Bonding Agent s for Concrete Stucco Plaster walls liquid lath

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“Folks kirk and j. Here with kirk giordano plastering. Today what i m going to to show you guys is bonding agents. Because this is a question i get asked lot about generally what we re going to do today is i m going to skim coat this patch.

The fellow who did this give it a best shot. But it doesn t even match this so. I told him gee well place a bonding agent over here full strength and then we ll skim it and and texture. It properly.

So here s a here s the question. I get asked all the time. Ok. I m using weld creek weld create one gallon can here s a well create a five gallon can and when i skim coat say a wall like this what i ll do is i ll put it on full strength.


And if you folks have watched any of our other videos you see me using weld creek. Quite often and when i do a color coat over a painted surface. I ll dilute the weld creek. That s a plastering tradesmen s craft.

We do that for a reason. If we put full strength it ll spider check on a color coat. But for this i want full strength. Now.

Here s the question i get asked so often they ll call me here folks say kerching. We went to a home depot. We went to lowe s we went to a few other major hardware stores. We can t find it the reason i use larson s weld creed is because it s blue.


I m not an engineer guys. It has never failed me in 30 plus years so i stick with it. But you can go to home depot. Or lowe s and buy this product here this is by sicca.

I mean shoot. I ve been using their products for 30 years. They re sikaflex. It s never failed me or you can buy the quick right quikrete bonding agent.

This plaster weld is for interior plastering that s that s an interior stuff. But again. The main reason. I like the world creed is number one has never failed.


Me. I ve never had a color coach separate from a house. Nor. Have i had a skin coach separate from a painted surface or things of that nature now what i really like about weld crete is the color you can see it is blue guys.

And when i m doing well say the world creed around an entire house if i miss an area you could look at it and you can see gee. There s no blue there so that s why i prefer this again. I m no engineer. I don t know what goes in their make up work.

But i know they do work and guys these do work they re just i just prefer this one in plus. Where i buy this at west west side building materials. This is what they sell on a permanent basis so for 30 years. I don t want to change what what works i don t want to reinvent the wheel.


But these are good products and you can use these products go to home depot. Or lowe s they got them and all the rest of the products and they do come in different colors. But i just haven t found them anyway guys. I just wanted to point that out as far as bonding agents.

Because that is a question i receive almost weekly my name is kirk. I m with kirk giordano plastering jason on the camera. We thank you for watching as usual guys let s see on the next one ” ..


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