Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden Animations

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“I guess we re starting james hello. Everyone james we re here to play a a little drawing game james and i m here with jaidenanimations jaiden. Hello james hello. What we re doing is we each chose a pok mon we re changing the type jaiden yeah james of the pok mon let s get started jaiden you have to change beedrill into a fighting type james beedrill is a pretty dope pok mon.

I think jaiden mmhmm james you have farfetch d and you have to change him into a psychic type jaiden psychic deep breath oooo00ooooh james beedrill was on my team jaiden did you enjoy him james he has this move called pineneedle jaiden. I think its pin missile james. But he hit it more than once he hit the thing more than once jaiden. Yeah.

That s pin missle james no i think it s pin needle or twineedle or something jaiden. What was your original team james. I do not remember i chose squirtle because i had pok mon blue and i thought since it was. Blue i should geti was a little kid all right squirtle was gonna be the best because this was pok mon blue.

And i wanna say a parasect was on my team jaiden really james yeah jaiden he was like one of the weakest pok mon james and jaiden pure weirdness james yeah. But when they re level 100. Though cute giggles jaiden beaks from the front are weird james if this was an actual pok mon would it be terrifying jaiden mmmhmmm its cuz. He s like really big james.

Its kind of weird that he was on my team because as a kid. I was terrified of bees jaiden. Really yeah. I m scared of bees.

Too actually james yeah. I got stung maybe this could be a video. But i got stung twice from bees and so i ve just never been able to forgive them for that i don t know how you re drawing. I don t know how you re taking the rules.

I just drew him with boxing gloves on jaiden short laughter. James. I heard a story about farfetch. d.

I heard it on the internet. Apparently. There s a saying in japan. Where a duck holding a leek is abnormal out of this world and so having a duck carrying a leek is jaiden aaaaaaaah james.

I can t really put shorts on a bee though that d be weird laughter. I tried i m taking creative liberty with what i m doing right now jaiden people in your last video. I read some comments and they thought i was cheating. But you know what i wasn t cheating.

And i m taking that is a compliment laughter hate all ya want u003e. 3. James i couldn t help myself ok. Here s beedrill as a fighting type jaiden and farfetch d as a psychic.

Oh my gosh james aaaaa jaiden. That s aw james..

It has a third eye aww that s cute jaiden alright next one james the one you have to draw is stantler sta st . Jaiden yours is meganium but you have to change him into a ghost type james oooooooh. You have to change him into a poison type like what am i gonna do differently. Then just making it transparent have a sheet over it s head trying to use all my creative juices right now so i went to umm pax and i met up with one other youtuber.

He does pok mon videos. So jaiden. Oh really james so this is this is a relevant story. His name is mandjtv pokevids .

He met up with me at pax and was like i sent him a dm. I sent him a picture of my breloom plush and i said and then he sends a picture of a figurine of a sceptile jaiden aww james. Which is his favorite pok mon and then he sent a picture of his girlfriend and he goes. But then he said.

Oh my girlfriend approved of that joke so like this flower right here. I was thinking of like jaiden. There s not too many like defining features of poison types james. I was thinking you d give him vampire teeth jaiden.

Ah. Deer anatomy is weird a silence of focused drawing james tell me about it i have a word document and i made notes for each one. I only wrote one note for this one and it s just james do you believe in ghosts aggressive sigh. This topic yeahhhhhhh i mean i could cut it out i dont have to what about you james uhh.

No is it good is it bad yeah put a happy little dead tree over here jaiden happy little dead tree this is my poison stantler james this is. My ghostuhwhat s thewhat s it called bayleef jaiden oooh. Spooky james ok that i like that jaiden. I made it like poison barbs.

I didn t give him ears. James can i fix. It silence. Okay.

There i fixed it jaiden. Okay. I fixed it too this is the real one james the one you have to do is wailord jaiden ugh james. And it s new type is flying jaiden you have to do cacturne.

But he s fairy james ugh. This is the same one that the team rocket people had right jaiden. They had the baby one did you know that wailord can actually fly james it can jaiden in the pok dex entry. It says like his weight is lighter then air so he can technically fly.

James aren t a lot of the pok dex entries. Messed up the balloon pok mon jaiden. Where he drags children james that murders kids jaiden. I wonder.

If i should give him a little beak james remember when they had a new eeveelution announced. But they didn t know what type..

It was some people where guessing i remember thinking like we gave drawing tips in your video. We re not going to do any drawing tips here jaiden. Should we james no. Okay well your going to have a lot ofof free time jaiden.

Oh are you not done james laughs awkwardly am. I not done so i replaced those circles with hearts. If i was coloring this i d color it pink jaiden. But like a dark pink james no jaiden.

Because it s still a bit evil oh are you taking out all the evil james. How evil is he are any pok mon. Really evil jaiden the balloon pok mon seems pretty evil james they can understand people though because theybecause we tell them what to do and they listen towait we don t tell them what to do they re not real jaiden in the pok dex entry for latios. It says that it s one of the few pok mon that can understand human speech and everyone s like james valentine s day is coming up jaiden happy valentine s day here s a cacturne laughs james you re the one i prick jaiden sounds like an insult laughs james it s kind giving you the i like how it turned out.

