ESO NSO teaching trial (nb tank)

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“You guys can all travel in if you re not here yet just go ahead ahead and stack up at the door when you re ready. There s a place repair your gear. If you re one of those cliff jumpers from the house right over here. Nobody talk.

I m just kidding. You guys can t talk. It. s fine for hunting wabbits be very very quiet laughter.

Exactly oh okay fine watch netflix. Okay. I m back see travelin if you haven t already i ll stop it you stupid discourse. Up here.

Yeah um. I think there might be a couple. Yeah. So we re doing solo tank.

So if anyone else has a a nice staff or a taught on please remove it it s happened before it s okay make sure you check your charges on your weapons check to make sure your foods on you run in normal or that normal. You said we ve got a couple of newbies uh. Yeah. I think there s a couple that are new to this trial.

So just listen to what i say and you should be fine. Okay. Whenever you re ready just come. And stack at the door over here.

Okay. Oh. That don t go in yet. Yeah.

I mean. It s not that big of a deal. I always want to make sure everyone s ready so i can see everyone s thing red. Yeah.

I have a banker here you go moana is cute fyi. If you re a werewolf. This trial. Might hurt a little bit.

There s and hot pockets. Solo healing. This so everybody try and stay close together and try not to spread your poison circle to everybody. If you can was the solo heal by choice kinda.

There was an option for another healer. But there weren t any other healers. Interested and hotpocket offered to salil well we need it i can jump. Okay all right is everybody ready now i think so okay did i walk in let s do this.

Everyone just kind of get close together. Even if you have like arranged kin. Just stay closer. So you can get heals.

It does kind of sound like batman also if if you re new to trials. Then make sure that you let the tank start stuff please always always yeah especially since i m a nightly tank. I can t really change stuff in so i need to just grab things with a grow real quick and crominus and together okay. Let me like the braziers when we re ready so for this fight right here the major.

I m gonna face the boss away in this pool. The major things you need to watch out for are what you call popcorn. So you ll see a a aoe come out and it ll start flying in the air. So if you see that start around your feet.

Just run backwards to get away from people also there s going to be a really really big aoe that covers like the entire map you need to block for that or else you will bleed yourself and others to death so when he s here block just block otherwise dps get reza s please no heat no healer it ain t getting reza s if you see someone down next you get them right away. Does anybody have any questions block is l2 all right go for it ah fuck. I just throw me shards from time to time in the healing springs. Otherwise you can focus group popcorn.

It s on tank please heal. Me through it thank you my screen is free oh see if you can go like open netflix real quick or something popcorn alright someone grab echo. Please popcorn on tank born three two one popcorn on tank. I can t all right.

We. Didn t even get to get to the block mechanics. Oh. Nice skipping do you need to restart your your app.

Yeah okay. I ll just go kill the next set of ads. Only wait if your screen doesn t lock up or you don t get deseed you re not playing yes. Oh.

I should just have you be the announcer. Though either then so the main things you need to focus on in these fight cps are over chargers. They re the ones like shooting sparklies at you and that happens they need to be they need to die right away. They have like a flag on their back that goes all the way across.

We can go ahead and get chests as we go through yeah and we ll trade at the end should wait for him to come back here yep. Yeah. We ll wait at the store right here. I shouldn t get the chest.

Either. How many dps tested. People do we have in here. Let me see like three than.

I know yeah over 30 over 30 k..

Yeah. I just don t know everybody s dps. I know 80 g s like ridiculous number yeah mine s. Mine i think is only about 33000.

Okay eighty three you re hitting 35 that s fine that s good yeah good atg. What was your last solo test. I know your group test was 61 usually it s solo always 40. Plus my tanks about 5000.

I bet y all have me beat even 37 no frowny faces those are good numbers guys and forties he s a stamp tune damn decays easier right here can you find us fable just go up the ramp sixteen. Oh. Sad sad face you just need a rotation and you ll get one you ll get better. It s all about that bass bout that bass.

You find this fable. Yeah. I m on my way. Okay.

Hmm. Oh. That s not very much shane to work on that okay we can open the chest. Now thanks guys for what yeah.

It s not a real try unless someone dc s okay so this next area that we re gonna go down. We all need to group together focus over chargers first and try and stay away from the troll smashes. I ll try and aggro. All the two handed things i have on there s over charger right over here by me please focus this one first i have build videos on my youtube.

If you want to look at them. If you re overcharged like cuddy was go off away from the group. But healer needs to focus so don t go too. Far away someone please.

Read cuddy. Thank you now stay away from this troll smash. You don t want to stand in that all right everybody stay back here. I ll just bring things to you there should be an overcharge or spawning.

Right here you guys can come over here. Now just don t go past the over a charger. All right if you re overcharged 82. Just step back a little bit on the group someone grabbed echo.

Please. Did you okay i thought maybe soph the bridge watch out for these holes. Okay cuz. They re notorious here.

There is no sky shower down. There. No matter. What anyone tells you mmm hmm alright stay back behind that area over here.

Please alright. There s an over charger right here. I m gonna bring them back with me all right focus over charger first to brought them to the middle of the group. I remember to try and stay together get pickups real quick all right nice burn hold on back.

