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“Columbus and his flagship reached these unexpected shores. This continent was a vast impenetrable wilderness wilderness man s only means of crossing. It was on his own two feet it out a lot of moccasins. But with luck you could make it from coast to coast in a year s time for years man s only other means of travel was his canoe.

This wasn t much fun and you could only go where the river wanted to go then the white man with his ax hewed erupted rolled through the wilderness and the covered wagon appeared. But not until after the revolution. Did the first one push its lumbering jolting way across the alleghenies. The map was beginning to grow smaller.

But also slightly then came the iron horse you fed it wood and it ate up the miles distances were shortening more rapidly until four years after the civil war. It was driven home the golden spike that first linked the east coast with the west. Now. The map was shrinking fast time and space were being eliminated.

But other miracles were yet to come the horseless carriage. One of them went from new york to san francisco in 63 days and that same year on the windswept sand dunes of kitty hawk was brought forth a new miracle forerunner of the modern flagship. The continent that once took a year to cross may now be crossed overnight. It s the american way.

This is the root of the flagships of american airlines serving 21 states from border to border from coast to coast connecting with the yankee clippers. On one side and the china clippers on the other suppose we visit one of the airports. Say chicago for instance. It s a busy place day.

And night. The planes come and go. 96 flights in and out of this one airport. Alone every 24 hours here s one just coming in from cincinnati in washington there s one just leaving.

It s a flag ship bound for st. Louis tulsa. Oklahoma. City dallas fort worth arizona and the pacific coast and here is the manhattan flight 12 for detroit buffalo and new york.

Now loading. It is one of a great many flights a day to new york on american airlines flag ships are air conditioned before departure cool air in summer warm air in winter. The air mail and air express go up front in the nose of the ship. And in the large rear compartment baggage goes in these compartments 240 pounds carried free for each passenger more than enough for most travelers last.

But not least the passengers themselves go aboard the ship. Giving their names to the stewardess who greets them with a friendly smile and checks them off on her passenger list a cross section of the thousands of men and women who travel by air over this country every hour of the day. And night professional men club women business executives. Successful salesmen movie stars radio entertainers.

A mother and child marry. Vacationers and a little old lady from springfield. All aboard the door is closed the signal to depart is given the captain presses the button that starts. The motors.

The first officer is talking to the traffic control tower through his radio form the ship taxis out to the far end of the runway and heads about into the wind. A plane always takes off or lands into the wind. The captain checks. His motors first one and the other the first officer gets his all clear go ahead signal from the airport traffic control tower and the great flagship moves forward.

I we are up in the air. I never even knew when we left the ground. I never do either this is the first time. I ve been in a plane.

My son sent me the ticket well i m sure you re going to have a grand trip would you like to look at this magazine. No i m just going to sit here and enjoy yourself and look at the scenery and watch the people well if there s anything i can do for you or answer. Any questions be sure to call me just press that button i will thank you dear goodbye chicago. We ll be back soon isn t it beautiful i ve heard folks say it s one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world.


You can really appreciate it from the air everything all right perfect. Say aren t she doing she s working a crossword puzzle. Why can she i mean can she actually write in a plane surely many of our passengers take advantage of air travel to catch up on their correspondent coal. But it s so smooth there s no tickling that young man seems to be working.

He s a newspaper writer. He flies with us regularly another man who s with us. Quite. Often is a magazine editor usually brings along a lot of manuscripts.

He says. He can read more manuscripts in these few hours between chicago and new york. Then in a full day in his office. I ve always wondered what people did in these play oh honey look the ground looks like a great big crazy quilt with patches of green and brown.

Oh. There s a train where are we now miss perry. We re flying over dearborn michigan. We left chicago here about an hour ago and flew right along here and now if you look out the window.

You can be in to see detroit below it oh barry look yep. There. She is that s a big automobile plant down. There and over there is the ambassador bridge to canada.

We see niagara falls on this trip. Don t we yes indeed in a little over an hour. You ll be going right along. There while our stewardess is pointing out our location on the route map.

There are scores of other stewardesses pointing out. Interesting sights on scores of other maps. Places like these the nation s capital at washington. One of america s more inspiring sites.

It seems like these that give you a new perspective of the earth. A new conception and appreciation of america here s boston common so called because in early boston. It was the common pasture land where any family could graze its cow. The hermitage form of stormy andrew jackson near nashville tennessee el paso and across the rio grande lies mexico indian pictographs in the ground near playas california.

