A Day in the Life of Otis: An Intel Manufacturing Technician Intel

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“Name is otis chandler. I m a manufacturing technician. I ve been with intel for for 12 plus years i work at the ocotillo site on the arizona campus originally m from tennessee. Once we came out here one of the things i like best about is at ninety five percent of the time.

I m pretty much guaranteed. I m going to see the sun. So no lack of vitamin d..


I enjoy getting out on the trails. I enjoy running i enjoy trail running i enjoy the outdoors in arizona provides that type of environment and then we get to work around five thirty. I d like to get here about 30 minutes early my shift starts at six o clock even though i m bald headed. I have to put on the hairnet since i have a facial hair and i had to put on a beard cover once you get in you got to cover your shoes you got to make sure you put on what they call their booties.

Then that s when i put on my bunny suit. I enjoy the camaraderie that we have some of the nicest guys that i work around i enjoy working with my engineers. Some of the most intelligent guys and gals that we have that are around within the industry..


I work for days on three days off and then three days on four days off so with a two week span. I maxi all seven days my pre intel years life i work seven days a week. The compressed work week allows me to go out and do things that i really enjoy to do such as being outdoors. Doing activities with my family things that i m passionate about when i was a kid.

I enjoyed getting that first volcano for me and my dad was working together. And we seen the chemical reaction. I do that on a grander scale within my job i work with a link tool a scanner and a track together and we make those chemical reactions..


Happen on a daily basis. We take four hours and me taking the quick break. And then we work another four hours and take a quick break or whatever what we have our breaks within their one of the things that the rec room provides for me it provides me to get off the floor and not think about what s going on on the floor. The way i can get my mind away i get away for an hour after i m done with that i m able to get back into the routine and i feel refreshed so how we wrap up at the end of the day is we capture anything that s happened throughout the area once we capture that in online document.

We re ready for the oncoming shift once the guys come in from the oncoming shift. We share that information with them whatever is going on within the area. If someone was given the opportunity to work at intel..


I would tell them to go for it. It s an awesome opportunity. It s an awesome job. It s 12.

Where you have a plethora of career development opportunities they provide for their people. It s a great place to work do it you ” ..

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