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“There guys. What s up the android mine here and welcome back to another video video today. I m going to go ahead and show you how to install a pack onto minecraft windows 10 edition. Because a few of you guys were asking me how to do this.

And because you didn t know so i m going to go ahead and show you how to do it so. The first thing you ll need is a texture pack. And i m going to go ahead and use this one. And i ve already made a video on this tetra pack imc go ahead just find a touchback.

I ll leave a link to this site down below. And then go ahead and press download. And it should take you to like mediafire or something. Like that then you go ahead and just download.

And it shouldn t take too long to download. It i m not too sure how long it will take as you can see it s downloading it takes like three seconds. So once it s done you go ahead..


And you can close out of that then go ahead wait. It s not closing out okay and then you go ahead to your downloads. So go here. And you should see you should see you should see the texture pack.

There it is so let me go ahead and just pull it on to where s it going pull it onto here and then you go ahead. And you need some sort of application that can open up a zip file. And i use winrar you can use and i think there s one called. 7 zip.

There s all these other things i ll go ahead and leave a link down below for winrar install winrar then go ahead and right click on your texture pack folder. Then go ahead and press extract 2. And whatever name that is and then it ll extract it it won t take too long take a few seconds and then you can go ahead and delete that one and then you ll have the folder of the texture pack. So you go ahead and you ll just see that the folder and you should get something like this with the images and stuff.

So let s go ahead and close out that now to actually stop six pack. 2. And windows..


10. You need to go ahead and find this folder here so to find it go ahead to your your file browser go into this bar. Here and press. And then type in app.

Data. Then again press enter then go ahead and click on this part here that says updater. Then you re taken to this bit. Here go ahead and put and click on local.

Then go ahead and scroll down untill you sign the one called packages. Which is right there then go ahead and find minecraft. So you have to look through all of this. Where is it where is it have i gone past.

It minecraft minecraft minecraft. Try and look for this it takes quite a while because it s a lot. And where is it where is it gone..


Where is it i can t actually find it guys. Oh ok ok. So it s called microsoft minecraft in uwp go ahead and click on that and then you ll be taken to this folder. Then go ahead into the local state.

Then go into games and then get into combat moonshine and then you won t have this here this won t be here for you guys. But you want to go ahead and do right click new folder and put in a folder that has the name resource. Underscore packs and then go ahead and you can see i ve got two texture packs right there. But we re going to go ahead and delete the two bit to text box that i have like so just like that so you want to go ahead.

And make sure you ve done that then go ahead to your texture. Pack folder open it up. And then drag this into the resource packs. Like so.

And then when you go into the resource packs. You should see the texture pack. There and then when you open up minecraft windows..


10. The texture pack should be in there and you should be able to use it so let me go ahead and just do this move it to load up and then i will show you the texture pack and that it actually will work well just keep in mind that not all tetra packs will work on windows 10 and. But yeah. That is basically that so go ahead to options go to texture packs and manage and then you ll see the texture pack that you just installed.

So i will indeed show that it does work. So let me go ahead and go into will actually go into this one wait what even is this i don t even know what it is guys. I think it s a texture pack review world i i m not too sure but we ll go ahead and open it and show you guys the texture pack will in fact work. It s just building all the terrain right now and it s taken a while there we go yes.

It is a texture pack review world that i use and you can see the texture pack hasn t stopped and it is pretty pretty awesome. So that is basically it for this video guys if you did enjoy it please can leave a like go ahead and share it to your friends that they know how to install a tetra pack into windows 10. I ll see you guys in the next. One stay awesome.

See ya bye bye. ” ..

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