2017 Comunity Connection-Barbara Peck from Chapman Auto Group

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“And welcome to community connection. I m your host amber mcelrath community. Connection is a a show that highlights people who make an impact in the hatboro. Horsham school district.

I d like to welcome. Our guest. Today. Barbara peck.

Human resources director from the chapman auto group. Welcome to community connections. And thank you for coming and joining us on the show. Thank you for having me amber.

I d like to start by asking you a little bit about the dealership..

How many are there. And what kind of cars are sold. We have seven dealerships six in pennsylvania and one in new jersey we have ford franchises nissan chevrolet chrysler jeep dodge ram mazda and lincoln do you work at one of the dealerships i work right next to one of the dealerships that work at our management company. Which is also in horsham by the board of chrysler jeep dodge.

Ram. If you mind telling us a little bit about your responsibilities with the chapman group yes. I am human resources and recruitment director for the automotive group. My department oversees employee issues developing training and benefits.

I hear that the chapman group also does some stuff with the community would you mind telling us a little bit about the charities that you re involved with yes. Recently. Chapman. Has been aided to the hatboro horsham school district for the alert speak campaign and that campaign brings alert seats to special education students in the school district.

We also have contacts with the susan g..

Komen. Foundation special olympics american red cross and children s hospital going off at special olympics. Do you get a lot of students to help out with that through chapman. We right now we just do donations in the past.

We ve had special events that has been held at the dealerships. Where we do silent auctions and fundraisers and we have some of the special olympic participants come to our dealership. The hatboro horsham school district is really lucky to have a partnership with you guys would you mind telling us a little bit about the student opportunities that chapman offers yes. We have a lot of student opportunities.

We were always looking for qualified automotive technicians or coalition technicians but in addition to that we also offer cashier a lot attendants detail and our business development center. We have flexible schedules without ways. Students can of course. Attend school and also work make a little extra money.

The chapman auto group also has an event coming up called drive for your school would you mind..

Giving us a little information about that event. Yes. I am. Very excited.

This is my first drive for your school event and it s going to be a students elementary school on may twentieth. What we do is we bring vehicles in people need to come in and test drive. The vehicles for every test drive. They do twenty dollars will be donated to the school up to six thousand dollars.

All you need is adela driver s license have to be 18 years old and have insurance are you guys expecting a large turnout of people to come. And do the drive for your school and participate. I definitely hope so simmons elementary is having an event that day. So we ll be part of that and there ll be a lot of there will be a lot of students teachers and parents there so we re hoping for a very good.

Turnout is there anything else you d like to add about the chapman group and your affiliation with the school well..

I ve been with the chapman group for 13 years. It s a very good organization family realm. They do give such a said get back to the community. So i m very happy to be working there and we were absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the school district well that will do it for this edition of community connection.

It was a pleasure having you on your show today and a special thanks to barbara. And the chapman group for their partnership with the school district on behalf of the hh tv crew. I m amber mcelrath thanks for watching. ” .


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