Firm: Firm Constitution (Form 18)

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“Manual for firms form. 18. Firm constitution. This user manual is intended for already registered registered members who would like to apply for firm constitution form 18.

Please go the i see ai dot o r. G. Once there. Please click on the service portal link on the top right corner of the screen.

The following login page will open http colon slash slash eservices dot. Icai dot o r..

G. Slash. The member for partnership firm head in charge need to login for applying for film constitution form. 18.

The member applicant after successful login into the portal with their user id and password click here to access member s. Sp portal. Following screen will appear click on firm new application tab following screen will appear click on firm constitution form 18 tab following screen will appear to member select the type of firm constitution proprietor slash partnership or sole practice. Member head in charge.

Need to provide temporary registration. Number affirm that the member has received at the time of submission of form 117 in case same is not available refer steps forgetting the temporary registration number of firm click on submitted application for request of new firm conversion to llp tab system will display all user applications click on action button system will display following screen click on form 117..

And then firm name approval form 117 system will display the following screen refer. The firm registration. Number once temporary form registration. Number is available with member enter.

The details in form 18 system will display the following screen click on proprietor slash partnership once type of firm constitution. Is selected system will display following pop. Up for confirmation click ok to proceed enter firm temporary registration. Number and click on get details system will display form details in following screen enter firm constitution details date of formation partnership deed partner profit sharing enter details which are applicable enter paid assistant head office address branch office second office partner member engagement details.

Other details you verify the capture and otp as displayed in screen note in case of multiple partners. All partners need to validate otp..

Once all partners verify the otp. Then the head and charge have to login and submitted application once application is otp verified and submitted system will display the application status. Once otp is verified by all partners system will generate form 18 pdf head in charge will download the pdf form 18. You once pdf form.

18. Otp verified has been uploaded by head in charge. You application will move the regional office for approval. I ca i region office will review the application and approved the same once approved member will receive confirmation of same you head in charge can see the application status by clicking on submitted application firm constitution form 18 action button once application is approved member can download the firm card and certificate click on phone card certificate click on phone card or firm certificate ” .


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