B2B Buying Centers – How Firms Make Purchasing Decisions

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“There fellow marketing. Students professor walters here and today. We re here fantana in ljubljana ljubljana slovenia at their triple bridge and today. We re to talk about our actual centers in the b2b marketing world because in the business sense.

You don t just have one person making a buying decision you have multiple people making that buying decision. It could be a person seeing that there s a problem. Another person. That s got to make the decision to pay there s another person that s gotta go you know pick it up right.

Something s got to go down. There and buy the product. It s someone to go through today is those individuals that are in a bind center in a b2b sense. And the thing is you might see that i m gonna talk about a few different types of people and in some sense.

It might be one person that does everything or it might be a thousand people that do these things so it s something to take into account. When you are thinking about this now. The first person we have to talk about is the user that is the person that actually used the actual product. So if i m buying a new computer system for a university well it s all the students that are gonna be using it the faculty that s gonna use it the staff that s going to use those computer systems those are the users.

So of course..

We want to get their inputs. What do they needed to do what does it have to do for them. Does it need to be backward integratable sure before it integratable. What do we need to have with it you know for example.

I do you know studies and all kinds of stuff in my software works on pcs not on apple product. So i got to make sure i get that information in there because we don t talk to the end users. When we re making a buying decision well i m really helping them because you might be buying the wrong. Thing that won t actually help them so that s why you have the user come and help define what the problem is and what the solution should have in it.

So you can make a better purchasing decision. Now the next person that you might have in there is what we call the initiator now a user using a product and then they see a problem and they note. The problem that means that they re now an initiator. The initiator is the person that sees the issue says hey wait a minute.

We got a problem here. Something s going wrong you do have those in the bind. Situation. Because someone has to recognize.

There is an issue so there is the initiator person as well and it could be the initiator sees a problem or maybe see they see that competition s doing something or they hear about new technologies..

Coming same moon could we integrate this gps thing with our phones and a travel app. And so we can actually give people tours on their phone. So things you can look at it that way now. The next person we have in there is the influencer and the influencer.

I mean obviously influences and maybe. Give suggestions or has kind of a push of what s kind of important in certain issues. So for example if i m looking to buy basketball shoes for my kid. I want to check out steph curry and lebron james they re influencing.

My decisions because they re so important in this industry. So you got to look at that. But the thing is those influencers are not necessarily within your business. So you have to take it with a grain of salt.

What they re really pitching because if lebron tells me to buy nike well he s getting paid by nike. So that kind of might influence the influencer. So you do need to be careful with that next first thing. I want to talk about is what s called a gatekeeper and the gatekeeper is the person that kind of helps run the flow of information to the important people now with the internet and email and stuff like that you know the gatekeepers become kind of less of an issue.

But if you re trying to get a hold of a publisher..

I want to get a walters real book published. But i can t get a meeting with the publisher because the secretary or the system will let me do that that s where a gatekeeper can actually hold back your business. So you got to see us how do we make sure we get all the information to the important people. Then you have the decider.

This is the person where the buck stops here they re the ones that has the final say the final yes or no they re the one that has to say yes on the check okay they re the actual decider decider. So it doesn t matter. If all my students say well mark all 650 of us to decided that you should give us an a well i m glad that you all want to get a s but as the decider. It s not gonna work that way okay.

Some of you will probably not get an a so do have a heads up for that the decision it doesn t matter. What you say so you do have that as well. So you got to think about that too in the buying center. Who is that most important decider person and then you have the actual buyer that s the person that goes to the store and actually buys the product now think about it maybe your mom gave you money to go to the grocery store says oh go buy me a dozen eggs.

She gave you the money for the eggs and you go and you get the eggs. You go up to the front and you see the eggs are broken are you gonna pay for the eggs. Then no even though your mom said buy those eggs. Then you got the money for it.

But hey as the buyer..

I see the last moment. There s an issue there and so the buyer has some power to because they can say look. This isn t what we really ordered that s why you got to be careful with it make sure that everybody in the bind center is taken care of and we re realizing what they re doing so then we were trying to do our bind so we re trying to make our business purchasing decisions. We also are dealing with all the right people okay so i count this helps you kind of have an idea of the people involved in a b2b buying process you know in this in this buying center.

Because it does get a lot more complicated because it can be one person or hundreds of people that are involved in this and that s why time and how long it takes to make a decision of the business world can be relatively frustrating. So i hope this helps you know a bit more about the bind centers and the b2b sense. If you want to learn more hit that subscribe button. We put out new marketing and business videos every week.

And i ll say bye from here in beautiful ljubljana. Slovenia also if you go over there over to our walters world travel channel. We got videos on ljubljana in slovenia as well anyway. ” .


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