Debrief: Primary Financial Statements

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“Eye sbs shoot. En laat. Opnieuw. Stembert.

Lest. Het and the standards of focus ton. Ton. Recognition and measurement.

Such as for example. Revenue recognition met intresting. Jullie. Wf.

Dan little to jim proef presentation. Een. Real time sns er is al income statement..


Aan de riser s. Is father for free wie define gravity laptop. En wie design profit or loss het debat hem met input wiens week doen not really define and the sap toto s en boot. Investors and en of zo company.

Stem zelfs hebben. Niet. Voor. Sap toto s to analyze the performance and to analyze different aspects of their performance voor drempel.

Op rekent profit is one shock toto de everybody likes to use so wie zal depthx wie toen had die find such sap toto s people herstart het. Creating de rode sap toto s dit is ons ook old nunca. Many companies doen dat in a different way so that one of breed. En professor van company can not be compared met een operating professor of een ander company wie find a very unsatisfactory situation of zal investors find a tv and thats fact free situation and vetste reason.

Why we have shoot en exposure draft voor het nieuws standards. That and tails. All other important in proef mens in the presentation of financial information..


One import een set of proposals in our exposure. Draft is the introduction of three nieuw sap dood was in the income statement. En hij. Believe that this very important proposal.

Wil geven box. Better structure to the income statement. En will create a new york ampro billet. I to investors perfect edwina of zelfs divine cream uw sap toto s will probably decreased een sessie for companies to us not get meisjes.

However. We do not have the illusion that companies will no longer you think and measures and de toets is dat. Investors of defined as long cat meisjes. You for zoiets doen.

Had en wie doen dat een to rule them out. However wat. We doen eentje doel is to provide a little bit more disciplined and transparency and round de use of nam cap..


Zo wat. Wie. Wil per. Polis is that accompanies kammen loews norm.

Get measures of management performance measures as week. Oldham voor uw tempel in een investir packs. Dat deze. These measures must be included in one single noot in de financial statements.

Zodat er. Easy to find for investors and we will also require dat is nog gap measures of dean dies management for en smashes schoon te be reconciled toen de neer het sap totaal in eyefresh en defect deadly hef nou divine sap toto s will make it easier te douchen en will create more transparency voor westers zodat de ken cxs li wat is dat die fans me tien deze management performance measures and de definition of a fresh of for example of verrichtingen profit and additional advantage of bringing this information in de notes is dat manga meisjes wilden cubby kamp subject to or het zal in all be believed that these proposals will provide a lot more transparency and of zo moord disziplin ruimte use of nam cap een flirt set of four puzzels een stoel en proefde level of deze rotation and throughout a financial statements investors some times compleet there too much information is lamp together in one single line item for example companies will use online item colt. Andere ingang or other expenses der en komt passes vest. Number of extensies en wie will provide guidance that will help people to present and group to gather information inline items in a way that is more meaningful to investors in westers of zo like to judge the degree of persistance of elements of income and expenses zo webcam make predictions of youtube cash flows en voordat wees een goede moeder k.

Ja kampen is de create een noot in west een list all the elements of income and experts. Is de art to be concert. Unusual and unusual wilming dat hij gaf limit het predictive value for de voor..


Sier butcher. En. Wie. Wil.

Provide guidance in de standards for companies as to how to see my belief dat is z of proposal ze zwaar import en. Ten derde. I couldn t be gamechanger in financial reporting. Ik will provide much better information to investors.

And will also make it better possible for companies to explain their performance tuning westers zo uit eurosolar stakeholders to actively engaged in the exposure exercise and two letters nou daar op in in ieder in de meeting zet wie wil organize or by rising european tour die. ” ..

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