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“What is going on you guys. It s your boy eric here back again with with another call of duty moba video and in today s video. We re gonna talking about the top 5 guns that you can use inside of the ranked playlist or even in the public match playlist of call of duty mobile. Now.

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Let s get into that number 5 spot now coming in at number 5. It is a gun that basically nobody would ever expect to be on this list. I mean if you told me a week ago that i would be putting this gun on this list. I would have told you to shut up and that s why i take so long to make these videos and to really play ranked a little bit and understand what guns are actually powerful and useful inside of certain situations.

Because at the start of the season in the first couple of days. I see some of each of us here in there in the up load top 5 list and they haven t really experienced. What the season is actually all about it just so happens that this season. A dark horse or an underdog of the guns is the by 15 dies.

My number five spot knight. Today. We re gonna be reading guns out of versatility effectiveness and its prime and skill to use or ease of use like how easy is the gun to use how much skill does it require if it takes a lot of skill and it s really difficult to use the number will be much lower. But if it takes less skill and it s super easy to use the number will be higher.

So for example. An lmg would have a higher ease of use or easier skill gap. Because they have large magazine capacities. But either way the by 15.

It s crazy. It is actually insane the reason. Why it s number 5. And maybe not further up this list.

Even though. It s my current favorite gun inside of the game is because all of how hard it is to you it takes an incredible amount of skill to actually use this effectively and have a really really good performance with this gun just because of the fact that it s very non versatile. It s a very unversity isle gun and for that reason the ease of use to this gun. I would have to say it s probably around a three the versatility of this gun again.

It s a three like literally you re probably wondering why are you putting this gun on the list. If there s two threes in there the effectiveness of this prime 10 hands died up close you hit that shot perfectly instant kill every time as long as the shot is accurate. If you ever see me complaining about it maybe i got a hitmarker or i feel like i hit the shot. But it didn t hit it s my fault if you ever see somebody complaining about something like that with the shotgun it s their fault.


They weren t accurate enough if you get it in the center of your crosshair up close. You will kill them every single time. That s just how these shotguns work. It s a super hard gun to use it s gonna take some skill to understand your decision process.

And what you need to do in order to get kills with this weapon and working around the map. So that you re only taking short range gunfights. So it s a three the versatility. It s a three as well you really can t take people out long range at all i mean.

The gun literally stops working after medium range. So it s not good there. But the effectiveness of this prime. It is among the best in the game einstein.

It s the best shotgun in the game easily and its prime is absolutely incredible. I absolutely love this gun. It s my current favorite gun like i said in the game. It s so fun to use it s so satisfying when you get a really good game plan with it and if you guys haven t seen.

My highlights video that i uploaded yesterday. I actually managed to get two vetoes in right with this gun by playing it correctly. But that being said i d love to buy and i feel like it s deserving of the top 5 spot on this list. See you later oh my gosh.

I thought that was an enemy now this is another one that people might be surprised to fight because there s a couple of sniper rifles that are really good inside of this ski. But we re talking about specifically right what gun is gonna get you wins in ranked. If you can play it effectively and dies. The arctic 50.

I mean the arctic 50 comes in at this number four spots so strong. And it s the only sniper on this list. There s not gonna be the dlq and there s not gonna be the locust on this list. And some people may be surprised to like that.

But you ve got to think about it like this the arctic. 50. Has the versatility that the dlq and the locust. Just don t have as the same time which pretty much as the locust.

It has a little bit less damage than the dlq. But as long as you re hitting them in the chest and above you re still gonna get a one shot kill with this gun you can also have the ability to put an egg cog on it and basically use it like a single shot assault rifle. I mean the recoil on it is basically non existent whereas with the dlq the recoil is pretty high after you shoot. And then the locust.


It s absolutely insane after you shoot for that reason. I feel like it was definitely deserving of this number four spot and the ease of use i m gonna have to give it a solid ear. I mean this is pretty damn easy to users if you have an acog with it if you don t have an acog with it and you re just using the default scope. I m gonna give it a 6 bro.

It s really not that hard to use and the effectiveness of its prime. Which is super long range. I m gonna give it a solid 9. The dlq would have been a 10.

But just because you can t want to show people around the west area. I ll give it a 9 versatility. I believe that you can use this gun medium and long range so for that reason. I m actually going to give it a 6.

I know some people probably think it should be a little bit lower some people may think. It should be a little bit higher depending on how you play with the arctic. But for the general population of this game who play ranked. I m gonna give it a 6.

