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“Guys welcome to my first basic guide on ich economics. As well as experience for for teamfight tactics. This is gonna be a very introductory guide to learning about how use gold and how gold works in the game. As well as experience and combining it as well as introducing two strategies that people are using to combine these two to create powerful in game units.

As well as have very very strong econ first let s cover how gold works in this game. So you get five basic gold default per round. You get one gold per ten gold unused up to fifty this is called interest so when you watch a lot of people play the game. They will save up their gold whenever they can t do crew interest over time.

Usually you want to be at fifty gold as much as you can so you can get the maximum 5 gold per round instead of five you get double the amount of gold ten also in the final thing that happens for gold is wind streaking or loss streaking. You get up to 3 a gold for a win streak or a loss tree your win streaks and la streaks start at two wins or losses five wins or losses and eight wins or losses in a row. Then you get plus. One plus two or plus three gold for that now let s talk about experience.

So the way experience works is that you get two default experience per round. And four gold buys for experience you ll start with levels..

One in level two then level three these will be your creep rounds at the very beginning of a game where after the carousel and you ll go into around levels. Four five six seven eight nine throughout the game nye is really hard to get usually you don t end up there at the end of the game. Usually you re in the round seven or eight. But that s how xp works in this game.

So a lot of people are asking me. When do you use xp. I think a good default overview. When they use xp is generally you use one interest.

Worth of gold to buy xp. It s pretty basic if you could put in unstrung you to secure let s say a win streak or just secure your health. That s a good time to do it. So a good example is usually a good rule of thumb.

That i tend to follow is if you re eight experience away or aka eight gold away. It s a good time to level..

What happened with what happens levelling this way is you essentially throw away one goal for one more unit. A one go around for one more unit and usually because you take so much damage and teamfight tactics that extra unit will save you more in health in what you would have gained through the additional goal now we ve talked about the default gold as well experience in the game. Let s talk about two strategies to be able to combine these two to effectively win the game so the first thing i m gonna cover is something that s very popular i first heard about it from reckful and then i say streamers like hoth who popularized this this was really really popular beforehand. I personally don t like to eat do this that much but it s called the reroll strategy.

So what the strategy does is you pretty much never spend xp on leveling. Any never spend gold except for for buying the tier 1 units. That you want up until after the krug pve round. And then after that happens you will be at 8 of 10 going into level 5.

So you spam reroll non stop and look for one start you instant you want to build a compound. What this does the strategy behind this is you essentially spend so much gold to make your army. Very very very powerful you have five units in and they re all to start up potentially a one three star unit or higher. Three star units are very very strong they have almost twice the health as a two star unit and do a ridiculous amount of damage especially when stacked and they use this to ride a win streak one a plus 1 or plus two win streak.

All the way up into where they can save econ to be relevant later it puts a lot of pressure on other people in the game. And you re pretty much riding clear if you hit the right stuff..

This will give you a pretty high chance of hitting a three star every single time you use it i think personally i don t like this as much the downside is you re you you take your econ for this and if you start if you don t hit the right units. It kind of sucks. It feels really bad you delay your ability to get four cost units. Which are very very powerful and game changing and you re hoping that you win streak up is the point where you can get that but is a valid strategy.

And it s got gotten constant top fours with a lot of different players. The next tragedy will introduce is the econ strategy. I m gonna talk about this strategy also based around the crud ground essentially what happens is you kind of figure out what pairs you re going to go for and you just end up saving gold you only level once before the krug realm and for the most part. You just want to be saving gold so you have around 30 gold.

20 to 30 gold around krug nate. What ends up happening is three or four rounds later you should have 50 gold. Then you hold your goal to level to 6. And then you start reeling.

What this ends up doing is you probably end up eating a lot of damage by doing this this is something that you do when you don t have a lot of strong pairs. You re just taking a lot of damage and you re getting first in the carousel like you get your first big care so every time that s your comeback mechanic..

You re gonna use the carousel as well as your extra econ to propel yourself back into the game future in the future so you hit six you ll you ll get the three stars and potential set of four stars a faster than anyone who is doing the early reroll strat. And you have a really good economy to be able to kind of do whatever you want whether it s you re roll down to 30 or 20 to be able to find certain three two or four stars. And what ends up happening is you just constantly spend time reroll on level six. Until you have an appropriate enough army.

Where you can then go to level seven and look for a for cost units. Because seven is really the level you want to be if you re looking to three to star these four cost units both of these strategies are very viable. I personally use the the econ strategy. Which is what i don t i don t even have a name before i ve just called this econ strategy for almost every other game that i do especially if i m doing poorly it s very effective at being able to give yourself a good.

I guess we a good resource pool to be able to work with to pivot in the kind of way that you d want. But it s kind of dangerous because you ll take a lot of health while doing it so be careful and this is definitely something where you need a value of care so very highly anyways. Thank you guys so much for watching and i hope you guys enjoyed this hopefully. I ll come back with you with brand new better tft content in the future.

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