10 Different Roles Within a Company

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“And welcome to another episode of the way. We saw it we are today in in medellin in colombia. This is our hotel. This the other gentlemen.

We are waiting our transportation to go and discover this city. Our hotel is in the alpha plateau area. Which is a nice area of medellin has a lot of modern houses. Little cafes.

Little restaurants. Median is the second largest city in colombia from what the bad reputation from the past has actually a good reputation from the modern times. Because it s a city that has transformed itself quite a lot with architecture with social projects and our discovery. Our video today will try to showcase some of those achievements.

Our first stop on our to assume a neediness either probably servicemen. Which is located on the square of hotel or the hotel square. Which is actually just in front of the museum and this and where you can see of course a lot of botero sculptures and this is a optical palace here. Where the museum is located is actually the second oldest museum of colombia with a lot of pre columbian is also very nice for tarawa nation.

As you can see some examples on his work. Which he actually donated to the museum. The 80s pieces and skytruss and paintings. See whatever before he is not as thinking.

The pictures in a bear generous branzino. I also i mean cigarettes. A marionette cats. Marie antoinette always is sin also you would see in the pictures of snake.

The equity. Some very simple things like here the valley property of the guy and the front has some fun with another man in the back behind you to bernie. So it s very interesting nice picture of her taro and every picture. Sir.

What do you think what is this in here to make it short and sweet church is giving money to the politicians yes in in this picture museum. I have to speak. It is an arabic also so many school classes here there are so many different colors of clay exposed and these different clays are all from it s beautiful. This is some free hispanic art.

There s another one here i swear made from clay. I m joking this of court. Pat simpson exposed here next to the pre columbian art next up on our tour is the jardin botanico. The botanical gardens.

We are in the middle of the afternoon actually we thought that we would have a nice lunch here. But we are actually too late they have a good restaurant here called in situ but too late. We cannot have lunch. Anymore so we decided to go to this cafe called a lagoon.

Which is also in the garden in a nice setting. Unfortunately. They don t have anything either so we not even ice cream. They have mango juice butter on her pocket.

We have a mango juice. They have a very very long list of things they have which they don t have so we re having a little mango juice. Before we discover this card in the botanical garden. There s also an orchid garden.

Which is just behind me here and there s a very modern architecture sculpture. Which represents the beehives also is representing the modern aji control maylene. Unfortunately. It s also closed today because they re setting up in humans.

So maybe. It s not our lucky day and we re not into god and he under shops off to find a flowers beautiful. 20 of them. And the roots of this plant is ginger root that you use for tea and cooking for our loyal followers for we know that we love studying for time occurs or botanical gardens.

Know that we have been to blend in the past and then click above to see other ones and i must say this one is really a poiitician of that because when you look at the plans. The very bad condition and also there how we say that the green is full of weeds and there are no signage and people are writing the names on the plans and a little bit of pity. It s more like an amusement park so the butterfly garden is closed. So we are not definitely not lucky.

But we have nice pictures of the butterflies and the botanical garden is actually a nice park so you can come here and and get off the hustle and bustle of the city. But more than that really the next stop on our medellin exploring is the ma museum at mitylene modiano or modiano medellin. I don t know which way around and the traffic. Almost killed us.

We are coming from the jardin botanico and took like 45 minutes..

So now we have to rush because we have only one hour left to see this museum in the museum of modern art of course. That s a little more an art. But it should there be this one is really well done. Everything is explained in english.

As well and the artists and the collections from the rooftop. A review over my name. It s raining. Again and here is another exhibition hall.

But they re just putting a new exhibition up so during the installation is closed of course. I don t know today is not so much our lucky day. I guess we are actually already out from the tail. It was the building is beautiful.

It s a big building and there s only on one floor. There s exhibition on the fourth floor. And there s three rules and you re done in like 40 minutes. So need so much time here the building itself is worth the visit.

The exhibition may be committing it next to the museum of modern art 100. Metres away is the mercado del rio. And this is like a market with different foodstuffs and we re going to grab some food over there so this blogger has arrived very loud here and we opted for some italian food modest as having a procedure more profit. Here comes.

The main chorus mattias a foreigner chicken cordon bleu. She spicy sauce kuna and a fresh salad looks good to me another place to visit in maida in is the museum of memory you can see the building behind architectural is already a masterpiece this museum tracks the difficult times. Columbia has gone through and showcases all the different populations and their hardships. So this law symposium memoria a very tough very so many stories so many that people are so many violence.

I think personally believe. It s really good that they created the space where all this. But captured where you can think about it and for that this will never get forgettin and also a place for the dead people. There was a room where you could see all the dead people in the happy moments that they never will be forgotten.

Another stop on your visit of medellin is the cell or devotee bhadra. This is the multi bara hill. Where from where you have a good view on the city of medellin. It s not the highest point.

