BOYA BY-M1 Lavalier Mic Review / Test

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“Earthlings. I m back with another lav mic review for you guys so today. I i m reviewing this guy the boi abhi ym1 which is a recorder for smartphones camcorders audio recorders pcs and a bunch of other stuff and if you are interested in this lav mic. It ll set you back around 20 bucks on amazon as per usual link in the description and for this video since it is a smart phone lav mic i m recording it directly to my iphone 7 plus with a lightning 35 millimeter adapter.

I know so dumb. But i will do no post processing to the audio. But i may boost it in post. So check the doobly doo for more information.

Now. Let s go ahead and talk about what comes in the box. Obviously you re going to get the microphone. You get a foam windscreen you get the microphone.

Clothing clip you get a. 35 to 63 millimeter adapter you get an lr 44 battery. You get a carrying pouch..


Angie gets some documentation as far as the build quality this thing just feels like the 20 lav mic that it is the capsule is all plastic. But it does feel like decent plastic at least the microphone clip has plenty of room to clip onto your clothing. The cable is just standard rubber and it feels like it may wear out after extended use. There is a capsule inline that has a switch to go between off smartphone or camera.

And to my understanding you re going to need to use the camera setting if you re recording. You guessed it a camera or if you re plugging this into your interface using the three point five to six point three millimeter adapter you can unscrew this capsule. And that s where you ll find access to the battery compartment. The cable continues on and measures in in a full length of 6.

Meters and it terminates into a 35 millimeter. Trrs jack as far as specs. This thing has an omnidirectional polar pattern a frequency response of 65 hertz to 18 kilohertz. A sensitivity of negative 30 decibels and impedance of 1000 ohms and a battery type requirement of lr44 and apparently it has a 700 hour battery life now i m spinning around the microphone to determine what the actual polar pattern.

Is and how the audio changes as we move around the microphones capsule now i m banging on mic hanako keyboard with cherry mx blue directly in front of me to see how much of my voice force how much of the keyboard it picks up so just to give you a real world example of how this might could improve your audio. I m recording on my iphone 7 plus using the front facing camera directly into the camera app. About two feet away from the phone..


And this is how the audio would sound using the internal microphone now i m recording directly into the rode rec app on my iphone 7 plus and you should theoretically be able to use this mic on any. Smartphone that has a 35 millimeter trrs plug now i have the mic set to camera mode plugged directly into the zoom h1 line input with the gain set at 45 and this is how the microphone sounds. Now i m recording directly to my macbook pro plugged into the 35 millimeter. Trrs jack with my microphone input gain set at around 14.

And this is how the microphone sounds now i have the microphone connected directly to the trrs jack on my windows 10 machine the input volume is set at around 80 and the microphone boost is at plus 20. Decibels. And this is how the microphone sounds. Now i have the microphone set on camera mode plugged into the focusrite.

Scarlett solo using the provided three point five to six point three millimeter adapter. I have my gain set at around 80 on this thing. And this is how the microphone sounds now i have the mic set to camera mode plugged into a new saber at usb sound card which is model usb sbc v. The microphone input gain on my mac is set to around 30 and this is how the microphone sounds now i have the microphone set to camera mode.

And i have the mic connected directly to the microphone input of the canon t6i with the gain set at around 40 and this is how the microphone sounds so overall for 20 bucks. I think this thing s that absolute steel. But just a quick side note when i was trying to record this mic directly into the iphones camera app..


I found that it was clipping so if you plan on recording video on to your iphone you will need to download an app that allows you to adjust the mic phones input gain manually. But now let s go ahead and talk about the pros and cons of this mic in terms of pros. This thing seems to be universally compatible. It sounds super nice for 20 bucks.

It has a 700 hour battery life. It s super cheap and the cable is insanely long and then in terms of cons. It has a non standard battery. Which i hate the build quality isn t amazing.

But i can t fault it for that because of the price tag. And it has a super long cable and yes. I know long cable is on the pros and cons list. It s just i think when you need it it s super nice to have but when you don t need a long cable and you have it it s just super annoying and cumbersome.

So honestly i think i would recommend this thing to anybody who s looking for a lav mic. Who s on a budget. The only people i wouldn t recommend this for are vloggers or people who are constantly running and gunning because the six meter long cable would just trip you up and just get way too annoying..


But other than that if you need a cheap lav mic hell yeah. This thing is freaking awesome alright guys well i guess that ll do it for today. If you found this video. Fun interesting or helpful thumbs up thought to suck thumbs down.

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And i will see you next tuesday talk to you later bye. ” ..

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