3 Stocks to Watch – December 2017

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“Stocks i m watching december 2017 that is what we are talking about here today today guys we were talking about three stocks i m watching for the month of why i am particularly looking at these stocks in december guys. December. Is such a fun month to be in the markets because generally speaking the markets go up everybody just in a good spirit. It s christmas time a year here in the states.

And it s just a good time of year. Everybody s just in a good mood and a lot of times. What happens in december is especially in the last two weeks of december. A lot of fund managers kind of take the time off a lot of short sellers take the time off and the markets.

Just do pretty good in december. It s just a good time to be in the market guys so we re going to talk about these three stocks for the month of december. That i am watching and remember after today s videos over if you re newer to the stock market make sure you click that second link in the description. That s an eleven part full course on how i pick stocks and goes into exactly why i pick certain stocks and things like that guys if you re an experienced investor click that first link that as a full 12 part options course in it that should help you advanced investors out immensely.

Let s go ahead and get into this guy s the first stock is el brands. The first stock. I m watching this month is el brands. So this is a stock that if you remember he used to be on for stocks.

I was buying a few months ago. I kicked it off this past month this stock in the last three months is up over 35 or so basically since i got behind this stock. It has exploded. Unfortunately i got out of this one too soon i got this one last month.

And since that time it s gone up like another 15 since i got out guys. So that s usually what happens when i sell a position it usually goes up a bunch. More and i m like why the heck did i sell you can t get it at the top. Sometimes so oprah s an interesting name here this company just reported numbers actually are their earnings about a week ago here.

The company said its earnings per share fell to 29 or excuse. Me fell. 29. Percent.

To 30 cents compared to 42 cents in the same quarter at a year ago period. Its net sales were two point six two billion. An increase of one percent el brands..


Last year announced victoria s secret would stop selling swim in apparel to help streamline its business brand and focus more on profitable goods like bras. This is a very controversial move and they feel like this has hurt calm store sales. This has hurt sales overall. The only time will tell if this was the right decision you can t usually when you make a big decision.

Like that as a company you can t just judge it off of a few quarters or even a year or two you really got judged off what s going on with that company three to five years from now. And was that really a good decision that you just stopped you stopped selling more apparel. You stopped selling swimwear and you kind of focused around underwear you kind of focus around bras. So time will tell on that now on this past quarter as or excuse me the last month.

The elle brands always announces their sales every single month. Okay so elle brands reported october. 2017 sales that were actually pretty decent here october. Sales rose.

5. To seven hundred ninety four million quarterly sales rose. One percent october. Same sort same store sales rose two percent so pretty good numbers.

There if we look here this is a chart and the reason. I ll be watching l. Brands is i m very interested to see their november numbers. Which will come out december 1st.

December 1st. They should release their numbers for how calm store sales did in november. And if we look at this chart. You know over the past few years.

It s been almost nothing. But stellar numbers. We see a lot of 5 6. 7.

8. They re guys as far as comp store sales going up up intel. Basically they made that decision last year to go ahead and exit..


The swimwear business and exit. The apparel business since that time comb store sales have been moving in the wrong direction. So i m paying attention to this one mainly because i want to see what their column store sales come out and come here at december first guys. That s gonna be very interesting for me to see there and if we look here.

This is a company trading around a 15 p e. Right. Now. When i got involved with it was around a 12 4 p.

So obviously that p s got up as the share prices have increased. I m just an interesting name to look at and it s become much more of a value play you know type stock because this used to be you know a high flying grow stock. We like we saw the comb store sales usually be a stock that traded as far as a pe. When it traded in the 20s and 30s even sometimes it would touch the 40 s as far as a p e.

It s really become a value name out there and that s why i got involved with it a few months ago. I ve obviously completely eggs in my position now but should be an interesting one to watch number 2 stock here is a huge company. Am is on this company s has off has had a phenomenal year. It s up almost 52 percent year to date.

Seven amazing year for amazon now i ll be watching amazon in this month. It s gonna be very interesting to see how their online sales do if we look here every single year adobe digital insights does kind of like projections on what they expect or what they expect it you know around you know black friday through cyber monday and if we look here last year online shopping has been booming thus far in the holiday season according to adobe digital insights. Yeah erie taylor sales in the united states told nine point six billion from from thanksgiving day to basically the cyber monday. There so if we look they re you know in sales this year should be well over ten billion dollars in the online space and they said last year naturally amazon the world s largest retailer.

