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“You ever wonder what happens after you die well in canada. The government gets a a fax now my daughter s don t even know what a fax is but do know an ipad. Quite frequently. I cook breakfast for them on weekends and sometimes i ll play something for them on my ipad a few weeks ago.

I was playing something for them on a saturday while i cooked breakfast it was a the sound of music you know stuff from my childhood so long farewell doremi well after about 40 seconds. I suddenly hear paw patrol paw patrol. Whenever you re in trouble rose and claridge swiped away julie andrews and it swiped in their favor kid chill. If apple can design something so intuitive.

That my four year olds can find exactly what they want in about 40 seconds. Why is it the government s still build websites that grown ups can t navigate government exists to improve the lives of people digital gives us more power to do that than ever before and not just in terms of great digital services for for citizens. But in terms of actually rebooting the relationship between citizens and government giving government a better ability to understand people to understand their needs and to fulfill those needs better than ever before today more than ever. It s really important that an organization whether it s a government or a business.

Understand its core purpose. Again government s purpose is to improve the lives of people now blockbuster thought its purpose was to make it easy to pick up videos in your neighborhood. Now netflix actually started off delivering dvds right to your door netflix. Understood is that that people wanted an entertainment at their fingertips and they didn t care how it got there so when digital delivery changed the game netflix was ready blockbuster wasn t even on the field.

We can t be a blockbuster government serving a netflix citizenry now netflix had an advantage. It was a start up government isn t so how can we create that digital startup mindset within. A government well sometimes big successes start with really really big failures on october 1st. 2013.

The us government launched obamacare and on that day four point seven million americans tried to register on the website healthcaregov. Only six people succeeded it was actually one of the worst government it screw ups in history. I am so glad that the government of canada never has any it screw ups. President president obama in his response actually started a digital startup right inside the us government 18f and us government digital services was created bringing in some of the best minds from silicon valley.

Not just to tackle big it projects. But to actually harness digital to serve people better in a made a real difference. Similar government digital services units and teams have been established in ontario. Also in in the uk and australia and more recently by the government of canada so what these digital units.

Within government do is they bring that startup mindset into government so what does that mean there are three principles to that digital mindset number one is you focus on users and you actually allow the customers. The citizens in our case shape the services. They receive number two is you start small and you scale up. It s called agile and iterative in the technical tech world.

But you actually build working prototypes and put them in the hands of users. And number three you work in the open the more you share the more you gain let s start with people amazon. Didn t just take the transaction of buying something and move it online. Every time you buy something from amazon.

They actually pay attention to you and they learn more about you and the next time you buy something else they actually understand you better so that they can serve you better as you can see my amazon profile. What i ve been working on in recent weeks. Why can t government do that every time you interact with government ought to be an opportunity for government to learn something to actually pay attention to you better to better understand your needs to serve you better the next time ask yourself. Why can t you get the same quality of service from your government when you renew your passport that you ve come to expect from amazon when you buy something now in terms of of agile and iterative approaches.

Sometimes a small change can make a really big difference. The government of canada receives about a hundred thousand access to information requests every year about half of those come in to the department of immigration. A big chunk of those are people just checking to see..


If the government has received their application solution put a barcode on the application. So when it comes in the applicant gets a text or an email immediately to let them know that small change has already made a big difference in the lives of a lot of people so what s next. Why not develop an immigration app for your phone. So wherever you are in the world.

If you want to immigrate to canada you can actually learn more information about that you can actually apply online through your app. And you can track the whole process online. Just like you can track an online purchase now that big vision for an immigration app. Started with a relatively small change and that was the the aplicar.

The barcode pilot. So that s the whole idea is you try something new you start small you scale up and you actually put a working prototype in the hands of users. And that s the way you make a real difference now the third principle. That s really important is working in the open open data.

Open source leading to open innovation whose life. Today was improved through open government data. Well. If you used a weather app.

Or if you googled a destination those apps are actually powered by open government data. And what s really powerful. And what s really cool is would you combine open data with open source. And you enable smart people inside and outside of government to share tools and ideas and code all on improving focused on improving people s lives that power of open innovation wasn t even available to us just a few years ago.

So that s the the digital mindset. But before we can really embrace. It there are some myths that are really holding government s back and there s three. I d like to speak with you about tonight.

These are important because these are the myths that are preventing governments from embracing digital and serving people better their roadblocks on the road to better digital services. The first one is the notion that digital is less secure with your information than analog. And that people are averse to using it because of that the second is that citizens actually prefer being served through offices or stores. Or even.