But let s get back to our new york bound flagship. I ve been trying to explain about the radio beam. But i m afraid i don t know much about it here comes one of our pilots. I know he ll be glad to explain it captain butler.

This is mr and mrs. Coe. How do you do what do you do you folks enjoying your trip. Oh.

I think. It s wonderful. Oh that s fine captain do you have time to explain the radio beam to mrs. Cole surely we fly the highways of the air.

Mrs. Cole. The same as you drive the highways on the ground ours is a highway of sound. That s why when you see pictures of airline pilots flying they re always wearing earphones oh yes about two hours ago.

We left chicago here. We re headed for new york here the civil aeronautics authority maintains radio rain stations along the route at frequent intervals broadcasting. A constant highway of sound. Which we call the beam as long as we re on this beam.


We get a steady hum in our earphones. The moment. We deviate in either direction. The signal breaks up into dots and dashes.

According to which side. We re on along the shore. If we get to the right. I shorten along if we re too far left.

But tell me if you re flying one way and another ship is coming in the other direction on the same beam. How do you pass each other we always fly one way an even thousand foot altitudes 6 8. 10. And so forth and the other way on are thousands 5 7.

9. And so on besides. We re flying by a flight plan. The first officer and i worked out before we started every minute of every flight is formed by plan.

No flag ship can leave the ground without an official flight clearance and the flight plan okayed by our meteorologist and the flight superintendent and all the planes in the air on this route knows our flight plan too we talked the ground stations at regular intervals as we go along and two other planes in flight. We know where every ship is every minute of every flight. I had no idea. Thank you so much yeah thanks.

A lot that s quite all right the pleasure s mine. I hope to have yours passengers again soon. He s nice i beg your pardon. But i think there s something out the window.

You two would like to see well there it is honey. What did i tell you marry me. And i d show you niagara falls. The captain obligingly flies a wide circle about the falls to give all his passengers a full and perfect view niagara falls may be seen from the air.

Only on americans routes between chicago and new york. Let us leave our friends for the moment under the watchful eye of the little old lady from spring to you and turn our attention westward. Where the proud sky sleeper. The mercury is weighing its swift way new york to los angeles over americans famous southern transcontinental route spread out below far as the eye can see for the fast fertile valleys.

Ranches vineyards and orange groves and sunkissed beaches of california here s a year round vacation. Land and a year round way to reach it quickly mmm breakfast. That s another nice thing about air travel at mealtime. Delicious.

Well cooked food appears before you with the compliments of the airline smart thinking girl. I hear they re all graduate nurses that s so they can look after anyone who needs it i suppose yes. But that isn t the principal reason. She ll probably never be needed as a nurse every one of them has had at least four years of training and discipline.

That s why they re chosen. And that s why they do their job. So efficiently. No i see day and night night and day these giant flagships of american airlines are coursing the skies here in the airport of los angeles.

The southerner is just making her departure east bound for phoenix. El paso. Fort worth memphis nashville. Washington and new york days of tedious travel reduced to a restful overnight sleep your ship flies steadily smoothly through the quiet of the night within the american sky sleeper you have a soft luxurious berth with plenty of room and whatever the temperature down below you re comfortable here it may be a sweltering night for earth dwellers.

When people sit up all night long because they cannot sleep. But up here you sleep under blankets and what blankets or if it s covell all up here in the sky sleeper your clothes ii and warm you breathe air swept clean by the winds of the world while the purring motors lull you to sleep people who travel by air know that this most modern form of transportation produces. Many byproducts more time for recreation. Greater business efficiency.


Hello brad aren t you going to the fort worth convention. My partner left this morning so i m going. But i m gonna play 18 holes first then i m gonna have dinner with the wife get a good night s sleep fly down in the morning. Two men going to the same place one already rushing on his way.

But isn t it strange. The man who is going to get there first is here playing golf. We just got artists to stop production on that new model be chief good now we ve got to move fast. If we can get the jump on competition like what s the quickest way to get word to all of the men.

There are a lot of problems to be worked out that i can t explain to them by phone. No and a letter or a while won t do you really ought to see each one in person ten branches on boston to los angeles. I try to go to each one of them it will take a day of peace even if i fly why not wire them to fly. Then you can have all ten of your sales managers sitting right here in your office tomorrow morning.

