Baby Chooses What We Do All Day

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“Today we re letting our baby sister out on this side. What were you be be doing for the whole day because right now we re important time and we doing exact same thing every single day is really really boring. So we decided that it s spice it up by letting our baby sister aria decide what we do hold a baby it makes i didn t know this is that baby sister her name is alia. But we call her alice because it s more cute ready already thank you so what she s like um.

No are you gonna be a baby. Today. Oh yeah. Do you want choose between nothing.

And nothing so we just woke up and got ready. And we re really really hungry. We really want breakfast. Oh yes tessa let i wish decide what we re gonna be eating for breakfast.

I want an avocado sandwich and ronald. What do you want and like i don t really like avocado. So i want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But i can t have peanuts well then why d almond butter for you they re basically.

If are you choosing. Something. We both have to have it so. If she chooses avocado sandwich.

You both have to happen iii. She makes peanut butter sandwich. I m gonna have to have almonds because i can have two nuts okay so i was very ready to decipher breakfast. I think a few moments later okay sandwiches.

What is gross and one is dv shots. You need that my way around this one s good and this one s gross. You wish okay so we are gonna set them down. Oh yeah all the way over here should get quality.

Which one she wants i was waiting to decide all right ablution go are you justin i sit there reo like i am you can are anthony s alright. Oh you re such a good go. But you can t have this this one s for me ronald. She already decided what she wants avocado.

So guys your breakfast chosen by your baby. Sister is sir. Thank you oh yeah. Thank you you did such a good job.

Yeah all right you re on are you ready to munch slightly all right three two one. Oh you re lucky you you chose a better sandwich for me. And now you re over here eating star snacks can i okay fine uncle. Oh.

Yeah. If you just finish back meant. It was very delicious thank you i would and now it s time to pick what we re gonna do next so usually in the morning. We go do school.

But i don t you feel like doing school in the morning. We could do that later i want to go to the hospital. We re just gonna go like splish splash in the hot tub. Have some fun korea.

We need to do our school work first ronald look..

How nice it is outside to each other be so nice. I wanna have a free day all day. It s not going free you re doing work but like most things well we re gonna do my work later we do that later. But it s not gonna always be sit up sunny outside so we got a glass of water to represent pops up and my computer.

Yes okay i will show you ready dance. I know we re gonna do oh yeah look at nate s no good on to now look at the glass of water. I always never seen a glass of water maybe she has i don t know what do you mean no all right put that over there okay go no go away she clearly my hair. She clearly shiz audience spilled the water that means that you really really wanted.

But she waited you re hurt ronald she clearly really wants to go through every you know you re on coming to water. It s really warm are you sure this is nice webrick cuz. I m really cold it was i gonna go already this okay. I think those are more sensitive to heat.

That s why i keep my toes out korea. What it ll neither karina guys next time. Please choose what i want girl up suffering. Too much today depth on these yeah.

But like it s so hard my toes are already first it s raining okay guys. The hot that was a little bit of a bad idea could started raining in the middle. But it didn t really bother me because of what our still really warm was really nice. I had a good time.

But ronald us ran out yes. Hello. It was raining also the floor was freezing just a little bitter right. And it was a little bit cold.

But like the water was still really nice it s warm. But now we can finally do our schoolwork. So i can get to my video games right away all i want to do school. Yet.

What now kind of like oh. We should all like tick tops together could you take advantage of this lady look at stay right. Where we left it study now all of a sudden. Yeah.

So that means we should make tic tocs at the sides. Crying. Don t you think i don t wanna go make thumbs right. Now right ouch.

Okay. She ll be the judge of that. Oh yeah. Let s go i think she obviously picked the computer.

Yeah great job. Okay we re gonna do school now finally yes school work there in your body style yourself okay guys for today s school or got back science english and more english okay let s get it done fast. So i can quickly go to my video games today all i have to do i m gonna blaine stems in no time but first alia has to decide if we re playing sims or fortnight s game that i like okay we re not it s not that bad i just lose all the time. But i ll be okay okay finally finish school well not really me i finished ages ago like 20 30 minutes.

And i was done but ronald he took two hours. Yeah took forever about least now i can go play my video game. But we have to do this thing together and i have to decide okay fine. What do you want rita.

But since now i m starting a new tradition where i read a book every day okay you can go read your book and i m not involved in any of this from you have to read a book with me you ve already picked reading a book yes the only obvious if we decide we re playing videos or reading a book..

Okay. I think you re just doing this to make me mad. I like reading kind of okay let s get arya. So she can decide yeah or that okay yeah.

It s grantland to choose her book to place down so i even choose. But guides. I really think that area is gonna choose this joique on thingamajig because she knows that you like press. The buttons and you can do this.

And that s pretty much it s but she still likes it so yeah like she s obviously gonna pick this so guys i got the book that i m reading at the moment. It s pretty interesting. I really hope are you can pick it so i can finish it and i have my controller. I want to look at this so won this fight no i want this one right you can get this no okay.

We didn t start it yet daddy are you ready let s go ready you see she wants to press the buttons sorry mom. It s too late you already started reading this book. So she wants a bitch okay fine oh yeah guys it looks like i m never gonna play my video games today what a day thank you alia come on we re gonna go read this book together community do i have to read that book or can i get my own book well. I only have one copy of this book.

