First Drive in an Aircooled 911: 1987 Porsche 911 (Backdated) Cars and Comments Review

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“If you re not a car enthusiast you know that this is important 911. The the porsche 911 is an icon and to see many innovations and evolutionary changes resulting the 911 being a world class sports car for arc long history because of this classic air cooled 911s have shot up and values. They offer an experience that no other vehicle can and it s one that i wanted to experience for myself. So let s hop on the back day to g.

Body. And see what all the fuss is about this porsche started out in life is just a 1987 g. Body 911. Which already is a fantastic start but now it has a lot of little upgrades on it to make it an rs tribute car.

So it s got the duck tail wing. And all the graphics that you like then on the inside..

It has a sort of budget singer thing going on it s got this awesome houndstooth interior. You know mamma prototipo steering wheel the really nice pedals and floor. It s an excellent car and it has a sort of really nice tasteful. But at the same time custom feel to it it s a one of a kind car so when air cooled 911 is one of those things that every car guy should drive and you only have to get in one for a solid 30 seconds to realize why that engine man it has so much personality.

There s not a huge amount of torque like really down low. So you have to rev it out just a little bit. But at the same time there is torque there and there is ample power and it s like the perfect amount of power for the street you can ring this thing out. And it s really not ridiculously fast it feels good it feels like a sports car.

But you don t look down. And see a number that will get you in jail of course..

The other thing about that fantastic flat six back there paired with his g 50. Which we ll get to in a second is well the sound to take a listen then there s that shifter this one has an upgraded shifter. But even the g50 gearbox as a whole. It s just known for being a fantastic transmission and you know what after only shifting it three times you would come to that conclusion.

It s awesome. It s got a nice notch to it everything s really firm what a car if you blindfolded someone who put them in this car. I don t think they would guess. It s from 1987.

It has some old school feel to it. But i m actually really impressed to have similar fields to the 997 gt3..

I drove actually about the same time last year they feel so related and there s so many years apart the engines they sound similar it may not be nearly as fast as a gt3. But the power sort of feels similar in its delivery. The shifter feels the same they make a lot of the same noises and that s obviously quite an endorsement if any car feels like a 997 gt3. It s an awesome car all the controls in this are very heavy and you have to be very deliberate about everything you do.

But that s actually a compliment more than anything else. It s a joy to use a little bit of muscle to slide it into gear. If you use a little bit of muscle to turn into a tight hairpin. That s why traveling is about butts driving an old school car is about yes.

When you come out of the corner in a 911. You really feel that rear engine weight and really to your advantage in fact the pushes down on the rear wheels and gives you all the traction speed that you need to get out of the corner is of course..

An air cooled porsche is always a good place to park the money it will never be worth less in fact might only be worth more driving this 911. Was one of the more special driving experiences that the sonorous flat. 6. Chemical g50 brought nature.

The controls lived up to everything i ve heard about these old air cooled porsches. I really understand why people pay all the money for these on bring a trailer. If you are passionate about cars and driving do whatever you have to do beg borrow or steal find a way to drive one of these cars for yourself you will not be disappointed thanks for watching we ll see you next time ” ..


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