What Kennedy Accounts Are and Why They Aren t a Scam – Jeff Yastine

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“I m jeff yeah. Steen and there s a good chance you re one of of the thousands of men and women who have watched my new presentation about kennedy now in that brief presentation. I never fully reveal exactly what kennedy accounts are so if you ended up. Here you are someone who prefers to know exactly what you re getting into before signing up for anything.

And i appreciate and respect your discerning nature after all with the internet overflowing with scams. It s hard to know who you can trust. But i assure you kennedy accounts are not a scam not by a longshot so today. I ll reveal exactly what these kennedy accounts are and hopefully.

You ll be convinced that joining my total wealth insider newsletter and discovering my five favorite kennedy. Accounts is the best move for you so. That s why i m recording this video..


I wanted to create an easy way for you to find out everything you need to know about me. And these kennedy accounts. So in short. Kennedy accounts are form of direct stock.

Purchase plans commonly called dsps. More specifically. They re called. Dividend.

Reinvestment plans or drips and how they work is relatively simple instead of going through a traditional broker to buy your stocks like e train. Scottrade or charles schwab. You purchase your shares of stock directly from the company..


So instead of buying the share of say coca cola from a middleman. You buy directly from the coca. Cola company. This saves you from having to pay a commission to buy your shares.

So benefit. Number. One is that you pay lower fees continuing. This example.

Once you have purchased your shares the next time coca cola pays a dividend they will automatically use your dividend payment to buy you more shares of coca cola stock buying more shares of coke generates more dividends which means more buying of shares and so on and as you can tell this process. It s like a snowball rolling downhill it starts small but it quickly gets larger and larger in size and your dividend payments will do the same thing over time it really is truly astonishing and now you re probably curious why i call them kennedy accounts. And why you ve likely never heard of them before so i call him kennedy..


Accounts. Because this remarkable opportunity was passed into law. By president john f. Kennedy.

More precisely they fulfilled his promise to get america moving again and spur the economy by allowing direct investments into american companies right. Now there are 1200. Companies that meet the requirements to qualify. As kennedy accounts.

And the reason. You ve likely never heard of kennedy accounts before will perhaps anger. You so when these investments were passed into law wall street..


Lobbied the government to ensure that the companies that offer these plans were forbidden from advertising them and if you stop to think about it it makes sense. Why wall street hopes you never find out about kennedy accounts. Because it allows you to completely cut them out of the picture. So to help you get started with this unique opportunity.

I ve identified the top five dividend reinvestment stocks available today and i put all the details into a brand new report to get a copy of the report as part of your membership to total wealth insider click the button at the bottom of this video thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about me. And the kennedy accounts and i look forward to having you as a loyal subscriber. ” ..


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