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“Just had a new borderlands show with a ton of new info on upcoming updates. Updates. And awesome. Looking new events that you already see right here.

There will be new level cap upgrade. Coming very soon and a way way more i ll run down everything you need to know in this video. A like on the video would be awesome. And let s go let s start with something that is already releasing on march 26th.

So the same day as the second dlc expansion. That it will by the way touch on a little later and on the day. We will also have a new level cap upgrades. We re going from 53 to 57 meaning that we can all get four new skill points.

That we can also use to unlock. A new capstone that should really greatly change up the bills of course and make our characters way stronger like having the power inside and omega4 with my flack is going to be insane. I really can t wait to check that out so again this will be free for everyone and will drop with an update that becomes available on march 26. And i do not think that it will be worth it to really farm all your weapons again on this new max level and that is because of mayim 20.

Dad gearbox did talk a little bit more about during this board length show so as we already learned at pax. This will be a complete overhaul of the mayor mode system as we know it with ten brand new levels to work through and level. 10. Should be extremely hard to gearbox already tastes like not comparable to mayim for that we of course have right now so way more of a challenge.

It will also have new modifiers. We already learned about a big ad modes that gives our fault hunters big hats. And also the floor is lava where if you stand in one spot for too long you will take damage thanks to a volcano that will erupt under you we know also learns about a new modifier called finish him that sounds very cool. Where if we kill enemies with low health with a melee attack.

It will spawn a health and also shield. So that should really change the way we play. Where normally you would not be really doing. Melee attacks.

Unless you have like a melee focus built with this modifier. Active. You will be like focused on this melee attack way more often because you get a health and shield back. And that s of course.

Very useful in the echo man. We will also have a new tap for the may emotes where we can change levels on the fly and also see all the modifiers for each man level and they will be arranged in difficulty. I would imagine that the big head mode is for example. An ez modifier because it only seems to change your look.


But there will also be very hard modifiers. There will be more than 25 in total at the launch and gearbox already teased that they will likely add more modifiers post launch. So how they explained. It is that mayor mode level.

One has one easy modifier so likely out of the pool of easy modifiers. One will be selected. If you of course go to another area on mayim mode. One then you will have another modifier but then if you go to mayor mode.

6. You will get one easy one medium and one hard modifier on mayim of eight you have two modifiers one easy and one very hard and then on my mo 10. You have four modifiers one of each so one easy one medium. One heart and one very hard these are the examples that were given to give us an idea of how the mayim levels will be different.

But we will also see what we re seeing right now with the different main levels. Namely that the enemies get a boost to their stats. So more health. More damage and stuff like that and this also where the new main weapons come in so we already kind of speculated about this after randy s speech at pax.

So how it will basically work is that if you are level. 57. And play on the new mayim level. 6.

And find a weapon that will then drop on 57. It will have better stats than that same weapon on level 57 in a previous mayim level. But yeah. If you then find that same weapon again on may emotes.

7 or 8 or 9 or 10. Then it will have higher stats than that weapon that you just got on may about 6. I hope that makes sense really curious how big the difference will be poor mayim level. But yeah this will create a ton of different versions of the same weapon on the same level combine that with the anoints and the other parts.

And well. There will be a thought of grinding ahead of us to get the best loot and again that s why i think it will not be worth. It s to already go in. Farm it s on on level 57 when may em.

20 is not out yet because the moment mame 20. Releases you ll have to form special mayim versions of that same weapon again mayim 20. Will launch in april. A few weeks after dlc 2.


And let s talk quickly about girls love and tentacles first before we touch on an awesome upcoming free new event. I already did a video on the new gameplay new cosmetics and some of the weapons that we can find in that expansion and during this borderland show they mostly shows the same stuff. But we did get cool screenshots of all the skins that we can find it gives us a better look at the four different hats. Still not digging the flag one.

But the amara one and the same one are again pretty dope. The most one doesn t look great here. But looks better in game. And yep once again flack has the worst hat in my opinion.

The new skin looks great deal with the tentacle on the body of the fault hunters. So they did a let s play of the first 45 minutes of this new dlc. Most of it was already on the internet. But they did continue past the point where for example eric s stops where we saw some new enemies and really the amount of new enemies in its expansion.

It s very impressive and we also learned about statues that we have to destroy in this dlc. So man cubist s can restore order in this new area. And he s by the way that totally not creepy guy that can backstep us at any moment. Let s hope that is on our side.

Otherwise. The twist is pretty predictable. But we will have to wait and see overall. I can t wait to get my hands on the dlc on march 26.

And then it s and i will be streaming. It the moment it goes live so hope to see you there it will be here on youtube. But it will also be on twitch like i will be showcasing my gameplay on youtube and dennis will be hosting on twitch and then you can also use the brand new mark stills that will actually go live on march 26. As well so we ll quickly go over this before we look at the awesome new april events.

