.

But it s really not the bug host is drained of energy by the mushrooms on its back. They appear to do all the thinking if any of you guys are familiar with me you guys know how i feel about parasite. I ve spoken about parasite before this pokemon is basically a zombie. I like to compare it with the game the last of us because their zombie outbreak was due to an evil fungus thing parasite is the pokemon equivalent to that while it s a paris.

The little mushrooms on its back eventually spreads across its body and it sucks the life out of it until it undergoes its transformation to para sect. Which is a lifeless host the sucks dude moving on to number 14. We have hypno. I m sure most of you were expecting hypno to be on here somewhere this pokemon is basically the predator pokemon due to its creepypasta stories and its pokedex entry.

This pokemon is feared by a lot of p boom..

It carries a pendulum like device. There is once an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized. Why would you do that why moving on to number 13. We have gorebyss.

I ve never really been a fan of this pokemon and i really don t even like its pokedex entry. Because i felt the need to insert the word per day three times in this one wow it stabs people with a smell and then it drains the body fluids of its prey that is messed up of course gorebyss is based off of a mermaid. It will fool people with this beauty. Even though i don t think.

It s pretty at all and then it will kill them how charming taking our number 12 spot is cough egregious everything about this pokemon is creeping. It has been said that they swallowed those who get too close and turned them into mummies. Do you know the process of becoming a mummy mummification. Requires them to take out all your internal organs pull out your brains.

And all kinds of really really bad things and to think of this pokemon would do this to you while you re alive to be juiced by this pokemon does not sound nice in the slightest plus. If you re claustrophobic that would be terrible to be stuck in there moving on to number 11. We have hone edge. If anyone dares to grab its hilt.

It wraps a blue cloth around that person s arm and drains that person s life energy. Completely this thing doesn t even give you a chance if you grab it it s gonna kill you that is really unfortunate moving on to number 10. We have shedinja you really wouldn t expect something that had a halo to be completely dangerous. But this pokemon would end you shedinja is a discarded bug shell that came back to life if you peer into the crack on its back it will steal your soul.

I don t know if it destroys your soul or it eats it or your soul gets trapped in its shell for all eternity obviously all three are bad. But as long as you don t look in there. I m sure you ll be fine. But i m too curious oh a blind eye at number 9.

We have ban it they are said to live in garbage. Dumps and wander around in search of the children that threw them away strong feelings of hatred turned this puppet into a pokemon if it opens its mouth. It s cursed energy escapes well that s unfortunate because it s always opening its mouth hatred is a very powerful thing and to have something vengeful chasing after you it s not good. And this pokemon has a mega evolution so not only is it angry.

It s very powerful it will destroy you it would kill you but it s still a awesome pokemon. I m so conflicted right now taking our number eight spot is gourgeist it in wraps its prey and it s hair like arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey. What is wrong with this thing.

Why would it do that that is pretty dark in my opinion and then if you hear it singing you get cursed so either way you re screwed at number 7..

We have glalie after immobilizing. It s faux and ice this pokemon enjoys eating it in a leisurely fashion. If it completely froze its prey like if they were dead and then it did it. But it just immobilizes its foe.

So it s still alive and it just eats it slowly that is so mean elisa s mega forum has a broken jaw. So i guess that makes it a little better moving on we have phantom at first glance. This ghost pokemon is extremely adorable. But it s pokedex injury it always has to mess that up according to old tales these pokemon our stumps possessed with the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest these cute little pokemon are human children who died why nintendo what are you doing and it makes me wonder how humans are able to transform into pokemon after they die what causes that seriously leave your opinions on how that happens in the comments below because i m actually really curious about what you guys think about that moving on to number five.

We have kabutops anything that is capable of chopping you up is not good it slices its prey with its sharp sickles and drinks the body fluids. This pokemon is pretty hostile as well so it wouldn t think twice about doing it either again. This is another fossil pokemon. So it s probably a good thing that they re extinct.

But in any case. Chopping up anything and then drinking its fluids nah at number 4. We have dust more according to several pokedex entries. It has the ability to send people to the underworld or the spirit world or ending in a world that you like to associate death with if a dust.

Nor does not like you you re out of luck pretty much the entire evolution line of dust noir is pretty messed up dust. Cole likes to make children cry and it would do everything it can in order to hear children that s not nice and dusclops is basically emptiness. So if you get too close it can suck you in forever. And that s that s not cool either.

But the power that does snore has over human life is ridiculous. If dust noir and dark ride. Join forces that would be the end of the world moving on to number three we have chandelure the spirits burned up in its ominous flames lose their way and wander this world forever that sucks the flames that chandelure possess our souls and basically. It s evolution line leads up to this i mean lamp it just waits and hospitals waiting for people to die.

And then i ll steal their soul. There s not even any indication that they target bad people or even innocent people. It s undetermined and that is scary. But in any case having your spirit burnt up and being forced to wander this world forever.

That s messed up at number two is your mask or y. A mask or i don t freaking out at first glance. This pokemon looks really cute. But nope each of these pokemon carries a mask that used to be its face.

When it was human sometimes they look at it and cry obviously the one in the picture is a default looking face..

But can you imagine being a mask. And just looking at your face forever. That is terrified. I still want to know why humans become pokemon in the first place and of course.

I could kind of go back with ash and allures pokedex entry. Maybe the people that chandelure forces to wander the world become certain ghost pokemon of course. It s just speculation but in any case. This pokemon is terrifying and the fact that it just looks at its face and cries.

That s that s so dark and no so before i reveal number one don t forget to vote or list. One countdown. You would like to see next also be sure to list the top five pokemon who creep you out the most and why in the comments below have fun with it so taking our number one spot is yveltal when this pokemons life comes to an end it absorbs the life energy of every living. Thing and turns into a cocoon once more obviously in pokemon x.

Y. They couldn t actually have a thing kill off everything of course. There was some death in it. But this pokemon is literally the pokemon of death.

This pokemon has the ability of killing everything and that goes for plants to plant our living thing. It has no mercy. It s a good thing that yveltal sleeps for a thousand years at a time otherwise everybody would be dead. But at least.

We have xerneas to counter that and i think that abel tell is probably the funniest folk want to play with and pokemon to me because it s basically doom satan bird dragon thing and we can feed it cupcakes. We re so powerful awkward silence. Yeah so yeah that is my top 20. I hope you guys really really enjoyed it here s my social links as usual.

Yeah be sure to leave a like and subscribe. If you haven t already thank you so. Much for watching. And i ll see you guys next time bye bye you ” .


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