Telephone. Analog services over digital and the third is the idea that somehow low income or vulnerable. Citizens don t really benefit from digital services that they don t have connectivity let me start with the first myth. And that s the one that somehow your your information is less secure in a digital environment than analog.

And i want i want to challenge that because sometimes government people think that people don t want to use digital. Because of that that doesn t really square with the fact that 90 of canadians currently do their taxes online or that almost 70 of canadians do almost all their banking online. Have you ever heard of estonia well in estonia 30 years ago was a digital or rather was a soviet republic. So in in 30 years.

Estonia has gone from a soviet republic to a digital republic. Everybody. In estonia has a government digital id. And they use it for everything.

And if a government employee checks your file for any reason you re notified via text or email and that government employee who better have a good reason for checking your file. Because if they don t they re going to be sanctioned. They could lose their job or even face criminal charges..


When was the last time. A government employee checked your file. The fact is you really don t know so. The second myth.

That s important too to bust for government s is the idea that people somehow really prefer to be served t get o physical locations through stores or offices over digital. If that was really the case blockbuster would still be in business and netflix wouldn t have seven million customers in canada. Now the second part of that myth is the idea that seniors don t really do digital and now that albeit that s kind of the case for my 94 year old father. But dad never really embraced the microwave oven either.

But but but he loves birthday parties now max s parents my in laws. They re in their 70s and they do everything online they text they email a facetime with their grandkids and they shop online. A lot often for rose and claire and the last thing they want to do is get in their car and drive to a government office. During regular business hours take a number and wait for a service and they sure don t want to be waiting on the end of a phone line listening to government music.

Which is probably the worst music ever well my favorite is mr. Esmond alcock. He lives out in saskatchewan. And he s canada s oldest man he just turned 108 and he had a big party.

Unfortunately his 78 year old son dale couldn t make it to the party. But that s alright because they facetime did before they facetime every single day. Now the third myth is that somehow digital services. Won t really help low income or vulnerable.

People that they don t have connectivity that doesn t square with the fact. That today 25 million smartphones are being used by canadians right now so 25. Million canadians. Are using smartphones and with free wi fi and coffee shops and fast.

Food. Restaurants and shopping malls and senior centers and community centers and even some homeless shelters. I would argue that there s more locations and government could ever match the other thing is that for a long time people received government services through your home address. Well.

Guess what if you re precariously employed. You re quite possibly. Precariously housed and your couchsurfing. You don t really have a permanent home address.

But you do in all likelihood have a digital address a cell phone number or an email that stays with you for a very long time maybe your whole lifetime. I would actually make the argument that it is our most vulnerable citizens who stand to gain the most from better digital services. And i ll give you an example the government of canada has struggled for some time to increase the take up of something called the canada learning bond. Now that s a grant that goes to low income families to help kick start their savings for their kids education.

It s free money now despite that it s estimated that two thirds of the families who could qualify haven t yet enrolled that leaves about a billion dollars on the table. So we could use digital to nudge the families who are currently receiving the canada child. Benefit that s the one that has lifted 300000. Canadian kids out of poverty to get them to apply and enroll for the candle earning.

But so that s a way that digital could create a brighter future for a whole generation of young canadians. So what else does that digital future hold in store for us well for one thing when you die. The funeral home won t have to fax the death notice to the government of canada..


Now digitizing death notifications is something i think we ought to be able to do in the medium term it makes a lot of sense. But i think we should be even more ambitious. I think we should aspire to provide great services to citizens. While they re still alive in fact digital is helping the federal government actually save lives let me explain health canada.

Now uses open data working with other governments around the world to share data to help predict and prepare for outbreaks of infectious diseases. The way that works is they share information like emergency room trends. Travel trends and and weather trends. All focused on helping respond faster and to save people s lives health canada.

Is also using artificial intelligence is using ai now to monitor public social media to see if parents complain about toys. Malfete malfunctioning or breaking. If a trend develops around a particular toy breaking that represents a risk safety risk. We can actually contact the manufacturer.

Even before an official complaint and potentially save kids lives so we ve talked about digital at the end of your life. We ve talked about digital services actually saving lives. What about digital just making life better like in estonia. Where you never have to actually apply for a government program.

You re just automatically enrolled or in the uk or denmark. Where your tax form is filled out automatically. And and once a year you get a text or an email with your completed tax form and if you have a problem you can submit through you can let them know that if there s any problem with your tax form you can tell them then otherwise you can just from your smartphone submit your taxes like that you could submit your taxes in a couple of minutes from the bus on the way to work in the morning. Now sometimes when i talk about digital services and rebooting the relationship between governments and citizens.