So you have to pick a different book. Yes. Laron don t make a comic book with lots of pictures. Okay.

I wish mm hmm. You know her meat suggests i read it to you guys i think her in his cuckoo. The cocoa puffs today she picked a book over video games like she never needs books. But like guys we have to continue to challenge and boss a yeah pick the book so i have to go grab a book.

Oh no okay. So let s see what we have here. I have way more books. And i thought i did well like all of this is something career wouldn t even like so it s like it s grunts grab this one.

I don t even notice let s just pretend that we re reading hands. What is this i can t believe i m reading a book or playing thank you. Okay so i have i become 2000. Years later.

Oh yeah. I finished my book that means a reading session. It s over and now we re gonna say what we re gonna be doing next video game let s have lunch actually fine let s have lunch. I m kinda okay.

So you re fighting it round to me. But now we re gonna say what we re having for lunch. I wanna fruits movie no avocados movie. That s like combining the worst.

Two things in the world. Together. No two best things in the world forever. I wanna have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I didn t get to eat right. I think that challenge is in the trash. No no it s not run over again they may get a new sandwich. If you really want that button.

But we re gonna have to ask are you having a pop kind of smoothie or a peanut butter jelly sandwich okay guys the baby bus area is now playing for 20 you having so much fun yes are you ready to decide what we re gonna help me are you ready peanut butter jelly..

Said yeah i just movie avocados movie peanut all right yeah let s go and decide my awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwich and karina s gross upper cups movie okay idea here we go okay so fine guys i get to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was like hmm all right guys. I think i was gonna have it peanut butter and jelly center for me. It s gonna be almond butter okay.

I ll do you one this time but next time i don t think i m gonna go for what you want yes. He is can i take off some in the gym. I don t really like jam. I mean uh no you have to eat what is on your plate finish your food okay so guys now since we have alia on our side.

She s sure to pick video games on the next turn. I wish you the best baby bus ever well not now because right now she just picked the thing that i didn t want. But that s okay i was gonna stick turn on and i was like oh that s nice okay guys right now it s my time to shine because there s absolutely no way abby is not gonna pick video games tomato make because she doesn t even know what a clock is why she s been and many of my t. Cog said.

He really liked being in my pics so you don t know what she s inside like black. She s a clock. When you can be inside of a world they have nothing to do it quick you guys started name except for the name. Okay sure whatever right now.

I has two options they can pick tops or playing games. I don t want to play games. I want to make tic tocs. No okay keep off the clock.

Now she admits that it s about quad nothing about it clogs glove tock tick tock okay guys so i have my magical device this is very magical to represent video games. It has a string you can i love it so much so please pick. Me now. I am gonna take my phone because i got it make my pick that s it like he always loves phone.

So this is kind of but i might still have a chance all right we ll see about that all right let s place that our thing with you okay okay. I think is super excited. It s doing this helps your cheeks all right now. It s time to go make my family right i gotta make some tic tocs.

Okay let s get the clock guys. It s really sad because i did not choose video game she may chose tic tocs. Oh. Yeah.

Then now i have to make the talks. Okay ron. Since you have to do it go. I m going to teach you one of my favorite and then we can we ll make the ticket.

Yeah okay. What is your favorite down. It s an accident get up song. It s one of the most like hardest dances.

I know for you learn it so i don t know how long no when will i be a free bird. I don t think any time today okay ron. This is how it starts all right are you ready first move. It s the punch okay we got to do this.

Try dunk. You try it go. Like. That.


2. 3. 1. 2.

3. 1. 2. 3.

1. 2. 3. Sorry ok after so.

Many hours well finally. Learn the dance. If you guys wanna. See it you have to go to my chick song.

They ll be link them below and money there you can follow me on tik tok finally. I m finished and now we re about to have dinner. We re not gonna let all right their mom. Only made one dinner.

She s not gonna make two days. It s just too full dinner yes guys we ll see you after dinner with aria so she can decide what we re gonna be doing next okay guys so we just came back from dinner. It was these shots especially since alia did not have to pick. But now boss baby needs to go to sleep soon.

So she has to pick the one last thing i want to go to sleep. This is gonna represent going to sleep cuz. I just wanted to start a new good day tomorrow with lots of video games. Well you have a problem there cuz.

I want to watch a movie. Why don t want sex oh my good of course she s gonna go for her remote gonna q loves or a mouse yeah okay might still have a chance i think no matter what we do so i make what let s watch. A movie that will be fun right let s see so let s put on her items. All right are you surprised you can t wait to show i redeem up on the whole video game thing away.

Lots of video games tomorrow. So let s just go to sleep. And start. A new day are you sure you don t want to rethink the movie idea.

But alia already my mind was still gonna have to go to sleep. Okay. I ll just find a way to fall asleep okay. I do big this video.

I just bust these around telling us what to do like a little boss baby that she is pretty much my it was pretty good. But i really want to watch a movie in korea. Just please stop it don t complain because i would get just most of the things that you wanted i guess yeah. That s true that my i had to learn a dance and it took forever please.

From my options are way better than yours okay you have to admit that okay. Now we re gonna have to go to sleep. So welcome video maybe some ash that like button and we ll see well looking good bye. ” .


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