So how it works is that if you were on twitch tips. The player via bits other players can join to increase the tip and that will also increase the tear of the and then the fewers can pick up to four random ingredients for the cocktail and all the ingredients are buffs. Like mo regen gun damage action skill cooldown and then the cocktail will spawn in the game. Via hs and the streamer can open it and get the buffs and also the first tipper and the highest tippers names will appear in the game.

And that s some cool like interaction between fewers and the streamer and i m really really diggin that and i think more games will do this. But gearbox is really ahead of everyone else with this so really cool to see that and it s a fun way to support a streamer of course as well okay. So quick roundup on march 26. We have a new level increase to 57.

The moxie cocktail and also the second season. Pes expansion and then a few weeks after that in. April we get mayim 20. And also a free new event called revenge of the cartel that sounds and looks very awesome so just like the other events.


We have to go to marie s first and then go and kill some enemies this time these enemies will have a neon effect and drop coordinates and a cool. Fact is that while with the broken hearts event. We could not go to the ends of jackpots. These coordinates.

A wolf spawn in the hands of jackpots and also in a new area of the second dlc. So we can also go there to farm this new item and when we got enough of them we can go back to maurice and then he will open a portal. Just like with bloody harvest to take us to an awesome looking new map a golden mansion that sort of hideouts for the new boss that we have to take out called the johnny ultraviolence and apart from the awesome. Looking.

Map. Gearbox also wants the change of the encounters each time you visit this new location. There are namely three factions. The bandits sort of meet faction.

A tech faction and also the tiny faction and the tiny faction is basically like affection with tiny versions are familiar enemies. Like the goliath for example. So. The idea is that every time you visit this new map you should fight another faction than the one you attacked before while in hack in bloody harvest.

The enemies were of course the same each time you went through that map there will also be mini bosses associated with each that we already got a look at and they should all have dedicated lutes associated to them and dimensions that we should expect two weapons and one shields per division. So likely perfection and also 12 new anoints to find there will also be new event challenges like we saw with the two previous events and with these like treasure chests that open after completing a certain number of challenges and then you get new cosmetic rewards. So really a time to look forward to this events will be live for six weeks. And we can turn it on and off again in the main menu like we saw with that broken hearts event.

As well. Then there were also some community questions for example about other event lutes like the wedding invitation that we can now only get on level. 53 and yes with a new level cap and especially mayim 20. The weapon will be pretty much useless with no way to get an upgraded version.

So yeah from the sounds of it we should really just wait for the events to return before we can get the weapon again or maybe they will add them to the boss loot pool at one points. But again that s not confirmed at all we could see new circles of slaughter. And proving grounds coming to the game later down the line. So that s exciting and they re also looking at ways to easily switch and item between the different classes instead of going to sanctuary and putting it on your bank each time.

Although nothing concrete on that subject. We also got one new golden key for five keys. That you see right here. I will put it in the paint comments and also in the video description.

So you can claim it if you want it expires. On april 8th. And we should expect a new borland show somewhere in may early may or likely. A little later with cool info on that upcoming guardian takedown.


But let s focus on the things that are coming earlier than that s actually today they increased the dedicated loot drops from the mini boss and main bosses in the molly. One take down until march 27th. So you have more chance to get some of the most powerful guns in the game. And actually while editing this video they extended this mini event because at first didn t make any sense to have this ends.

When they just like release a new level cap. So yeah. It can be worth it to get these weapons on. 57 although again with mayim 20.

Coming all those weapons will not be as strong as they normally would but yeah still a cool event and we should expect more of these mini events in the following weeks. I will of course keep you up to date here on everything borderlands free. So totally subscribe. If you haven t already like this video to support the channel and check out my previous video on eight new legendaries from the new dlc by clicking on the screen or i will link to it at the end of our gambling.

That dennis and i always like to do at the end of a borland s free video. Hey dennis with the new level gap increase to 57. What are you going to do as your otter cap stuff i think i m going back to what i started out with i m going back to blitz and trying to make another melee amara. See if that can work with ya with the 5 new skill points that we re getting right yes.

5 or 4 no. 4. Yeah. Yeah that s quite a lot let me see what you catch.

It s not a great start oh. Just the 13 you can do better than that yeah let s go. 13 oh nice we re gonna stand for there a blue gun oh of course yeah shame for me i really hope that the new dlc has something else that we can do at the end of a video. Because we have done this multiple times.

Now and i m ready for something else. Yeah shame shame. So subscribe of course for way more content on that dlc. We will be streaming it as well when it goes live so subscribe to the channel.

If you haven t already and maybe join if you re playing on ps4. Why not alike. Unless video would be super. Appreciated and check out our previous video that you can watch by clicking on the screen for now.

We will speak to you next time and goodbye. ” ..

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