Top 5 Shields in Borderlands 3! *Underrated Shields On This LIST!*

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” s going on guys and welcome back to another borderlands. 3. Video in today s s video. We re gonna be ranking.

The top 5 shields in borderlands. 3. Now is gonna include the base game. And the first dlc because that s the date and time of me making this video.

But basically what i m trying to say is any shield in the game is up for grabs. When it comes to the top contenders on this list. Another thing. I want to mention real quick is to always remember that these rankings are my opinion.

So if you disagree with something at least listen to my full reasoning for choosing it before you tell me i m wrong in the comments section. Otherwise you can just go ahead and comment your favorite shield and why now the last thing. I want to mention is wow. This is a top 5 list all of these shields are top 5 in the entire game meaning all of these are top tier options for any build and in some builds number 5 is gonna be better than number 1.

So if you re picking any of these shields. Don t worry about trying to get to number 1. It s not necessary yo. What s going on guys before we get into the.

Video i just wanted to say i am streaming live over at twitchtv slash thick fillet. Underscore don t forget the underscore. If you want to find me. If i m not live by the time you re watching this video then dropping a follow over there will help me out a ton.

Thank you guys so much can t wait to see you over there coming in at number 5 might be kind of a surprise to you guys. But i actually chose the frozen heart shield. Now the frozen heart in my opinion can be used in some amazing ways real quick. I want to say you can find the frozen heart shield from irelia on eat at 6.

So just kill her over and over again. And you will get this shield now for those of you who don t know. This shield creates. A cryo nova on break that freezes any enemies nearby that can get frozen and it gives you 30 health back from the nova damage it deals now in my opinion.


This shield is a lot better than people give it credit for there are some insanely creative ways to use this shield on all characters including the nova anointment amara has the phase grasp anointment mo. s has a pretty cool tenacious defense build i ve seen from abbey hour. And you know zane loves the frozen heart with his clone and calm cool collected. So not only do all the characters have specific builds around the shield.

But i actually think the shield is a better general defensive shield than people realize it freezes everyone around you kind of a pretty good effect. If you need to get to cover and you know let your shield recharge back up to do it again. And that s the main reason. I included it i want to see some more people play with this and see what things this shield can do so go farm for the shield and try it out it might be a little bit better than you think so that s it for number five coming in at number four is from the moxie s handsome jackpot dlc.

This is actually the double downer shield. Now the double downer shield is another kind of underrated option. A lot of people don t like the idea of the shield. Now real.

Quick you can get the shield from doubledown domino in d. Spend optic on so just look out for her it s a side mission. Where you can unlock this shield. Now like i said.

This is another kind of underrated option in my opinion. But let s really look at what this thing does it doubles your fight for your life duration. And then it gives you 25 weapon damage and 150 handling and accuracy. Now a lot of people don t like the idea of the shield because they re like i m not gonna go in to fight for your life.

Why do i want something that gives me benefit and fight for your life. You know going into fight for your life isn t a pleasant idea so that s why i think people don t like the idea of the shield. But at the end of the day this literally helps you in the time you need it the most which keeps you alive. So.

This is a much better defensive option than a lot of people realized you ll be surprised. How much time you have in fight for your life. You won t even have to really worry about getting back up. I used this in a flagger build.

We feature it on my channel. Because sometimes you can play yourself up with the flak err so having a shield like this is pretty good. But you don t have to be running a specific build for this shield. It s just a good general defensive option.


And yeah. I d like to see some more people play it. So that s what i m including it moving on and coming in at number three. We ve got the big boom blaster.

This is a shield that at the start of the game was never even looked at but then by the grace of randy himself. Gearbox gave us auto pickup boosters now if you want to farm for the shield. You can get it from the unstoppable. He s over on amber meyer.

This is the same dude who drops the band of sin iraq basically this shield will drop a booster that gives you a grenade nrp gmo and 60 yields back. It s a pretty strong effect. Now what i actually like about this shield is it gives you a sort of pseudo tankyness. While still being a very fast recharging shield the grenades and rocket ammo definitely help multiple other strategies.

