Understanding consumer protection regulations

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“Can catch tmz tv on our sister station at fox. Providence. At 7 30. Brendan.

Brendan. This morning in legal logic. It is time to pay up that s right re talking bill collection and here this morning to tell us more about it. And what we should know is attorney brian cunha.

Good morning good morning brendan. How are you always nice to see you we often talk about here when these debt collectors come calling what do we need to know i imagine there are federal regulations in places that protect us a lot of people don t. Know what they re supposed to do right. There.


s actually federal and state laws. That protect consumers called fair debt collection practices act. They have it in both massachusetts. Rhode.

Island and a federal law. As well they have very specific guidelines as to exactly what can and cannot be done by debt collectors. Brendan does that lead us into the next point here. Telephone communication.

I imagine a lot of people are pestered and badgered by people. Over the phone. There s specific rules with respect to what debt collectors can and can t do they have specific hours. That they can call for example.


They can only call between 8 00. In the morning and 9 00 at night they can only call you twice a week. They cannot harass you or annoy you or make threats that we re going to tell someone else they can only speak to you they cannot speak to another member of the family. They can t come to your place of employment.

If you specifically told them not to most importantly brendan. I think the most important thing is if you are being called and you feel you are being harassed. You have to send a letter in writing and specifically tell the debt collector. You do not want anymore.

Calls. They have to stop brendan and in some cases. The agency might not even be legit that is correct. If in fact you have a bill and a debt collector is calling you and you don t.


Think you owe it you think you ve paid. It you have the right within five days of receiving that first call to receive the information back as to the credit card application. The statement or what they claim is owed and they have an obligation to investigate brendan all right here s where i enter the equation two years ago. The whimp that i am i broke my pinky i went through treatment for about a year one year ago this month.

I paid off the bill that i owed to this organization. I have a copy of it it says it online that this guy right here brendan kirby pays on time owes nothing more a couple of weeks ago. I get a call from a mysterious deep throated man rather threatening on the phone. Telling me i owe this amount of money when i know in fact i pay it off and i heard nothing from that organization so i m a little bit steamed and i would think i have every right to be it is a large sum of money it may or may not be legitimate you have a right to ask them to please send me a copy of the bill and also you have the opportunity and they have to send it to you brendan right if they don t send it to you then make a complaints and the penaltis are fairly severe in rhode.

Island it is up to 2000. A year in jail. Brendan. I can t do hard time no no no not you the collection agency.


Brendan. The thought of jail. And me laughter. No no but the big thing is write a letter.

A lot of people who think that they say don t call me anymore they do it over the phone. That is not enough. It has to be in writing because they can go to your employer. But they can come to your place of employment or call you there unless again put it in writing brendan.

This is all very valuable information. Thank you for shedding light on it all right legal advice from brian cunha. ” ..


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