Can You Add Western Union Prepaid Debit Mastercard On Paypal

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“Back guys so today on this video we are talking about western union prepaid debit debit mastercard and more specifically we re gonna see if we can add it into paypal app and use it as a payment method. So let s go ahead and talk about this first off if you re not familiar with the western union prepaid debit card basically what it is is you just buy these little cards so i bought this one at 7 eleven. Once you buy these cards and you can load cash green cash onto your netspend western union prepaid debit card once that happens then you can usually use these cards in most places that accept debit mastercard which is most places these days we can use it on your paypal app and use it as a payment method. That s what we re gonna find out so.

I m gonna go ahead and open up my paypal app. It s this blue and white. One right here. If you don t have this app already be sure to check my video description.

I ll try to leave a referral link there. But i m gonna go ahead and open the app. Now alright. So i went ahead and opened up my paypal app.

And this is the home screen here on the home screen. You re going to see other paypal users that you ve interacted usually at the top. There so if they ve sent you money or you sent them money you re also going to be able to see your paypal balance right here. Next you ll see your recent activity.


So this is going to be your most recent paypal activity transactions but if you want to try to add your netspend western union prepaid debit mastercard into your paypal app as a payment method you want to click right here. On the top right. It s this little gear icon once you click there another drop down menus gonna happen so i m gonna go ahead and click there now all right i went ahead and click there and here on this screen you can go ahead and update. Your personal information.

You can also message back and forth with paypal. If you need to right here through this link. But if you want to go ahead and try to add your western union prepaid debit mastercard into your paypal app you want to click on this button right here it s called banks and cards as this little arrow next to it it s one two three four lines down from the top i m gonna click there now alright i went ahead and click there and then here on this screen you re going to see all the different payment methods that you have associated with your paypal app. So for me.

You can see i have my chase account already linked to my paypal app but if you want to try to add your western union prepaid debit card you want to click on this button here on the top right it s this little black icon. It has a plus icon there or maybe an addition symbol i m gonna click there now alright next you have two options either bank account or debit or credit card this is a prepaid debit card from western union so i m going to click the second line all right next to the screen pops up so you have a couple of options you can click the top link. Which is link a card manually that s usually what i choose you can also choose one of these things down here. I m actually not too sure what these options are i ve never used that before i m just going to go ahead and click.

This top link. Now alright next. Paypal is asking for the full sixteen digit card number to my western union prepaid debit card i m gonna enter that in off screen now alright next paypal is asking for the expiration date and security code to the western union prepaid debit card i m gonna enter that in now alright i went ahead and entered in all of the required information next this blue button pops up down here called link card i m gonna click there now alright in just a few seconds later this screen pops back up the banks and card screen and it looks like yes you can use your western union prepaid debit master card on paypal as a payment method as you can see down here i now have a master card listed under my chase account so if you were not able to add your western union prepaid debit card into your paypal app for a payment method be sure to leave a comment. Below let the rest of us.


Know why that might be but as far as i can see it looks like it should not be an issue for you at all so hopefully you found that video useful if so click thumbs up and i hope to see on the next one thanks again for watching. rt walk. We can get to el centro in less than 20 minutes. The mercado and 10 super maxie and ten.

So we just pretty much walk everywhere. Transportation has not been an issue one of my biggest fears was am. I gonna get my visa or am. I and alicia and daisy and turkey going to get kicked out of the country.

I was extra super worried about this once we brought our dogs with us. And it was just a nervous wreck it took me a while to let go of having control and having everything lined up perfectly like we re used to in the us. The communication wasn t quite as good here and they change the laws in the middle of our visa process. But i realized i needed to listen to everyone s advice and say everyone told me it ll happen amelia don t worry you don t worry don t worry it ll happen.

And you know what they were right it did happen everything turned out great i am much more tranquilo now and i definitely do not worry about things like that anymore being online. Virtual workers. One of our biggest fears was having reliable and fast internet connectivity. Because we were kind of we kind of thought that other countries especially in south america.


It might not have internet that would work for us being virtual workers. But i m happy to say we have no issues here we have fibre to the curb. It s faster and more reliable than what we had in denver amelia does videoconferencing. I do video uploads.

We have absolutely no issues with our internet connectivity or very happy with it i had a lot of fears around housing. I was really worried that we weren t going to be able to find a nice place to live that was safe and quiet and most importantly. We would take our two dogs well if you watched another one of our videos you know we found a really nice rental house. We have a great landlord finding a place to live here is definitely not an issue.

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But everything worked out fine. They came came out just fine and they re very happy and healthy here when we first left the us and came to ecuador we were worried about our mail. You know we have to do our taxes. What if we need to get a replacement credit card things like that that hasn t been an issue we got traveling mailbox and it works really well if you really truly need something.


And it s that important there s dhl here and i ve heard nothing but good things about it. But honestly we ve been here for two years now and i and had a problem with mail because we haven t needed anything mailed to us. We haven t had an issue thanks to the traveling mailbox if i do need something mailed. I have it mailed to my parents house and a lot of expats do that as well so there s certainly.

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