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“About all the spending your household will be doing over the next few months summer. Summer. Travel holiday activities for the kids back to school supplies. The list seems endless before those expenses here it s a good time to review your spending and see how your household budget is doing now utility expenses comprise about twenty one percent of the average household budget.

It is the second biggest burden on your family s finances after your mortgage. But the good news is that there is a way to cut back by making a few simple changes..

Let s start with the electricity bill. Something is simple as turning off your appliances. When they are not being used can save you hundreds of dollars. Now these figures are just a guide for example.

If you switch off the game console after youth that could save you up to 193 dollars a year also make you at the front. I m using a clothesline just once a week instead of a dryer could save you around seventy nine dollars a year..

But perhaps the best device around and i really can t stress. This enough is to buy energy efficient appliances. The energy rating label is a mandatory comparison required by law you can find it on all new appliances. So pay attention to it and here s why using a five star water efficient washing machine could save you around fifty dollars a year that s based on five loads of washing a week and that investment will not only save you on your electricity bills.

But other utilities like water or gas bill as well installing a water efficient showerhead could save you up to three hundred and eighty dollars a year on energy and water finally for those feels that sometimes deliver the greatest shock. The phone and internet bills well we decided to go straight to the experts for that sometimes bundles can look very attractive..

And there are a lot of people who are probably saving money by going on bundles. But we do urge consumers to really look at all of the inclusions to ensure that they re going to use all of those and they re not paying for some not you but perhaps the best advice that anyone can give you is to shop around some people fall victim to the lazy tax. Which means they re not switching. They re not looking around and they can be saving money do your research figure out your family s specific needs and get quotes from at least three providers.

So that you can weigh them against each. Other once you ve made your choice make a note of any agreement..

You signed up for so hopefully. The next time you receive that bill in the mail. We could ” ..


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