Do You Have the Courage to Dissent?

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“You disagree with everyone around you ndo you have the courage to speak up. Most most people find that hard to do we feel pressure to go along with what naround us are saying or doing and we don t have to rely on our personal experiences to nknow. This is true a number of experiments. Reveal a powerful nhuman desire to conform in the 1950s.

Psychologist. Solomon asch. Conducted na famous conformity experiment. In this study.

A test subject is asked to nsit with a group of other people. He thinks everyone else is a test subject nlike. He is but the others are really confederates of the researcher who have been told to give ncertain answers in the experiment..


The researcher presents a line drawn on a nboard beside it are three lines of different lengths. He asks the test is designed so that the answer is nobvious. The subject has been positioned so that he nhears. Most of the others give their answer out loud before he does the group repeats this process for many different nsets of lines in the first few rounds.

Everyone gives the ncorrect answer. But then something strange starts to happen in about two thirds of the rounds that follow neveryone ahead of the subject gives the same wrong answer. The subject faces a dilemma. Does he give the answer he believes is correct nor go along with the group asch.

Repeated variations of this experiment nwith over 120 subjects. And some troubling trends emerged when the rest of the group was answering incorrectly. N37 of the subjects responses conformed with the incorrect group response..


75 of subjects ncaved to peer pressure. And gave the wrong answer at least once that means. Only one out of every four test nsubjects was willing to consistently voice dissent keep in mind. There was no overt pressure nto conform.

There were no rewards for giving the correct nanswer and no punishments for giving the wrong answer. The stakes were low. But the social pressure nwas high. Nonetheless subjects were asked afterwards.

Why they had nchosen to give the wrong answer. Some figured others remained convinced their own answer nwas right. But they didn t want to disagree with the rest of the group the line length test seems quite different nfrom..


The situations we face in everyday life. But we see similar findings when people are nasked to make more meaningful judgments. Too psychologist richard crutchfield. Asked.

Subjects nto. Consider the following statement speech. Being a privilege rather than a right nit is proper for a society to suspend free speech. Whenever it feels itself threatened among subjects.

Answering alone only 19 agreed nbut when faced with a group unanimously affirming. The statement. 58 of subjects agreed..


These experiments reveal a powerful tendency nto conform with those around us even when that means we act against what we actually nthink is right. But there is a ray of hope in a variation of his original experiment. Nasch instructed a single confederate to give the right answer that means the test subject still held the nminority view. But there was now one other person on his side in this scenario.

Subjects conformed only none quarter as often as when they faced a unanimous majority. This suggests an important lesson. If you re in the uncomfortable position of ndisagreeing with the people around you try to have the courage to speak up there s a good chance. Others will be emboldened.

Nby your example. And do the same overcoming the pull of conformity is hard nbut when the stakes are high and the majority ” ..

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