But with that being said. I think that the arctic is deserving of the number 4 spot. And let s get into the number 3 spot now coming in at number three this gun has been around since the beginning. I ve been talking about this gun for the past three four months night.

I said this from the beginning that this gun was one of the best guns. It s always been in my top five list every single season is none other than the s 36 before we even talk about this gun look. What i did yesterday with this gun in ranked. Oh.

My gosh did my accuracy is absolutely crazy. There this is just not you know what the craziest thing about that clip was that accuracy that i had in ranked in that legendary ranked game was that i wasn t even using a grip. I didn t even have a grip on the s 36. They had snipers and they couldn t kill me fast enough with the tonight burger while i was literally tearing it up across the map.

They didn t even have a chance to scope in at me. That s how good this gun is long range this gun is absolutely nutty long range. It s really easy to use and it s pretty damn versatile as well as long as you re good at moving so for that reason for ease of use. I m gonna say that this gun is probably one of the easiest to use guns in the game.

I m gonna give it a 10. It s a 10 out of 10 for ease of use effectiveness of its prime. I really do believe that it s an e. It s definitely a need for effectiveness of priming and versatility up close is where this gun really drops off cuz guns like the msmc you re just gonna absolutely destroy it but i still think it s deserving of a 7 i really really do think that it is a fairly versatile gun.


The effectiveness is prime and the ease of use make it super super good inside of this game. It s absolutely incredible the only downside to is really that close range combat and to be honest number 2 in this list. It s basically the opposite of what the s 36. Is in terms of being good long range and not being good close range speaking of number to you let s move on to your right now coming in at that number 2 spot is the msmc.

The best submachine gun in the game the ease of use it s not that easy to use i may just have to put that down right knight. Once you put a grip on it i believe it becomes a 7 for ease of use. I know some people in the compensation would be like burg. I stuck with the msmc right.

I suck put a grip on it play a couple games. With it a couple of public matches with it and i promise you just keep practicing it it will become easy to use trust me the effectiveness of its prime. It s a 10 or a. 10.

It s a 10 a 10 baby. The msm seeded in the prime up close range. Unbelievable. It s so so good unfortunately.

The versatility of this gun is kind of lower than what people would maybe like it to be but honestly in a competitive ranked mode. I really do believe that this will be the best close range option in the game. Just like the s. Thirty six is probably the best long range option in the game currently.

I really didn t know where to put these guns whether ii should have been third or the third should have been second for the s. Thirty six under msmc if s. 36. Has a higher overall ranking than the msmc.

But i feel like most people would get use out of the msmc. More because most people like to rush around the map a lot so that s why. The msmc is up on number two and the s. 36.

Is number three. Even though the s. 36. Has a higher overall ranking than it so with that being said let s move into number one.

It is the best assault rifle in the game hand signed it was number one in my assault rifle video already for this season is none other than the type 25 is there even a reason for me to give you guys. Any opinion on this gun. It is by far the most versatile a r. It is highly easy to use to be honest.


Especially. If you have a grip on that bad boy and its prime exceeds so many other primes of every other weapon. I mean you can use a close range you can use a medium range you can even use it long range keep in mind that the recoil kicks a little bit long range. But let s be honest.

If you see a guy and he s not even looking at you you re gonna kill him with the type 25 long range like it is a really really good gun ease of use. I m gonna say it s an e effectiveness of its prime currently in its current state compared to every other gun in the game. The past videos. I ve uploaded have only been compared to guns in their category.

Compared to every other gun in the game for versatility. I m gonna have to give it a 9 for sure and then for effectiveness and its prime. I mean there s so much depth in this prime. I m going to have to give it a 10.

I know i ve given a law of tense today. I ve given my chance to every single top 3 gun. But would they really be a top 3 gun. If they weren t a 10 and at least one of the categories.

That they are meant to be guna like let s be serious here all three guns at the top of this list are extremely good in their own right in different scenarios. As 36. Is long range msmc is the best close range type. 25.

Though the best overall. It covers every category of course. You can use a sniper for long range to counter the s 36. Like the arctic 50 further down the list or you can use a shotgun on the list to try and contour the msmc.

But for overall these top three guns are just unbelievably good inside the ranked play list in call of duty mobile. And with that being said. I hope you enjoyed today s video and make sure like comment down below easing can break these gun lists. I know b.

Y 15s in it that s kind of weird. But it really is an underrated gun. And i really feel like it s deserving of a spot on this list. But yeah subscribe like the videos comment down below.

I love you all alone without further ado let s roll let s roll bye applause music music ” ..

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