What are the X and Y axes?

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“Saw this example in the previous video. Where we had to give this bench. A a unique identity to give it a unique identity. We needed three things a reference a horizontal line and a vertical line.

Let s see how we actually use these three things let this be our reference point. We draw a horizontal line from this reference. Point. Then we draw a vertical line.

Which will be perpendicular to this horizontal line. We will need some numbers to denote the columns. So we mark 1 2..


3. 4. And so on in equal intervals. Similarly on the vertical line.

We mark 1 2. 3. 4. With the same interval length as we had on the horizontal line.

There is no limit on the numbers. We can mark on the horizontal and the vertical lines. So we mark these arrows at the end of the lines..


Most importantly. The reference point will be the number 0. Now if we have any point in the region. We can easily give it an identity based on the numbers.

We have marked but wait what if the point is here how would you give it an identity. It s simple. We just extend this line to the left. And this line.

Downwards. Let s zoom out a bit and modify this diagram slightly. We draw the horizontal line like this notice that it has arrows on both it ends..


The vertical line is drawn like this again with arrows at both its ends. We extended the horizontal line to the left. And the vertical line downwards. Now no matter where you place the point on the plane.

You will be able to give it a unique identity. We cannot keep calling these lines horizontal and vertical every time so we name them we generally call the horizontal line x. X. It is also referred to as the horizontal axis this or the x axes.

Instead of calling. It a line. We use a more sophisticated term called axis that s all and yes..


It is commonly referred to as the x axis similarly. We call the vertical line. Y. Dash.

Why it is called the vertical axis or the y axis and what do we call the reference point. We named it oh and it is referred to as the origin. But how do we number this part and this part of the axis. We will cover that in another video.

” ..

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