WHY EA REFUSE TO MAKE SKATE 4! THE TRUTH REVEALED! (Why Skate 4 Hasn't Been Released Yet!)

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“For is not coming out yes you see theories here welcome. Everyone today. We are are talking about scales for and why it hasn t been released yet and why get released anytime soon not this year not next year probably never but never say never so without further ado. I will shut the hell up let s just jump right into it let s just jump in doing let s just jump.

And do it s just jump. And do it s just jump in it s just jump in do let s just jump into it so back in 2010. Scared. 3.

Hit. The shelves and people like in fact. It did better get. 1 and 2.

It was the most successful scare gamma done. But ei were disappointed that it didn t sell as well as they intended it to sell it took scared. 3. 4.

Years before it blew up and that was thanks to pewdiepie. Now you can hate me for this and say oh that s not the reason scared below. But if you compare the videos that were made in 2013 to the videos 2014..


The views are drastically different and the amount of people makin. Be the also scary is drastically different so once pewdiepie came up with this scare. 3. Video then vanossgaming came out with a scary video and all these big youtubers like jacksepticeye were playing scared.

3. And everyone were playing scared. 3. At this point.

But that was a year to live because in april 2013. The developers here black box was deep funds basically it was closed down so even though scared. 3. Eventually started to do well four years after which is red bazaar.

It was too late because ear. But box have been closed down it had merged with a different company and scared. 3. Skip.

4. So it was no longer possible just because of the sales are scared. 3..


And then find the time 2014 came around it was too late and he had moved on to different projects at that point. So that was releasing number one the developers would cost arm their default. They have measured a different company and get four is likely off the table just because of that reason along. But moving on to number two number two it s not popular enough this is another one i m gonna get here fine.

I m gonna get keyboard. I can t believe you actually said skate we and the state genres not popular enough what the hell. But i m not saying skateboarding in general is not popular in fact that has been more popular than ever. But the game inside of skier is not as popular in fact you can t monetize.

It as well as you could with let s say ea with fifa you can t monetize. It as well you can add a bunch of customization options like clothes and all that but the people who buy the game. And people actually spend money that will maybe peak at the start again then eventually it will bit ski is one of them general games. If general people were to play is not an evergreen game.

Which basically means it s not again that you could leave for a year and come back four years later it is for the skateboarding fans. But it s not genuinely for the general fan to you know get kick harvey and just play. It for the fun of it. And this is because ef made games like battlefront and battlefield way.

You can monetize that a lot better you can make a lot of money from it a lot better and as well as fifa ultimate team you can make a lot more money from them types of games making them types of games. Then you would have used to make a scare for so. I believe that is another reason..


Why skip ball hasn t been released yet also comment down below so or also comment down below. Some features that you would want to see in scared for if it was to release comment down below. Some features that you would want to see in skip for if it was to least maybe it s claus customisation maybe it s a new maps whatever you want to see comment that down below and be sure to reply now this one s a personal opinion of mine. The third one.

But i believe the reason skip vol hasn t been released is because it s a very fine line between skiing and just generally a funny game. Because the thing about skip. 3. Was when it became popular in 2014.

People didn t play it for the skin people played it for the funny she could have this ragdoll physics. It made it the game funny and a lot of people made fully mom. It s on it is very hard to find a little let s play some one deadly series playing scared three. And it having millions of views.

It s just not out there that s like me doing a serious walk for a little big planet expecting everyone to love it i don t think it s gonna happen you know i m saying so the fact that they re on a very thin liner between whether we make a serious skating game. Which will you know turn off a lot of players or do we make a funny game that will turn off a lot of the hardcore skiing funds. It s a very fine line that they ve got themselves into so i believe impersonal. My opinion.

That s one of the reasons. Skip for hasn t become out as well because they don t know whether to make it a balance of between funny and skating or whether to make it fully skating game. A fully serious skin game or to make it funny..


It s a very thin line also this is interesting to know music someone. I asked this already and so on respond that ear on to flick the stick to control the board mechanic this alone. Prevents any of the studio from using it so basically you could use the analog stick to control the board basically that s what it s saying if you understand basic english jesus. I don t have to explain it to you like you re five.

But that is interesting to see our session will do them with that kind of mechanic. If they aren t allowed to use that mechanic. It prevents a lot of skin games come out because that is the best mechanic for ei was like yeah. Walmart decides that yep a war copyright.

That yeah we need as much money as we can music. So to conclude the problem is ei. Thank you all for watching this video. Enjoyed it give it a thumbs up comment down below some peach that you would want to see in scared for if it was ever to see daylight.

If it was to ever return like jesus christ. Let me know what you want to see is careful until next time. I ve been fear for being inside your heart. Like and subscribe for more videos like this we are representing baby baby oh.

” ..

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Skate 4 is a skating game that fans have been wanting for a long time! EA have refused to make Skate 4 for a number of reasons, so in this video I talk about all the reasons why Skate 4 hasn t been released yet! Some of these include EA Black Box shutting down, poor sales (prior to 2014), monetization, and much more!

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