Why I never ran a load for Uber Freight?

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“Youtube family was going on man. Another video. This was going on one of my my subscribers man. I didn t i forgot his name.

But he was basically asking about the youtube videos and what was going on and i told him i was gonna give him my update actually the lads. This is the last update video. I should ve did this months ago. But like i told you i was really i wasn t really focused on youtube that much and putting video out there.

I was trying to get a lot of things situated. But neither here nor there but basically are the three reasons. Why i actually never ran a load before i m afraid i have three good reasons. Why i never ran it number one on the list.

I m gonna tell you the rates the rates. The whole time. I ve been on there man. I probably seen one load that was worth even entertaining the rates were terrible road they were way too low.

They definitely i don t know maneet at uber freight. Doesn t have a good sense of the trucking industry..

I think they basically go on they went off of going rates coming in and out of those particular states. And they just calculated all their loads strictly off. Just that rate you know and nothing more nothing less okay. They were terrible okay.

Now. The one that i did see it was pulling out of jacksonville florida. Right. And that was paying pretty.

Good it was like a 600 mile. Run and it was paying like. 1600 and it was pretty like. Lord i feels under 30000.

And at that point. I was already in texas. There was no reason for me to deadhead over there. But i did see that and the second reason was the lows are too far it s like okay frances if i m in north carolina uber freight loads probably gonna be to 300 miles away because they don t have a large client base.

So you know because they don t have a large client base and they re new in the industry. They don t have that many shippers and receivers to work with so it was it was i was never in a location..

Where they were close to me you know probably 200 miles was the shortest distance to an uber load and on top of that he was paying terrible. Okay. And that was that was something that i already knew. I said man the chance of me actually running a low form is gonna be cuz.

I want to go through the process. You know and and and also my subscriber was asking did they do lay overs did did they offer to pay lay overs or detention pay. None of that basically i did see one load that had a description at the bottom that basically said you know the tension pay after i think it was like four hours. Okay.

But mind you guys. It was out of 10 15 loads that was the only load that showed that they were paid attention paid. All the rest of them were just straight rates. Whatever you see is what you get once you book that load that loads for you pick it up and and in another crazy thing was sometimes it didn t even come with a contact number once you booked it on uber freight and they send you the information.

That was it you re done you can t call anybody or negotiate the price with the broker. It was non negotiable of the race. So that was another thing that i did not like and the third reason. The third reason right was okay because when i actually signed up they were afraid i didn t really know about uber period.

I knew that there were a convenient company that basically picks you up and drops you off. But i didn t know about the company for say to be able to to actually you know i just was looking at like okay..

This is a new wave. You know i know who were picks people up and whatnot. But then once i got on on here. And told you guys that i was signed up to were free.

Everybody you know it s blasting. Me and basically saying. Oh there that that company s a terrible company. It s a bad company to work for they put people out of business in new york.

See in florida. We don t really know about what was going on in new york with the taxi companies and all that so when you guys were bringing that to my attention. I like man wait a second what s going on with over then after i started digging in a little bit firing more about uber then i started understanding okay. I see why they lowball the numbers you know they you know a lot of guys were saying that they were evil company to work for which i would say they re just shrewd businessmen.

You know just like a lot of these big companies walmart when they were when they re doing their predictive projections excuse me when they re doing their projections and a board meeting they re not thinking about the little companies they re not thinking about how it s gonna affect anybody negatively they re just trying to make the numbers make sense and if they could make money in that area. They re gonna make the decision to move forward you know but after realizing that it was affecting small businesses in walmart. So now walmart started letting small businesses in and trying to figure out cuz. Now you notice when they build a walmart they build other small businesses around walmart so they can make it look like okay we re attracting business.

But whatever that s another story. But uber freight..

What it was same thing with them they were just trying to dominate a market because they dominated the actual transportation scene. So they basically were trying to you know move in that light. But nevertheless. I would say that uber freight overall.

I wouldn t work with him because like i said number one reason is because the rates are terrible okay. I m pretty sure anybody looking at the little board could agree with me on that. But that s that s my main reason right there. I have the rates were a little tempting.

It would have been i would probably be saying something totally different right now but the rates were terrible so overall my old pinyon about uber freight is basically yeah i mean i wouldn t entertain them and like i said. I m pretty sure a lot of you truckers tour against them completely as a company. So whatever. It is what it is but that s my video right there leave a comment at the bottom let me know what you guys think about uber.

Afraid and well i already said what you guys think anyway. But alright leave a comment subscribe like if you benefited from the information. ” ..


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