5 minutes on the TMT sector

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“Today in the studio. We have victor huglin. Sp. Equities tmt or it tech media media and telecoms analysts victor what are the main fundamental drivers in your segment for year well if you look first on the it sector.

I think as you can see on the picture here our view is that some years ago or we re a decade ago. Itt was a department that was stuck in the back room regarded as boring people regarded as just a support function basically. Today. You see a gradual shift in this.

And obviously are seeing with netflix spotify. Many many companies where it and digitalization is the whole core. And this whole journey has of course widened the importance of it and tech in general for companies and hence of course widen. The addressable market for them i think the mentor main trends that you are seeing here is currently it s a lot of talk about the cloud.


The whole point really of the cloud is that there s a prioritization that itunes tech companies can help companies with with regards to cost with regards to flexibility with regards to control. So there s a things to do there for them. And then you have the whole thing that you and i want to be able to work from wherever. We are access everything from wherever.

We are that of course. Implies that you have to do a lot of development then you have a i in machine learning. I think you re gonna see more more from this ahead and the reason for that is basically that you can improve the customer journey. You can do more of a customization you can create a better experience.

Really and you can also take down costs in the delivery of everything and evidently all of these moves as you see now in the news every second day creates a lot of security gaps and i think that s completely natural. But of course. There will be companies emergence that fill these security gaps. So in this industry.


What will be the main drivers for an online company. I think. It s important to realize the fact that in when you digitalize a customer journey. You remove a lot of the traditional modes for example.

It s not that important where you have a store location or it s not that important that you are on the other side of the world. There are different things that play in here. And i think if you just want to make it very simple. The key thing to look at is that unless you have a recurring base or a recurring or a high share of unpaid traffic coming to your site.

Then your customer. Acquisition costs will definitely hold back the margin potential so key when looking at all companies that have a digital customer journey is to understand and figure out the recurrence in the traffic flow and how much that cost or doesn t cost if those metrics. Doesn t work. It s not going to matter.


How everything else works that s the key key key in the whole obviously your segments also contains not only it tech companies specifically. But also telecoms it s telecoms growth industry. You thinking in the future. I think telecoms is an interesting industry for many aspects first it s a complex in this industry on the equipment side.

Which then of course give scope for a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of things you really need to understand which you have a very hard time understanding sometimes but overall. I think it s important to understand that this is a mature market and on an aggregate. It is not growing. It is a commodity to a very large extent then you have bits and pieces of the ecosystem.

That sometimes is growing for example. We ve seen a lot of fiber growth. We ve seen a lot of cities being built out with fiber networks radio might have fall behind you always going to see movements in this and the same goes for the operators. The same goes for the equipment players.


But as an aggregate. This is a mature market it s a commodity. But you have interchanges within the products and services and etc. If you look on a smaller company perspective and growth company.

It s a completely different thing. Because operators will always want to improve functionality will always want to improve efficiencies will always want to modernize something. So. The issue for the bigger ones is that they always going to have a legacy to protect the good thing for the smaller ones is that they don t have a legacy to protect so it s all about finding the right angle in the whole system very interesting indeed thank you victor and thanks for watching ” .


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