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“Everybody i m peanutbutter gamer and welcome to my list of the top 5 harvest harvest moon games. Okay. I ll be honest harvest moon is really not for everybody boy. My turn sweets the flirt with all their growth cycle.

That s sexually more or less than i m like in real life. But all that aside harvest moon is a really fun game. It can actually be incredibly addicting as well that being said there are also some really crappy harvest moon games. And that s why i m here to give you my top 5 best games in a series just keep in mind that with this list.

I m going for the main games in the series. So in other words. No spin offs like rune factory. For example.

So without further ado. Let s get this thing started number 5. I m starting off my list with the first game in the series simply titled harvest moon. Although it was later ported to the gameboy.


It originally came out for the super nintendo in 1997. I m mentioning this specifically because i feel. It s a perfect example of the type of game that just doesn t age that well or at least when compared to some of the more recent games. Don t get me wrong.

It was a great game in its time. And it still is but a lot of things have since been improved on one of the biggest being the tool system it gets pretty tedious to have to run back and forth from your barn. In the field. Just to swap tools and this may seem a bit nitpicky.

But it also bugs me that you don t get a more detailed picture of characters when you re talking to them like you do in the later harvest moon games also while this may be true for just about every harvest moon game. Both the dialogue and the translation. It s pretty terrible. Its name is you do it why hello there you do it oh number.

4. Now if you re already a harvest moon fan this may confuse or possibly. Even enrage you. But a wonderful life for the gamecube and ps2.


You really isn t my favorite installment in the series as fun as it may be i do. However think. It s one of the more unique games in the series most harvest moon games put a big focus on wooing your virtual hottie. But in a wonderful life.

It s actually incredibly easy and takes only one in game year a large focus is instead put on your sun. And it s very entertaining and there. I say it even cute to interact with him and watch him grow over the years. But personally the long tedious process of trying to get your girl to like you is actually fun and rewarding.

So it s disappointing to me that the process was so shallow in this version. But by far. My biggest complaint with the game is that most of the characters are incredibly boring and forgettable number three here s another one that i know some people were expecting at number one harvest moon 64. Obviously for the nintendo 64 and even though it s not at my number one i can definitely see why a lot of people list.

This as their favorite game in the series unlike a wonderful life. Most of the characters are funny and interesting. All the festivals in this game are also really fun and most even allow you to participate the only real fault. I have with the game is that like the original harvest moon.


It s very tedious to swap tools and items. Well you don t have to go running back to your shed. You do have to pause and select what item you want every single time. This is a big deal.

Because harvest moon is already naturally tedious as it is so the inefficient item selecting just makes it even worse number two whenever i get into a discussion about harvest moon. Which now that i think about a guest um. Happen all that often no one ever seems to bring up magical melody for the gamecube and i have no idea why because it is definitely one of the most solid entries in the series everything that you d expect from a harvest moon game is back. And it all works really well.

But it s the little things that the game adds that makes you want to continue playing and magical melody. You have to save the harvest goddess big surprise to do this you collect what are known as musical notes. They re basically like little achievements you get for doing random things it may seem a bit lame at first. But it s actually pretty funny.

You also have a rival farmer named jamie that you re in direct competition. With and she s a real jerk. So it makes me want to pawn or freakin face off if you run out of room for farming. You can also purchase around 20 new plots of land not only does this encourage you to expand.


It s also just fun to be a greedy jerk and own everything you possibly can if all this isn t enough to convince you that magical melody is good just watch this. If you didn t think that was funny then just get out like lead seriously. Number. One friends of mineral town is basically a game boy advance port of harvest moon back to nature for the playstation.

1. And that is honestly one of the biggest reasons. It tops my list it s a portable harvest moon game that s not lackluster let s face it well allow the console harvest moon games are really fun the series is just better suited for handhelds because of its pick up and play nature sadly most of the handheld versions just aren t that good i m looking at you island of happiness. And it certainly doesn t hurt that just about everything good about the series is nearly perfected in this version.

The tool and item. Switching system is the best in the series. The farming is funner easier and more rewarding the dating game works beautifully and even the festivals are entertaining. I used to enjoy this game so much that i actually made notes for it now.

This is some seriously old school stuff. When it comes down to it not only is harvest moon friends of mineral town the best harvest moon game out there it s one of the most fun and specifically addicting games of any genre ever created and that is really saying something you ” ..

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