But it s fairly central so it s quite easy to come here. There s a lot of people today because today is sunday. And there s also a lot of food options you can drink you can heat. And you can enjoy the day.

Very good also for bicycles for bikers so let s have a look on medellin from here for me. You have a nice view over the city which is gigantic and there are always clouds coming down from the mountains or get stuck at the mountains. So. When you look around there s always a spot in the city.

Where the sun rain coming down somewhere. And i bet that aside to right so we got santa in this little restaurant. There you can see the rain. I hear that hospital in new zealand s area.

Where you can see a word photographs of the city and the last 200 years very interesting very small museum 2000. Years jesus entrance field and you get to postcard the weight and force you know stamp on it. But at least. Something columbia s also one country with the highest biodiversity and we have seen so many funky birds here look at this yellow beautiful pretty bird here.

Nadeem also has a vibrant city center all evolving around the park ad arras. And there are shops. Cafes restaurants. Pubs.

Bars everything a hitter would look like look for and this is a very interesting place to walk about and have a coffee and a snack how much of its raining. I hope you can see it a little bit crazy. But this is also marine baleen in the rain and we hope yeah that you enjoy the rock for me to leave thank you so much for watching again. If you like follow us on our instagram account.

The way. We saw it or facebook. Page. Whatever have a good time.

Wherever. You are subscribe to our channel down here and take the little bed upstairs. Then you will get notified when a new block from us comes out all the best to you wherever you are officer. There s nactually.

A chief expansion officer..

It sounds like a ceo. But it s a chief expansion officer. And they re job is simply hey we re not non the east coast. We want to go into the east coast.

What do we need to do bop bop bop bop bop. Great. Hey. We.

re. Not. In. South.

America what do we nneed. To. Do for you it. May be local.

Like somebody. Came. And visited. Me.

When i was nin palm springs. He drove all the way down to come and visit nme and he runs a mobile. Detailing company which i m very familiar with the mobile detailing ncompany and nowadays. It s getting to the app side.

There s a lot of opportunity to nthat as well similar to uber that you just order something and somebody comes and services. Nyour car right. And there s high end 100 like right now nliterally three minutes before i did the video. My bmw i8 just got serviced somebody comes does it you don t even see nit it gets done they pick it up they clean it right okay so he came to me.

And he said what do i do so he s in san diego. And how does he get ninto maybe a temecula. Market how does he get into. Riverside how does he get into.

La the expansion for that person may be within nthat area somebody can put a strategy in how to do that marketing marketing is just very very critical this could be a cmo marketing could be when a customer thinks nabout. Our company. What s the first word that comes to mind what do our employees think about our company what do our customers. What does the market nwhat does our competitors.

What does our enemy think about us how do we want to market our product. Which funnels are we using is it more about social media is it more about internet should we go on. Tv what is our roi on tv. Are we really doing this because we want people nto look at our commercial and come and buy they don t really do it for that but maybe nit s.

Effective if we spend this 35. Million dollars to put a commercial on super bowl. Nbecause our competitors are going to see that we re doing better or you know maybe our nexisting customers are going to say i m so glad that s my guy that s my guy them proud or no we don t need to do super bowl. It s not our market our market watches.

This or you know our ndemographic is people that are between 25 35 years old our guys watch tv. Our. Guys. Don t watch soap operas why are.

We wasting our time doing so marketing. Thinks that way okay complete different way marketing in a way also thinks about a person nwho s a marketer if you re a marketer you know how you think marketer s think completely different they go into a restaurant and they literally nlook at everything as a marketer. It s a complete different eyeball that they nhave next is legal. What s legal in every industry.

There s compliance. There s laws. There s you know making sure nyou are compliant with the regulators or whatever with the financial industry. It s finra nit s sec.

You know all these other things that you re dealing with on that side and real estate. It s going to be department nof real estate. The department of insurance. It doesn t matter.

What s you re doing technology is going to be a whole different nlaw anything. There is legal. So you ve got to make sure you have a strong nlegal. Team sometimes the a type personality don t like nto touch this because it s we don t need any help with this.

Why would we worry about compliance c..

mon. Man. No one cares about compliance big mistake big mistake because you. Need the contracting to be right .

I spend a lot of money in that area and ni have no problem with it because it s very very critical to stay compliant with your nbusiness. But you may be watching this and saying that s nme. I love those types of things phenomenal. It could be information.

What s information someone that s very good at research someone nthat s very good at studying competition somebody that s very good at studying trends nand keeping track of updating and saying just so you know today. In. The. Market .

. aig nceo. Was. Called.

Out . And this is what happened with him and they said. This and did you hear nabout. What happened today in the silicon valley marketplace.

