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“News author your work is under copyright protection from virtually the moment. It is created created from the moment you put your nwords to word processor on paper painted filmed fixed in any other type of physical format automatic copyright is applied so if protection is automatic then why would you want nto file and pay money for an official copyright certificate. I ll explain in a sec stick around upbeat music hi i m julie the book broad nwith booklauncherscom. We are your professional nself publishing team.

And we help you write publish and sell a fantastic non fiction. Book you can see all our nservices on our website at booklauncherscom. Now let s get back to the incredibly not so exciting topic n. Laughing of copyright why should you file and pay nfor an official copyright if copyright automatically applies as soon as you create your book here s three reasons why nyou might wanna do that number one you already have copyright protection in the us.


But if you ve written a nbook and you ve ever need it to file on a copyright infringement case in a us. Court. This filing is required if registration occurs within nfive years of publication. It s considered a prima facie nis that how you say that prima facie prima.

Facie. Prima facie. Did i say that word right laughing prima facie in less legal terms. It means nthat.


It s accepted as true unless. Concretely proven otherwise whew in addition there 20 ncountries in the world. They require you to file a copyright because they don t recognize nautomatic copyrights. Which means in those countries someone could republish your work and you have no defense in their courts.

Unless you file for copyrights number two. If you want your nbook considered for inclusion in the library of congress npart of the process for submission is to nfile official copyrights. I actually covered that ntopic in this right. Here.


Ta da. Number. Three finally you may njust. Wish to have the facts of your copyright on the public record and have a certificate of registration.

It makes the whole thing. Very official if you file for copyright nthere s very little that can be questioned about timeline and ownership in the future registration is voluntary nbut could be useful. It s totally up to you your work can be protected by copyright. But your ideas ding cannot in the unites states.


The united states copyright office accepts registrations for my canadian authors nbasically it s the same for you it s totally voluntary nand only really necessary in an infringement case if you wanna file. It s through the canadian intellectual nproperty office for a fee and i don t know what that fee is i m sorry you ll have to nlook it up on the website. I m curious will you be nregistering your copyright or if you ve written a book did you register your copyright share it in the comments below and if you like this tip nplease hit that like button. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to get all the tips until next time ” .


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