Destroying SWF Groups!

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“Right so not gonna lie. I know my last video was made about billy and and you guys haven t had a toxic. Nia video for a couple of weeks. But bro.

I have been messing with this set for the past couple of days. And it s it s a lot of fun. I know a lot of you guys complain that my intros are super fucking long. And you want me to cut to the chase.

So. So the point of this build is to have completely no cooldown. And it s pretty much like an inch to chain saw. I ve been chasing this person for like two minutes every single pallet they find they throw down two of them are there they re all in here bro.

I could just you just down them all or that can happen oh shit balance landing. I m not even gonna smack your deed. Actually guess. I am.

Oh. My oh. What the is cut yourself. I ve actually done it fuck.

What are you doing what the fuck you re both down. Here alright there you go. And yeah. Nice well good game.

Well. This is gonna be fun ah all right. We got the swamp fucking end to me. So.

I m feeling these guys are well obviously a survive with friends. So we re gonna try to shut things down as fast as possible cuz. I m assuming yeah..


I have my ruined. They re gonna be trying to fucking generations. One person takes the aggro yeah throw this down as well we re just gonna be pals right now cuz this map doesn t really have that many he s gonna throw this one down as well probably or he s gonna fuck it up like that souping get this on her yep. We re gonna get that because she s not prepared for the incest on all right jake.

Time for round. Two can you find a pallet that s a note this basement sucks to get out of trail. As if she throws down. No.

Ho ho. Ho. Meg. Oh.

What good job. We re not gonna fucking. A hooker right. Now.

Though because i am currently getting generation. My dad were you going oh no she s dead art. No all right my god they re everywhere. They don t even know it s going on anymore.

Oh man. I cannot keep pressure on these guys. Oh. You a dead heart that sucks todd every time someone goes down.

There s always someone else is getting someone up well let s dribble or then you want to take hits no one all right you re going on the hook. All right we got two more people on the ground. The jake s behind me we got this claudette to put on the hook. Oh.

My god man these guys really don t want anyone dying. Oh hi. Oh..


My god bro stop chemist that meg. What are you doing. Oh. My god bro.

I have a feeling come on all the kalon. It s gonna get out glut. It you re not allowed to leave. Oh my god she s right here.

But there s no hooks around no i got a letter hit it there you go fucking rip dude. What whoa. What was what i deserve this. No no fucking mercy.

That s got to be the most stupid game. I ve ever fucking experienced. I don t know if i played well or they played completely fucking brainless. But fuck that dude.

I am taking that for okay. Did i get a fucking double pip. I didn t even get it gg well here we go again okay well you re going down. Instantly someone s in the basement.

I know that for a fact. What what what why all right meg i need that counter to go down. So we can smack you back on the ground and get this game over with considering it s already fucking game over pretty much there you go i don t wait last persons gonna die. You know what we re gonna be a fucking dick all right this game went by way too fast they played awful you can go down there and you got balanced landing yeah.

No this is not a challenge so we have a rank 9 a 10 a thirteen and an eighth ranking system is really doing its job. I don t know if this was a survive with friends i m gonna assume it s at least a duo a fuck it man i need all the survive with friends. I can get wait. What oh taste ahaha bro.

The shits. Oh my fuck. What are you two doing and the games already over and it s only lasted ten fucking seconds..


Oh. If you run back into my chainsaw. I swear to god i feel like she s got borrowed time. We re gonna chainsaw her anyways.

Oh my job okay what what was your plan did i m trying to play as fair as possible like after i hooked someone i completely leave them i find someone else i don t know how else to play in a decently mannered way yeah. No no no no not oh there goes my ruin. Good job and you re goin t to the basement. Yeah.

What do you what okay. Why do you guys keep on surrounding. Me i m not here to give you a fucking. Hugs.

Yeah. You re not making the hats. All right meg mistakes have been made wait what the fuck why did you leave the balance. How the fuck does that connect they got a jen done.

Which is impressive hi kate. Don t let me chainsaw you i ll wait they re injured. They re holding their fucking guts. Yeah.

Expect it as much all right well that s game not even wiggling for her life bro. I would i can t even give her the hatch. Because there s not enough jen s done alright. What are your magnificent ranks.

We got a 9 a 6 a 7 and a 10 g. Gene. I don t know if this was a surviving friends all right we got to find someone right off the bat. That s always key.

Oh okay well he s boosted yeah. There is balance landing. No balance landing..


Oh. My gosh fucking took it i m not gonna smack her because i want to get a chainsaw on her my smack her i get that boost and then i can never catch her it ll wait for her juke get on my shoulders boss. The fucking dwight dude. I don t wanna find this guy yet he s already been hooked alright well give me that tight.

But you re the only victim. I have i don t think they re gonna do jen s until they re all fully healed and this guy s running the completely wrong way come on quinton. Oh. My god i m literally.

Just sniping them what are you doing bro if i cross map someone right here. I m a good kiss. That s a bit awkward this guy s fuckin. This guy s running for his life look.

I m like on the other side of the map. Why are you running and don t get cross map. Shane spot again please i m gonna change some i kind of feel like an ass and he used his gat hard. I was gonna say i feel like an asshole if i just smack him down instantly.

Please. Oh my god the tree literally saved your fucking ass now you re gonna make it to this window nope. Damn it dude they killed themselves i don t think i m gonna be able to find the hatch. It hasn t spawned yet but where are you my fucking god the hatch fuck wait how does that work goddamn it bro survivors are turning a bit potato.

These days anyways that s the 4k. I swear to god man wait why fuck. What is this fucking spider man over here must have been 211 win the world in it least. I felt like it at the time teenage years make a heartbreak.

Worse. Plus. A life was going on couldn t stop. It.

At the time dad tried to flip the house funny that it all landed upside down over being optimistic started feeling different couldn t fix it started writing lyrics. ” ..

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