I get really excited. But my colleagues get really nervous and they ll say to me things like do you really think we can do this digital stuff. And my response to that is that that s kind of like saying or asking do you really think we can do this breathing stuff because in 2018. You re either digital or you re dead.

If a company doesn t do digital right it s out of business. If a government doesn t get digital right it s out of touch. If we can t serve if government can t serve citizens well people will lose faith in government. All governments and if government can t get the basics right how can it be trusted with the big stuff.

So. I asked you to look ahead to the future to a digitally enabled future. Where you never have to wait for a government service. Where you usually won t even have to apply you just be automatically enrolled.

We re smart people inside and outside of government. We ll be working together sharing ideas and tools and code all aimed at improving your life. Maybe even saving your life. Where services.

That you haven t even imagined become available at your fingertips. Because government exists to improve the lives of people. And there really ought to be an app for that thank you very much ly so that you know what it is you re signing. Most people are cool and the escrow officer will certainly be able to explain you the basics of things.

But if you want to read every word and make sure every dye is dot every. I is dotted every t is crossed. You re gonna need to do that before you get in there all right..


But you re gonna need to sign those loan documents because they have to go back to the lender. Because obviously they need to know that you sign off saying that you know you have a house payment on this thing. You re gonna have it for 30 years or ever long you ve gotten your loan after that you need to do a walk through the home walk throughs aren t quite as critical these days because of the home inspection. But there s two things you need to be aware of on a walkthrough number one we recommend you do it so that you can make sure that any repairs that the seller was supposed to do when you re negotiated agreement have indeed been done had been done correctly and secondly.

We recommend that you always do a walkthrough on a vacant home. Because there could have been some damage either vandalism or a pipe broke and waters running out the front door or whatever between the time you saw it or the time. The home inspection was done and the time you get ready to close the escrow and trust me. If there s any issues you want to deal with those before the close of escrow.

Not after you ve lost your leverage after the law may be on your side. But it s a whole lot easier to deal with it up front before the sellers received any money from the close of the escrow after you ve done your walkthrough make sure utilities are coordinated with the proper utility companies. Your agent will give you that information. But the bottom line is you want to call the utility companies and just give them a switchover date.

You do not want the seller to shut them off. And then you have to go back and turn them on that s a much longer process you just want someone to go on and read the meter. Read the water meter and transfer everything over it s much simpler for you and then at that point you re real close to closing and once it closes your agents going to hand you the keys and that is when you break out the bubbling. A couple of items to note here.

Number one during the escrow period. Do not go buy a new car do not change jobs. Do not quit your job. Do not get any new credit cards don t take on any debt.

Don t mess with your finances after the escrow is closed you can do whatever you want but before the else goes cause don t mess with it your lender. Many times will run an update to try to report a few days before the close of escrow and if you ve gone out and gotten three new a home depot car and aloes card and a sears card you know you re gonna be buying a bunch of stuff your lender is gonna freak out and it could cause a problem with your loan or you quit your job. They re liable to call and do a job verification. A few days before the close of escrow.

If they get oh bob doesn t work anymore. You got a real big issue. So bob quit your job after you closed the escrow if that s what you re inclined to do not before the last thing you need to understand is that if your lender is dragging their feet and they haven t done what they re supposed to do either at the 17 day time period or you re getting ready to close and they re not getting on it and your lender is dragging this thing out expect there s going to be consequences. And the consequences can make the range from anything from the silver saying.

You don t close on time. I m going to blow you out of the water because i got five other offers behind you and i i don t think you can get it done all right i ll give you a one week extension. But it s going to cost you a hundred bucks a day for every day that it doesn t close or three okay but you re gonna release that three thousand dollars in escrow to me and if you don t close another week. I get to keep the three grand there will be consequences.

If your lenders are getting it done because quite honestly you picked them so you re responsible where they do it or not and we see this more often than not so make sure you get a good lender listen to your agent. Unless you have one of your own that you know well other than that that s about it for buyers buying an escrow that s rogers buying a home of what your escrow process is naturally. We can t cover everything so. If you have any questions for gosh sakes.

Give us a call to get ahold of us our web address appears over my left shoulder. I think when we edit these things so get a hold of us we don t bite. We are happy to answer any questions you might have our purpose here is for you to get good information. Okay other than that thank you very much for watching.

And do not forget be careful. It s a goofy real estate world out there we don t want to see anybody get hurt thanks a lot appreciate your ” ..

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