Debating Limited Government and American History

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“What are you again. I m against the corporation. Going to public to the government government to the impala titian and asking them to do favors for them. What would say is a favor because like big virtual teachers union is constantly asking the teachers unions are constantly asking for they ever to have that kind of writing.

Okay so say their visual yes. You re right. That s it no no. But to the issue is i think the kind of issue to get out here is is getting rid of the government s power to play favorites.

It s not safe for duration or as usual or teachers wants your solution for that have very clear laws. Where the government only has i doubt they re applauding for me and where the government has you know is basically relegated to police force courts in a military and it can t dispense any special favors that we did that now we did yeah. That s why we have the great depression okay. We do that my purse.

This is sick we are for a minute. So we have limited government control up until the great depression okay. Then we have the great depression okay. So this this is really a wrong view is it really recommend it is ways alright.

Me okay so if i look at the beginning of this country declaration in advance. We have a constitution it creates most limited government initially on it gives the indication of limited power will it s the degree that draft preamble to the constitution. I had or made it to know i go to paragraph 1..


And i realize. There s something that says the general welfare. Very guests and how many times does it say democracy in the constitution doesn t 0. So i wonder what is your do you know what a crappy is have you looked it up in addition see it s a democracy.

What is it you want me to show up okay. So let me do vary here s where we re at twist words around and so good final game or even a democracy now let s or father s day. How about you use your ipad again i just want to talk about a couple of these issues we can find dictionary 15000. Definition republic.

I promise you go back to you later have us do you think we are anti capitalist. I don t i m trying to even get what is your comment. I miss jack let me just can we talk motor. The issue of a shoe.

This country so yeah. I m saying is it established the most limited governess. We can go ahead. Not this is great okay.

But then we have to look factually. And what did the government to it or are you okay. While you re..


So the basic idea is just we created the most limited government history in terms of both i believe the documents proclamation. But certainly in terms of the action can stick you know constitution of the government country. Very very limited power fuel interpretation. Yes based on reading history.

You have a very limited government going through the 1820 hours. An industrial revolution. Forgiven in an incredible period of industrial progress. The greatest creation like i know we were like china.

We were inexpensive labor and europeans used us. I don t know if i inexpensive labor. Because you never were richer and factories. And they were on farms q.

Anyway you have the greatest production of course. You can say that about china to either chinese are richer now than they were before we came. There was a lot of good things have happened to charge not against that what i m saying is we compared to the balance of the world that europeans were better off than we were they exploited us they put their factories here they found ways to make cheaper products through the americans and they exploited us. Until.

We got wise wise. Dalka. Okay..


So america became the wealthiest country in the world. Just like china s becoming expansion. Okay. But then we re not being exploited for me and wealthier than ever no because it means yes you can we have a domestic you know some of you can you can become if you look at a graph right.

It s moving van double shifts in america marital long can i say today versus. It no not right now. In a minute. You had a very long.

One thing before yes. One standard of living is skyrocketing and in what you have is starting in nineteen. Ten. Nineteen hundreds have got the progressive movement putting dramatically dramatically more regulation in the economy.

What happens like the great depression. The fed in the income tax and the general increase in government intervention. The early nineteen hundreds that s what historically correlates with the great depression. So if you have an alternative explanation.

It s a very difficult thing on to justify every time. I ve debated folks like you who believe in lazy fair release everything back to let businesses run. It the way they want they ll self regulate the poor you are a fair means is voluntary interaction russ..


It okay free market. Choose reform. A market driven businesses will regulate its ellen terry individuals every time. I ve debated folks like that their interpretation of history is different than mine.

And this is where we separate. There s nothing i can do to change your mind you ve read history and you ve interpreted your way. Unfortunately. Nothing is like one plus.

One equals two so everything you read if you want to see it a certain way you will ok. Minus is a maybe is just as guilty just to sort of end on one thing to think about if you look at in general. The amount of government control and economies around history today. You ve got an extremely strong correlation between very little government control of the economy.

And i standard ok break it up for me again so saying every time there s little control of government. I said there s a general there s a general pattern. If you parse it out and if you look at where is the government really protecting people s rights. Doing its job having a police force having good laws.

But otherwise not doing you know not getting involved then ” ..

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