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“Is home to more than 20000. Startups at on par with nations across the globe globe in terms of technological innovation and job creation. The country also has a massive sector that accounts for 31 percent of india s gdp. The right capital and balance sheet.

Partner are critical for the growth of m. Smes and startups in india. Especially. Fintech.

Startups credit is very important for startups and it s very important for sa means. But for different reasons for smes credit is important because smes need to function on credit right otherwise. They all they have access to is their own equity capital. Which as we all know is not enough to expand so smes knit expansion credit fintech startups on the other hand what they are trying to solve is how to be the intermediary from capital providers.


Like banks and nb rcs to capital mean. The the players who need capital such as the smes and the the consumer. This is where the need for a new kind of ndf c. Which speaks the same language as the tech companies comes in dmi finance.

Is one such nbf c. That s becoming the backbone of new rich fintech. Startups and lending partners. Diiemma.

Is making credit accessible in an easy manner for startups by basically giving them sand boxes to play with what vmi does to make this helpful or or to make this possible for a floral print external is we give people api access to sand boxes. And what that means is that our fintech partners get to develop their own product. We don t tell them unlike a typical bank. We don t tell them that hey we ll give you a term loan or we ll give you a line of credit.


We tell them that we are willing to be your balance sheet. Partner and you decide what it is that your target population means in terms of balance sheet product. So we started in late 2008. And we came to delhi.

And we essentially spent a bunch of time figuring out what what we thought worked and what we thought was needed and we ended up starting with corporate lending and bfc along the way. We also started looking at the consumer sector. But the big challenge to the consumer sector. Had always been the very very high barriers to entry relative to the incumbent players so we stayed away from that for a very long time until effectively india.

Stack. Which is the digital backbone on which you know the prior government and this government is trying to put india on india. Stack became a game changer for all of us. But what india stack did was that it short circuited.


The need to build out a physical infrastructure like bajaj or capital. First and allowed us to access our customer base pan india through a digital interface. Which meant that we could do something or at least hope to do something with a fraction of the workforce. That the existing players in the space for doing dma was one of our earliest partners in the platform and along with dmi.

We co created a lot of the lending products that are available for this market. So it s been a pleasure working with them they are you know highly talented individuals like whatever gmi finance has 38 life partners at the moment with more than 15 partnerships being work in progress. We are working on a program right now with an oem. Which is world s one of the largest oem where we are running a program.

Where it is an iot based program and where if there is a default on the loan. The device will shut down and it will stop any kind of voice or data on it. That is there is a very very bespoke relationship second such program. Which i can think of we are partnering with somebody a global player.


The pilot is at this point in time running and we have not yet gone in to the production stage again. It is funding a device. Which is linked with an iot kind of an infrastructure. We will finance it with a program where the end customer will enjoy the benefit till the time.

He s subscribing to it the day he feels he doesn t want to subscribe to it the loan will stop or if he fallen involuntarily closes. The subscription. Without informing us. The device will shut down.

So these are kind of very bespoke programs. We are running with some people from being an invisible behind the scenes for solving needs across healthcare student loans consumption loans and more tmi finances evolved to become an agent of innovation and change. It continues to adopt and innovate emerging technology to the benefit of its partners and m consumers in the ” ..


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