Operation is a huge beneficiary of strong online sales push amazon doesn t release sales data. But internet retailers calm estimates that four point seven four billion worth of web purchases were made on the site from thanksgiving to cyber monday that would represent a staggering thirty seven percent. So i ll be very interesting to see what type of numbers they come out with here once again amazon does not announce those numbers. But a lot of these these back end programs and whatnot can kind of figure out how much amazon is doing in sales versus other players in the space.

So that s why i m gonna be watching this one here and if we look here their prime day was on real guys. Their prime date was unreal amazon said wednesday and this is obviously you know back in the summer time when prime day. Happened. Amazon said wednesday that sales event was the biggest day ever with seals surpassing its 2016 black friday and cyber monday results prime day sales grew by more than 60 percent from the same thirty hour window in 2016.

Ok. So i mean i if they could do another 60 plus percent coming this in this cyber monday income black friday that would be unreal. I don t think they would do a number like that..


But if they could have a 20 30 plus percent gain over what they did last year guys. That s amazing type numbers for amazon. So i ll be very interesting to see what comes out also amazon is a company. I ll be paying attention to in december.

Because i ll be interesting to see what type of deals they have as far as what did are they doing against other competi out there how do there s deal stack up against let s say a best buy against a a walmart against target because amazon can kind of force. The retail game amazon s become so big and so powerful now that if amazon has the pricing power. Then everybody has to come down even lower to make their there their products viewable right because in a space. What do you do you go online.

You see okay i want to buy a playstation. 4. You go to amazon first okay and you see what s their pricing. Okay.

The amazon is priced here. Then you see best buy then you see walmart and then if best buy walmart or incomparable. Then obviously you just buy on amazon right because you re on earth to go to the store and those kinds of things so should be very interesting to see how amazon pushes everybody as far as the sales go so i ll be watching to see what type of sales. They have on those super popular products that people are looking for this holiday season.

Amazon is an interesting company here this is a company that profits are blowing up right. Now. We see the trailing p. On this one s almost a 300.

But the four p s around the 143 142 there so a very interesting company because the profits are just exploding. And they should continue to explode over the next few years. But it s still at an insanely high p e right now. It s unbelievable unless of course jeff bezos pulls back the reins and then says we re gonna spend a ton more money.

Which he s done in the past where amazon will look very profitable. And there all the profits are coming around and then austin bezos will go on a spending spree. Unless that happened the amazons profits should explode over the next few years. Very interesting stock a stock.

I ll be paying attention to you got her around the holiday season apple apple is a third stock here this stocks had an amazing year. Almost up 50 year today. We know the whole markets in general has done very good this year..


I will be paying attention to how iphone 10 ship orders are looking right now so right now iphone. 10. We re still at about two to three week availability so if you order your iphone 10 you re still at about 2 to 3 weeks out in until you get it i ll be very interested see. If that number comes down to where it s you know a you know.

2 to 5 day type situation or what not if we stay 2 to 3 weeks throughout december. That means you know sales are just going tremendously well on iphone 10. I don t think there s quite as much of a supply type issue anymore they re at full go as far as supply goes. But man if they can stay at a two to three week or at least a one to two weeks throughout december.

That just means iphone 10 sales are extremely strong also be paying attention to as far as apple goes is new device activations so a firm called flurry which is owned by yahoo can kind of tell you know device activations that happen each year this past year apple had 44 percent share of top activations by manufacturer samsung have around 21 hawawa came in there are three percent. So that should be very interesting. This company that you know the profits are just exploding or should explode over the next year or two. It ll be very interesting to see you know our profits gonna go up about 15 next year.

25 35. And we see a for pe of 14. On this company coming off of a trailing of almost 20. So very interesting play there and a company that should be interesting to watch you you know amazon and apple are just really fun companies to watch throughout the month of december.

Because there s so many sales that are going strictly through amazon right. And there s so many sales that are going straight to apple right we see those are the kind of the two biggest player. So they re very fun stocks to watch in december. And there s a lot of to be learned by following their numbers and tracking and those kinds of things guys so i hope you enjoyed this day.

Three stocks i m going to be watching for the month of december. I hope you guys enjoyed this member. If you are new to the stock market make sure you click that second link in the description that should help you guys out tremendously. If you re an experienced investor click that first link in the description.

There that should help you out tremendously. Thank you for watching guys and have a great day ” ..

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