Bob Carpenter sits down with Managing Principal Owner Ted Lerner (part 1)

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“Everybody may of 2006 was a big day in nationals history. The learner family able able to purchase the ballclub and take over ownership and ted. I know that was special day for you but go back a lot of years to your youth. You grew up in washington dc.

What are some of your early memories of watching baseball and being a baseball fan well it all started a long time ago. But i was selling door to door this saturday evening post. I think i made a penny per copy and when i accumulated 25 cents. I went to the bleachers at griffith stadium saw baseball game at the same time student streetcar tickets or 3 cents so for twenty eight cents you could go to the game and that s before you bought any concessions right what was it what was a drink back then five cents.

You know this is ancient times. So what do you remember about maybe some of those early senators guys that you followed..

I was very fortunate to see what ted williams played ted williams in my mind was the greatest player ever lived in terms of offense. And i saw lou gehrig dizzy dean daffy dean. I saw the first game in harmon killebrew played in griffith stadium and numerous other great players and i think it was in 1937. All star game was there and dizzy dean was hit on the foot.

And was never the same player that he was previously so that part was great to see lat. The town so that foundation led you to a lifelong love of this game. Ultimately eight years ago. Hard to believe it s been eight years now your family suddenly owning.

The washington nationals. One of your first key moves was having to sign a general manager..

What did you see in michael rizzo that made you one him as your gm. We acquired the team from major league baseball. Which was offering a baseball team for the first time so we received the team really no organization at all so we set about to create a top notch organization similar to what we have in lerner and mike rizzo. Was one of the first hires.

He has especially great talent in determined to quality level baseball players. And so we felt. He was would be a good executive and he said things in place in the baseball operation in terms of guiding us and also we were fortunate enough to to be able to start drafting players for our farm sicily. I think we did a great job on that and with that it was fortunate that we had the opportunity to receive all the players in those days.

That you re not capable of getting today. We ve talked about the youth baseball academy..

The diabetes care complex. What does that mean to you to have that in a local hospital. It s very important to the learner family to be involved in and it gave us the opportunity to give back to the community and we re delighted that we were able to open that up a year ago. And that if there is a big need for that and we think that chalmers hospital officials are doing a marvelous job and helping a lot of youngsters so a wonderful feather in the cap for your family and family is.

What the learner ownership is all about in today s the world where sports is such a corporate thing in terms of ownership. What does it mean to you to have your son s your daughter s son in law s other members of the family involved in running this ballclub to me is the highest honour person can receive is to have your family involved in your business. Our family will have some of the green kids coming into our learner business soon. We hope that they ll eventually get some experience here.

We get involved in the baseball operation. So to me that was a great opportunity and we are delighted to have that opportunity ted lerner..

The managing principal owner. The national to be inducted tomorrow to the dc sports hall of fame. Bob will have part two of that sit down interview with mr. Lerner.

” ..

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