Maybe you re wonderful get those wires off right away simpson in boston hadley in louisville and jones in dallas. No i won t see how often do i have to tell you relax geek you last longer. She s the dumbest girl in chicago. I ve told her oh i know but i ve been on the road the last two nights.

I wish to gosh i was going to sleep in a bed tonight. Why don t you i have to go to new york well i m going to new york tonight and i m gonna sleep in a bed. Oh. I ll take the five o clock plane and i ll be there and in bed.

Just as early as oh. I stayed home well that s all right for you. But i don t fly well. Why don t you i m going to keep one foot on the ground a while yet well i can t even look out of a tall building.

I know what you mean i felt the same way about it before i started to fly. But take it from me gig up. There you have no sense of height. The stewardess explained that to me once she said.

It was because there were no lines of perspective. Connecting us with the earth whatever. It is it s so it doesn t seem high up. And i ll tell you something else that will surprise you you have no sense of speed.

What s more you get perfect rest and relaxation you re up above the noise and commotion and nervous strain of earth s activities. It s calm and peaceful up there no poles no buildings no billboards flashing by your window. You can relax and brother. If anyone ever needed to relax you do look at yourself tense.

Too nervous come along with me. And get a rest. The change will do you good okay okay. I ll do it everything connected with flying is easy.

It s easy to make a reservation and get your ticket. When asian explained to chicago the five o clock. Non stop american airlines it ll get you there in less than five hours fine hey get me a seat down under ken your name please hey. Jc tenant.

A seat on the five o clock nonstop to chicago tana. Ta n. Ner would you go to the airport. The american airlines limousine or in your own car.

I m driving out. Mr. Channa will come direct to the airport are you filming back to new york. Mr.


Turner. We say. 10 of the round trip. You know no.

I m going down to indianapolis. Oh. That works out perfect american airlines has three routes between new york and chicago. One by way of buffalo and detroit or the short fly non stop route that you re going out on today or by way of washington and cincinnati.

The tickets are interchangeable you can go one way and come back another indianapolis azar on the route by way of cincinnati and washington and you can stop off there on your way back. And you still get the advantage of the low round trip rate. Say that s all right i ll take that you know i like flying. I used to have to be away from home five or six days a week.

The wife was just about ready to disown me now i cover more territory than i used to yet. I m home almost every night. I sleep in my own bed have breakfast with my family a privacy of my own bathroom and and in a few hours. I m right out where i would have been and i d been on the road.

All night that s right thank you mr. Tanner. I hope you ll stop by again sometime. I probably will man s business and his family have always benefited in exact degree.

As he has adopted and used new inventions. This was a pretty snappy turnout in 1910. But it would be considerably out of place in the traffic of today. The modern business man has improved on the old kerosene lamp histor not refer no longer writes business letters with pen and ink nor is his bookkeeper a drudge isten ographers have typewriters and his bookkeepers have adding machines when he thinks of transportation.

He thinks in terms of airlines and many others benefit too the wife will have fewer husbandless nights. She doesn t have to sit alone when her husband travels by air vacations are extended more time spent there less time getting there in back. A new yorker can weekend at the western ranch country chicagoans twinkle their tolls in the atlantic ocean sufferers kula beside a michigan lake these are only a few of the added benefits the byproducts of pleasure and better living for those who fly hello jim tanner how much they weigh. Hello ravi well it s all according when i carry them they seem like they weigh a hundred pounds.

But when they get on those scale. They re always under 40 there you are sir they would take care of your baggage and deliver them to you when you get to chicago thank you well where s your baggage. Why don t carry me. But this just going out to boston.

I ve been commuting back and forth ever since the family s been up there and you know it doesn t take me any longer to fly to boston. Then as you to take me to drive up into westchester. We ll be there soon now i hope you ve enjoyed the trip. My dear.

It s the most wonderful experience. I ve ever had there s new york. Oh. What up much plane is that taking off that s a special section of the mercury.

So you d be los andes. In the morning. Think of that as a manhattan for chicago. Beautiful sight isn t it it sure is well that s me there s mine.

Nice to see you jim that goes for me too robbie be seeing you soon again. Okay bye bye hi you have a nice trip disappointed over two quick most people when they fly prefer to fly with a flagship fleet american leads in air transportation flies more miles carries more people than any other airline american airlines. The american ” ..


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