There. It s just easier on everybody. If we do a little bit by a little bit. All right overcharge.

Oh nevermind. They changed. Their mind. Apparently yeah.

I m overcharged again watch out for me. I m gonna go to the back. Okay. So i m gonna bring the giant boss back this time so make sure that when he pounds the ground that you block.

He s gonna do one pound and it s gonna shoot out rocks at you so just block when you see that i ll try to call it and then when he does the really big pound back off. He s just misunderstood yeah. All right have at it horn. Okay.

Alright watch out for that big pound. All right nice job guys come kill this jerk all right stay there and i ll go kill myself. So we don t have to fight more over charges. I m gonna do it kill me come on takes for you to kill me hurry up okay all right come on down.

You re glitched. How i m a sparkly ghost. Yeah. If you have a lightning staff.

Just like try and heavy attack with it okay. So the way that we do this is we usually split up so everybody on the right side of the screen you go to the right area. You re fried okay and everyone on the left go to the left area. It s fun it obviously works yeah.

Yeah. I think i ve take tevar ething. But be half with it yeah. Those heavy sack is like the worst.

Okay once again everyone on the left side of the screen go to the left and we re on the right to the right. We ll figure out who knows that our left and right switch three two one pull alright looks like everyone knows their left and right that s awesome go to the top of the stairs. All the way to the back left. Side.

Let s just be careful cuz..

There s no healer up here stay out of the troll rude along the switch. We re not done. Yet you are just about there we go alright switch three two one pull right so they re going to be a few trolls down. There all right so this next spot.

If you can clear poison. Before you go through that d be great just nice to start fights poison free. Okay. I m just going to grab everything go to the back end watch out for the holes.

There s some sneaky ones up here. We re gonna be glad. I m here. I was going to be an over charger.

Sure to focus him first. Oh. Oh somebody grab mel please. He got squished.

Oh now you fell in the hole. But i worried about dang mm hmm. It was that one to the left wasn t it yeah. I ve gotten in that one before all right try and get rid of your poison real quick.

I m gonna stop wiggling all right over chargers and back if you re overcharged go ahead and back off just a tiny bit mel are you making the long run back there nice all right let s go left room first. There is no over charger in this one soz for focus or face. And then serpent things trolls can usually go last wait next side over chargers in the back on the side. Just run all the way to the back of the room someone want to run back to the other side for the switch real quick now get your poison off me okay.

Three two pull. We don t need to be that close friends. Now did you pull okay see all right. We re gonna go to the top of the stairs.

Oh yeah. 90. Mm that s it dang. All right are the trolls up here.

Yeah. All right somebody got mail okay sweet i love being snowed. It s the best right over chargers out let s focus in there s two actually. There s one by that door and then one back here sorry about the war priest now yeah all right over charger and back alright now.

Let s kill these jerks nice all right nestle all throughout okay kind of all gather centrally. So that you can get heals. Very nice okay. So i m going to this switch.

Yeah okay on switch three two one pull okay on this next. Area is where the boss is so what s really important about this is everybody needs to pretty much like stay on top of each other so that you can get the pins. When someone s pinned to instantly unpin them you have like a few seconds till. They re dead and focus over chargers otherwise pretty much ignore the ads.

I ll try and put them with the boss right here she comes all right i think i ve got all the ads on top of the boss set for the troll. Just ignore the troll all right. I ve got war horn. Three two one all right.

We ve got pins out. Please pick up your neighbors. Do not focus ads just focus boss. There you go nice job.

They re going to be three trolls coming out of the store right here. So it just come stack up on the store. Then you can go loot okay. This is the chest room aka.

The room where everybody spreads the poison mm my legerdemain zat 20 by the way yaris i can force those locks nice do it okay. It looks like we re all clear yay overcharging back over chargers kind of in the middle of all the trolls. Very nice okay this last. Area is where the bosses.

Please clear your poison before going through three two one pull okay just run up and stack at the top of the stairs. After wrapping heavy sacks of course well there s a cute kitty in here. I heard it okay so it s most important about this boss right here is everybody s gonna need to stack on that circular pad up there so that you can get heals. Pretty much do not attack.

The any of the ads set for when the manticore ax comes out then we ll turn around and attack that and then go back to the boss. And we pretty much just need to all stand in that circle right there so we can get heals. So don t move stick the healer. Nice.

It s and just behind like on the edge of the circle. And i think that s about it for that i don t think we have to worry so much about magic. A dump as long as you keep peeling springs down. Yeah.

If you re not in the circle. You don t get heals is pretty much what happens i ll keep them in the center. Faced away from everybody anybody have any questions. Hey.

If your screen turns blue. And you have a magic ability that cost a lot of magic. Go ahead. And use.

It repeatedly all right let s go. Horn. 31. Mel.

You re a little bit too far to the left go ahead and stock with the rest..

Everybody please play some face you guys can all stand on top of each other it s totally fine. If you happen to get pulled to that totem just go back. Oh ouch here comes poison face make sure you shield up. If you got it or horn.

People getting. Manticore is out won t turn around and focus him right back to bus poison face. 3. Nice nice job guys okay does anybody have any questions about that trial at all cool nice job.

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