Dallas Vs. Houston Which city is better? Which is the best city in Texas?

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“And gentlemen welcome to the first episode of vs on the world. According to briggs briggs vs videos are videos that compare two places to see which one s better is a video series devoted to the ancient art of one upmanship. Bragging rights and rubbing someone s nose in it everybody does it and we always have this behavior has been around since one of the first caveman moved into a cave down the dirt path and started talking trash about the old cave and how his new one is so much closer to the tar pits everybody always thinks their stuff or their place is better than the other guys. It s just how humans are we can t help it we re all damaged goods.

Today. We re going to find out which texas city is better dallas or houston. Dallas and houston are both the main cities in the respected. Metro areas in the lone star state dallas is somewhat towards the north eastern part of texas.

While houston is down. There near the gulf of mexico houston. Was incorporated into a city in 1837. While dallas was almost twenty years later in 1856.

So they ve been around a while so without any more introduction. Let s find out which one s best in dallas verse. Houston round one crime. Neither these cities are doing great when it comes to crime.

They both get graded f. By area vibes. Calm. The question is how big a f.

Does each one have let s take a look the overall crime rate in dallas is 44 percent higher than the national average. Which that s not good especially for such a prosperous city. The overall crime rate in houston is ninety percent higher than the national average. Which if you know anything about math.

That s worse in dallas ten people out of every hundred thousand become a victim of a. Crime every single year well down the road about 15 out of every 100000. Just last week for juveniles carjacked..


A pizza delivery man and drove off with his chevy impala no word on the pizza. The pizza man then enlisted a friend to go help him retrieve his lost impala only to be shot at when they actually found the kids who apparently were in the middle of carjacking. A red toyota. The police found them cruising around the neighborhood in both cars.

And gave chase. They finally took the four teenagers into custody after the chase because neither the drivers really knew how to drive and crash the vehicles dallas is safer at van dallas route to the schools both cities do all right when it comes to educating the kids now. I know that sounds weird to some of you you watch this channel enough we do so many negative videos. It s rare to find a school that doesn t have a 50 dropout rate with a matching teen mom rate in the schools.

But yes texas is doing it right using the proficiency score averages the average test scores for dallas. Texas schools is 65. And that s not that bad. The average student teacher.

Ratio is 15 to 1 in dallas. Texas. An average of 74 percent of the kids have completed the eighth grade and an average of 72 percent have completed high school not terrible. Now houston schools average test.

Scores 68 percent. Just a touch better and the average student to teacher ratio is 17 to 1. Which isn t great i mean. It s good.

But it s not as good as dallas. So they re 1 for 1 on this it seems like an average of 75 point. 8. Percent of the students have completed the 8th grade and an average of 73 point to have completed high school so again really close.

We re gonna call that round a draw round. 3 commute time dallas and houston both ranked pretty bad when it comes to commute time out of 250 cities in the us. That they ranked these two came in in the hundred and 50s houston was 155th with an average of a 27 point 3 minute commute time well not too far down..


The list. Was dallas at 157th with the twenty eight point eight minute commute time. Just a little bit worse not much of a difference on time. But truck drivers were pulled in 2017 and they said that dallas metro area was the worst traffic in texas.

Another study in 2018. Ranked 20 texas cities by how bad their drivers were and dallas and its suburbs took six of the top ten spots. But the houston metro area city of roland was ranked number one the city of houston drivers were ranked 17th houston. As better drivers and a tad.

Better commute time advantage houston round. Four reputation and pop culture. Both cities are internationally known and very famous dallas has a great presence in pop culture. They had an incredibly popular show from the late 70s to the early 90s called dallas.

The dallas cowboys are probably one of the most famous sports team in all of sports and they got cheerleaders. There probably the most famous cheerleaders in the world. Some situations. They re probably more famous than the actual football team houston has the astros and the houston rockets.

Both are far more famous than their dallas counterparts. They ve had a couple football teams. Won the oilers left went to tennessee s that s kind of a wash now how they got the texans who aren t incredibly popular. I mean nothing compared to dallas.

Unless you re a texans fan. I get it they say about texas. That everything is big in texas and dallas. Embodies that saying so much that they carry the nickname big d.

Houston. On the other hand is known as space city. Because of its long history with nasa and space exploration..


One of the most famous radio communications. Was sent to houston from the spacecraft apollo 13. Most people think it was houston. We have a problem they replaced the had four have in the 1995 movie with tom hanks.

Which was very popular. But none of that beats dallas. This one has got to go to dallas advantage dallas round five economy jobs in housing. This one is easy with these two houston isn t doing terrible.

The income per capita in houston s three percent lower than the national average and the unemployment rate in houston is only eight percent higher than the national average like all cities houston has some run down parts. I ve been to houston. They got some really rundown parts the poverty level in houston is 46 percent higher than the national average. Now dallas is a different story.

People in dallas are making good money because the income per capita. And big d is equal to the national average. The unemployment rate in dallas is 1 lower than the national average. So that s a solid number they do have a little higher poverty cuz.

You know like all places. They got some run down areas too it s 50 percent higher than the national average. But it s a big city houston s big city you gotta expect it that happens now dallas average home price is about two hundred forty nine thousand dollars. That s you know if you re from la or new york san francisco or something like that that s like dirt cheap.

But here. That s that s a good number houston average home price is two hundred thirty three thousand now it s about a sixteen thousand dollar difference. But still the fifth round goes to dallas and the sixth and final round. The poll at the end of my videos.

I ve been adding a poll. When i asked which was better houston or dallas. People voted and some people sent me messages about the poll here s a few of the things that people sent me gary little tree said you the dumbest turd or what everyone knows dallas is the best now it was actually spelled dumped pest turd..


I m still not sure if he meant to do that cuz dump is kind of a turd term. I don t know but i didn t know dallas was the best so maybe i am the dumbest turd heather k. Wrote dallas. Because all the girls in houston.

Are hoes and they ll try and steal your man. If you ain t looking dildo gamer. Wrote. Hey man.

Do you give any old equipment away. I m in dallas. And dallas sucks. The results of the poll.

A landslide. 850 people responded to the poll. So that concludes this vs. Dallas taking a big win over houston.

The reality is both cities are really great dallas just happens to be a little more great in this situation. Anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I know it s a new kind of format.

I just want to try some of these tell me what you thought do you think i need to make them longer do you think i need to make them shorter do you think i need to add anything i always like constructive comments. If you want call me a dumb pissed turd. Please don t leave a comment. Just stop typing before you do anyway.

Leave a comment. Let me know what you thought everybody have ” ..

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