Amazon Prime Visa Rewards VS Amazon Prime Store Card

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“Everyone credit roofer here so today we are going to be taking a look at at the amazon prime visa signature rewards card and comparing it to the amazon prime card that s a card that not many people know about they don t promote it that much so first let s take a look at the amazon prime credit card now this card. It basically has an annual fee of 99 a year because it s only available to prime members so although officially the card actually has a zero dollar annual fee. But prime membership costs 99 obviously with that you also get free shipping on thousands of items on amazoncom. And you also get access to some of the amazon video services.

Some movies that you can watch on smart tv or on the internet. You know on your computer. Etc. So you get quite a lot of value out of that ninety nine dollars per.

Year there are also three different rewards. Categories so earns 5 back at amazoncom. And then also a whole foods because obviously amazon owns whole foods now there s a 2 category of drug stores gas stations and restaurants drug stores. We don t often see in bonus categories so it stores like cvs that sell way more than just medicines.

There s a lot of different things you can buy there so potentially. There s a lot of spending you could do in that category. And then also it owns 1 back on everything. And it also comes with quite a swanky looking medal card.

It s a brushed steel effect and the you know the weight of it and the construction. It s basically the same construction as the sapphire reserve or sapphire..

Preferred the card also has no foreign transaction fees travel and emergency assistance lost baggage reimbursement baggage delay insurance and travel accident insurance for automobile stuff there s roadside dispatch auto rental collision damage waiver all those things are things that you would expect from what i call a tier three card cards with an annual fee of around 100 earn rewards etc then for shopping. There s also purchased protection extended warranty protection. But well some people have criticized this card for lacking is that there s no return protection. So basically protection for when a merchant will not accept a return now.

Obviously if you re using this card a lot at amazoncom. That s not really going to be so have a problem with amazon because they re normally really great at accepting returns. I ve you know returned items to amazon that had no problem. I just decided i didn t want them and they gave me a full refund.

But then obviously if you are using this card at other merchants stores. It is a credit card that you can use anywhere that might be something that you do want to consider and lastly. There is a 70 amazon gift card as a signup bonus. And there s no spending requirement for that so you don t have to spend like five hundred in the first three months in order to get it now.

Let s have a look at the amazon prime store. Card now this is a card that can only be used at amazoncom. Where it earns five percent. It can t even be used at whole.

Foods so it s just for use online at amazoncom. It s not a credit card that can be used anywhere..

It has a very high apr interest rate at twenty seven point two four percent you can compare that with the variable rate on the amazon prime credit card. Which is from 15 point four nine to twenty three point four nine. So it s a lot higher rate and it s a set rate. It s not a variable rate.

But you do get access to six month. Twelve month and 24 months 0 apr financing options now this is not something you get with the amazon prime credit card with amazon prime credit card. There s not even an introductory 0 rate. For the first 12 months or anything like that and so this is something unique to the store card now these categories for the sixth month financing.

You can finance items that are over 149 dollars in value for the 12 month financing. It s 0 on items over 599 dollars. And for the 24 month financing. It s actually just selected items you can see a list of them on amazoncom.

I m assuming these are going to be much larger you know higher value items one word of caution. Though with this if you look at the small print. If you fail to pay back the full amount within the 0 period. They will actually add on interest charged from the day that you made the purchase so if you fail to pay it all back you re not going to just start paying a little bit of interest from the end of the 12 month period or the six month period.

You actually have to pay all the interest from the day of purchase up until then so that s that would be quite a shock. So you if you do use these finance options you ve really got a you know keep it under control and be careful with it..

There s also equal pay financing options as well. Where you basically pay the exact same amount every month. And basically when you use this card you can see the financing options at the amazon check out online. If you want to find out more about all these financing options.

I suggest you go on amazon s website and search for it. Because there is actually quite a lot of different options and stuff with the financing stuff available on this card. And another cool. Thing that we can point out is that.

While you have to be a prime member to actually apply for this card. If you can t saw your prime membership at any. Time you ll basically lose the 5 percent category at amazoncom. But you can still keep the card meaning.

That you ll still have access to the other perks and benefits like the financing offers etc that are available with this card. So guys that s a little run down a little comparison of the amazon credit card versus the amazon store card. I think it s pretty easy to see the difference and the advantages and disadvantages obviously the amazon prime credit card is a card that s going to be good for people who would do a lot of shopping on amazon who are probably existing prime members or who are seriously considering a prime membership because they do buy loads of stuff on amazon. But they also perhaps want a car that they can use in other places and they also want some of the perks and protections like luggage insurance.

The auto damage waiver and all that other kind of stuff and they want a swanky looking metal card okay that s a minor point and then obviously with the store card. The real point of that i think is the 0 financing options..

If you want to buy something real big on amazon. I don t normally recommend going into debt to buy items and but you know if it s something that s going to benefit you like you know a computer that you re going to do graphic design work on and actually earn money then you re gonna have a means to pay it back and you could definitely look at this store card as a means of financing a large purchase that makes sense for your life. But with that kind of stuff. You ve got to be careful you ve got to really think about it basically people who use the amazon store card you d basically probably get it use it to finance your large purchase maybe whip it out if you re gonna buy something on amazoncom.

But you re gonna hardly ever use it apart from that it s not going to be you know one of your mainstay cards in the wallet. But the amazon prime credit card really could be a keeper card. I would say alright guys so that s a little bit of a rundown of these two cards a lot of people have asked me to cover the amazon prime card. I think it s a great card so if you re thinking about getting it yes i would recommend it what do you guys think about it.

Though please leave your comments and i m interested to know has anyone used the amazon prime store card and anyone use the financing options. How does it work. You know have you had a good experience or a bad experience with it i d love to hear about it as always please subscribe for new credit card tips and tricks almost every day. Give this video a like hit that like button it really does help and we will see you tomorrow bye bye.

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