I ll write my name next to it laughs. Oh actually i can change the color. Because this is a computer look at that i like it jaiden are you. Sending it james.

Yeah i meanuhhi was just staring at it so. This isuhhhwhat the crap i keep forgetting the. Nameswhat was the cactus s name again jaiden cacturne. Laughs james yeah.

This is cacturne as a fairy jaiden wailord as a flying type james awww jaiden. Awww he s got bows laughs james mmm hmm aww you drew littlebaby wailords jaiden. Yeah yours is adorable he s like lots of laughing from james and jaiden james alright. That was fun this is fun.

I m having fun so it s your turn to do a fairy and its gabitegabitgabite jaiden. Gabite james gabite jaiden oooooh you have to do shaymin land as a fire type silence. James okay. I think it s pretty obvious.

What i m going to do jaiden set him on fire laughs james laughs. What s the fire version of a flower. I don t even know what this part is but it s in it it s in my drawing now wait never mind i just erased it. Uhhhyeahthis looks pretty dumb.

I m not proud of what i just did. But i think i m done. It s whatever jaiden really oh no i m almost done i m getting there fairy types am. I right james i kinda made it go super saiyan jaiden airplane james are you like by and airport jaiden and they were like james i ve just drawn one of the best pok mons in the world.

So here he is as a fire type and a breloom is watching. Jaiden here smy gabite. Who s fairy. Now awww laughs.

Oh. You added..

A mario thing. James yeah. A fire flower awwww jaiden derpy thing james awww. He s pretty cute awww jaiden thanks james awww james the one i chose is swoobat and you re going to have to turn him into an electric swoobat jaiden.

So you have emolga and you have to change him into a dragon james ugh. A lot of the that one fluffy cloud bird is a dragon too jaiden yeah. How do its ears. Even work they re like together.

But not together james what if we were bad at drawing. Do you think people would still watch us if we were bad at drawing. I mean obviously yeah. Jaiden.

I have no idea for this one james same jaiden ugh. He s so ugly let me just fix you up pal. His eyes. That s the problem.

His eyes and no it s his. Whole face. James should weuhhtalk about the youtube glitch or do you think. That s gonna be old news by the time this comes out jaiden.

I feel like there s enough people already making a ruckus and youtube s probably freaking out james i ve created a masterpiece jaiden. Oooooooooooh james. What tool do you use to sketch. Jaiden the pen james i use the.

Marker. Yeahthis is so smarter james whispers. Amazing yeah. Cause this is a dragon jaiden.

I m really close ok. Yeah. Take your time. I guess actually no hurry up.

I m going so fast right now you like if you re on my screen. You ll be like think i should color all of my things. Now yea probably more airplanes waaaaaaoooowwwwwww. This is one of the proudest things i ve ever made really awwww.

I like this one a lot i like the little magnet electric thing. I was kind of expecting you to do the fluff more jaggedy like a jolteon you know if i was making some edits to your drawing. James not saying. Your drawing s not good jaiden.

Oh excuse. Me u003e u003c..

I would have i was imagining like a pow your next one gogoat and his new type is dragon. The one you just made me do you have talonflame and you have to change him into a psychic type can i steal your third eye. Idea do you want to giggles give him a bunch of eyes are there any psychic bird pok. Mons nope.

No there are it s xatu that counts drawing tips. If you just start you re gonna be bad. Speaking of psychic would you ever wanna get your uh fortune told or anything i don t know if i believe in those i mean no. But i think it s just it s for funsies if it was relatively cheap whenever i find a new genre on youtube.

I always feel like an explorer. So there s this whole culture on youtube of people doing s. Ances. And and spell casting and people summoning spirits on youtube.

This has turned out weird. I m gonna keep its hooves. It s not every day that you see a dragon with hooves. It s not every day you see a dragon with hooves cause jaiden laughs james dragons without hooves.

I see those on a daily basis. I just had to draw an eye on its forehead. And you just couldn t take it seriously could you james alright. Yeah.

Yeah wait that s not good beautiful terrific jaiden ahh. I m still sketching james haha. I wanna bring this up before the video ends. I had this comic idea that s a little inappropriate and i d ask people on twitter.

Like everyone was saying like but i m just thinking about all of these kids. I met at pax. I m imagining them all in a room and they re with their parents and then i show them the idea and they don t laugh. And i said that s like the one thing giving me doubts all the kids that i met at pax that everyone everything i could color with the marker.

That s such a good ide. I ve never really covered with the marker before but this is uh this is good see we discover more everyday kids. Yeah i can be done now i just want to finish coloring this i m going to color good wait hold on let me just finish coloring. It this is the bird as a psychic type.

This is the goat as a dragon ooooo that s cool awww this looks cute what is he holding starbucks cups. Remember when i said i m not taking it seriously those are supposed to be uhh ice cream cartons. I like your dragon gogoat. I like the little claws and the magnificent horns and there they all are i haven t seen anyone do this.

James yeah. Jaiden before james changing the types th. There they probably exist they re going to show us and be like thanks for watching everyone go check out jaiden s video now ” ..


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