Can I live in my house after a sheriff sale? How long can I live in home after a foreclosure sale?

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“My name is bo patel. I m an attorney and partner at battelle silva sin sin card and us attorneys at law. I practice foreclosure law in the state of jersey. Today s question is can you still live in your house after foreclosure.

Yes. You can still live in your house after foreclosure. And there are so in new jersey. After you ve been foreclosed you have two types of occupants.

Really in a home you have tenants who are they re subject to a lease agreement whether it s world or written and then you have the owners that are there because they had possession of the property before the foreclosure and dying and continued to maintain possession after the foreclosure has been completed now at a foreclosure sale..

We re gonna use the sale as an example when the sheriff is auctioned off the property. You can have two people that buy the property you can have the bank that buys the property or you can have a third party purchaser that purchases the property either way both of them have to get possession. They can do this in one of two ways and the judges in the state. I believe have conferenced on this and they re trying to make it more uniform and depending on which percentage.

You may have on issues and to act on the bank may run into issues. Exercising one of the ways. Which is the special civil way. But a lot of times you ll see in the foreclosure action of motion for possession.

Which is the actual foreclosure action itself after the motion of possession is filed and granted you ll see a rate of execution..

The rate of execution will then be a look that then permits the purchaser have to share of auction to then go to the sheriff and get you removed and that can take several months. The other way to do it. Which has been done in counties like hudson and essex. Is going through the special civil division.

And doing what s called an ejectment action. It s not a landlord tenant action. It s an ejectment action. It s in order to show cause that basically tells the court.

You know i am the owner..

I purchased it at sheriff auction. These people are not the owners that used to be a donor s they re not tenants. There s no lease agreement and they re there without permission and they need to leave once that s presented to the court and serve the know everybody there ll be a return date and then after the return date. There ll be a judgment entered for possession and then again similarly over it will be issued the sheriff will be given the writ and there s a filing fee involved and then you know the sheriff will schedule the lockout date so those are the two ways that you can those are the two ways that banks or purchasers can remove people but in the meantime.

You know the question is can you stay in your home. Yeah. You can until possession is no longer yours or the sheriff gets you out now there are ways to get additional time and possession contacting. The purchaser.

Ask tara for cash and kathy asking for a cash for keys..

Arrangement and so you know after the sale time is running out. But it s not yet. It has not yet run out and that s the simple answer to that question. If you found this video informative.

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