A new startup was raised 200 nmillion dollars on their round three and their going after this and did you hear about the nfintech market. Whatever information guys are going to give you what nis going on today and this is beneficial because this helps nthe visionary. Know how to go to the next level this helps the marketer. Know what adjustments nto make this helps the expansion person.

Know what marketplaces. We need to go and expand nand what not to waste our money and resources into this helps finance know how to adjust hey nthis is what s going on over the next six to 12 months. We should be experiencing this nor. We should be experiencing that that s information.

So cio. Then you have product development and product. Ndevelopment. Is what product development is somebody that says ni.

m. Designing a product typically product development are wired in na completely. Different way completely different way they will take a look at this packaging and nthey. ll say you know i wonder why they put these four things in the back.

I don t like it i think it makes it flimsy and i think the npackaging should be done a little bit different see how hard it is this should be easier nbecause when you do it this way sometimes. It s tougher so it. Takes three seconds to npackage this with the machine and they just look at it different than you nand. I do a product development person could say we nneed to come out with a mortgage product.

Today. That is going to make the regulators. Happy nbecause. The regulators are very concerned about not having a neg am product.

That s a npayment or negative amortization. That s not going to effect this so to come out with nthis. But to make the cost low. Why don t we get rid of this great they work in a completely different way very important for product development to nbe in communication with the rest of the guys regularly in the insurance agency.

I get calls nand. I sit on several different boards that they ll call me and they ll say needs to look at right now next as a product and we ll have a long conversation about areas nthat. I believe they need to completely change and revolutionize because the insurance industry nneeds a lot of disruption. Right now.

Then you have sales by the way nothing happens without sales just so you know this so a lot of times. We put so much attention ninto everything else so much attention every position is very important every position is very important that you forget to put constant emphasis here n sales. . If you look at companies that go through this n.

They start going through a downfall. You will see almost every single time. If it ngoes through this 80 of the time you can go and point. It to sales why a great sales manager is no longer there.

A chairman of agency. Who was running the entire nsales department has gotten too casual because his bonuses are so easy. Now that he knows nhe s going to hit the bonus within four months and he s golfing four months out of the year. You ve got to make some changes to the bonus nstructure right.

So you have a person that is barely working nand..

You know nothing about it because everything is based on no schedule. So you think he s nworking. But he s not and you need to make an adjustment and go and partner with salesforcecom. Nbecause you need to make sure that the guys are logging in every single day.

What appointment nthey ran and who was the person with and put a number there and you need to run a minimum nof this many appointments. You need to spend this much money you cannot spend more than nthis at a bar and . to track. That you can see this you may be somebody watching this and saying ni m a salesperson.

I m a great sales trainer. I m a great person that can build an army and here s the weird thing you want to know something they sales typically make more money than nevery. One of these guys just so you know this just so you know this these guys typically make the most money. I know this sounds strange they definitely make more money than these nguys finance through product development .

They make generally the most money because nif. These guys are not getting paid what s the motivation behind the company s done you think coca cola survives without their nguys that are going out there selling coca cola to the local no it s a done deal so sales is very very critical you ve got to look at this and you may say n. I can pretty much go in a room and strike nup. A conversation with anybody and get information and talk to people and they ll tell me anything nand i m.

A chameleon i can. Get along well you may be a biz dev person good for you i m a very strong sales person i can sell i m good with sales. I know how to ask the right questions. I know that sales flow.

I m good at teaching this excellent. I m a visionary. I m this i m that regardless of what you are you ve got to nreally take an assessment of yourself. And ask what is my strength top three what nis my dominate one that i am for yourself.

And what can i do to become better at that nby. Studying others who have done those areas now the complete opposite side. If you re nrunning a company you ve got to ask who is who what am iacking generally as a startup. You re going to wear nseven different hats.

When you get started you may be the visionary nthe biz dev the sales. The operations the finance. The expansion all of these and you may have an attorney that you put non retainer that you have. Hired but they re helping you and you give them 10000.

As a nretainer and everything else for you you re chief information officer is a guy nnamed google you know that s what you do you re googling everything to find out what nit is right so it doesn t matter what it is eventually if you want to compete at the higher nmarket and if you want to get the bigger share of whatever industry. You re part of you need nall of these 10 different guys on your team. And you need to know which role you play the nbest and become the best you can within that area. While knowing how all the other people nare wired.

As well so hopefully. Today you may say to kind of know what each person does and nto kind of know. What s needed to build a strong team strong foundation. Again this is another none of those episodes.

That i can go three more hours. With you and just go dive. Extremely ndeep into this and break everything down and address questions. But this is a simple video nwe re doing on the youtube channel.

Maybe in another setting. We ll have an opportunity nto dive a little deeper into this subject. So by the way for those of you guys that nare looking at these shirts. We ve sold hundreds of these around the world already.

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