But i honestly think these 60 shield regen is the most insane perk on here. Having a full shield can help with multiple vault hunter skills now the main one is actually the guardian ranks kill topped off this is an easy way to take advantage of that while still being kind of defensive not to mention getting to spam. My hive while mobbing a bit this is pretty much too much to pass up on for me. So that s why this is coming in at number 3.

I actually think this is a better overall shield and a lot of people realize as well once again. But yeah moving on and coming in at number two is the best offensive shield in the game. And that is the one shard of shield. Now this shield got super popular throughout the community after glice first found the shield and gave it to me the real reason.

Why the shield is so good is because the amp works properly with multi pellet weapons meaning you re gonna get more damage out of this shield rather than a zero point em or reroute er. When you re using any weapon with more than one pellet. The issue with the zero point. I m in the rear outer is they basically will only amp.

One pellet worth of damage. Even if you re maggie for example. Has five is a 500 times. 6.

You re only going to get 500 more damage out of a zero point. Number a rear outer wear out of a one shot or shield. It ll actually double that that makes this the best amp shield. In the game pretty much even just on characters like flak or zayn.


Where they have two fang and playing dirty being able to add extra projectiles and amp them all correctly means that you re gonna want the one chartres shield every single time on top of that the one charter shield has faster recharge rate. It has a quicker delay and it actually drains your shield for less per shot. Allowing you to get multiple amp shots. Pretty fast.

Now. I really do want to stress by all means that this could be the best shield in the game. If we re talking about the right build and setup. This is definitely the number one offensive shield in my opinion.

But shields are kind of for defense. I m leaving this one down here at number two and finally what you ve all been waiting for the grand finale. What is the best shield in borderlands. Three well first a word from our sponsor.

Just kidding guys. We don t have any sponsors. But we do have some honorable mentions now the honorable mentions for this list are going to be the recharger. The band of cyd iraq the rico and the zero point em each of these shields are top tier.

They could have easily made this list. But i think they re just barely outclassed for the reasons. I already gave like i said. This is my opinion.

If you chose any shield on this list or any of the honorable mentions you re using a top tier shield in borderlands. 3. So there s nothing to worry about. But with all that out of the way.

Let s get down to number one now for number one this was a really hard decision and a really hard choice. So i actually have two shields for number one and those are the stopgap and the transformer. Both of these shields are so good. I couldn t pick one both of these can be abused for near immortality.

But these could be tossed into almost any build and give you a lot of survivability the stopgap is super powerful in fate flack. Setups mo. s builds there s even an amazing zane build using stopgap and distributed denial. You know how you don t go farm.


Like tyree. Nor. Rampage. Her all the time because of their immunity.

Phases. Well this shield makes you the annoying asshole with immunity phases and that s why it s great in the transformer. Do i even have to say why the shield is good you know immunity from shock. Which is the element that damage to shields at most now absorbing almost half of the enemy bullets now what about being able to spam shock weapons at your feet and never die.

It s really not even close that these two shields are top in the game. I really couldn t pick one. I think they both deserve. Number one just everything about a shield.

These keep you alive forever and have huge survivability and yeah anyways guys. That s it for my video. Today don t forget to comment down below. And tell me why i was wrong or just tell me your favorite shield and why if you liked this video.

Don t forget to drop a like on it and subscribe to the channel. If you want to see more like i said if you re watching this at the. Moment i post the i ll be live over at twitchtv. Slash.

Dick fillet. Underscore don t forget the underscore at the end. Because someone has my name without it and if i m not live dropping a follow over there will help me out a lot so thank you guys so much for watching. That s gonna be it from me.

I ll see you guys in the next one. I m home one two four about us is wrong here music. ” ..


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These are the top 5 shields in borderlands 3 in my opinion. I ve played the game a lot, created and played a lot of builds, and these are usually my go to s. Keep in mind this list is my opinion, so if you disagree with anything, leave a comment down below and tell me why. Hope you guys enjoy the video!
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