Florida Student Faces Misdemeator Charges After Refusing To Stand For Pledge of Allegiance

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“Know if there s one thing about pastor down. I have lived in this world world long enough to watch it go from what would seem like to be somewhat to bad to worse. Now most of you who don t know me or never have heard of me i ll give you just a quick brief background. I m a 10 year veteran.

The united states army. I was in 82nd airborne division for about five and a half years. I did some time third infantry division over in germany and i finished up at the joint readiness training center jrtc and opted for and i would like to go ahead and add my two cents worth in as a veteran paratrooper and say that whether people like it comprehended and understand it or not the sole purpose for veterans going into the military is to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. A constitutional right and i know that meaning you may not like people protesting and i ve watched the spin that was in when i saw.

Colin kapernick stand up and protest. The national anthem. Not the military. He was very clear in his words because another veteran.

What we will call a buddy of ours. Who was a veteran in the special forces gave him the actual idea the same way we do we take a knee. Whenever one our buddies are falling or something like getting and he gave colin kapernick. What was more honorable and respectful than the president of the united states of america who received multiple their term deferments.

Because of bone spurs in his feet that he d been walking on for the last 60 70 years like bill clinton and so many others. But as jared you know i m jesse ventura labels them chicken hawks. They were chicken when a number was called to get out there and go fight for this country that they allegedly so called quote unquote love and i m not gonna let people forget this stuff. I know a lot of people would rather just sweep it under the rug and forget i m not gonna let them forget it because i watched the lights go out of men s eyes.

And it ain t a glorious thing to look at nor see or experience. And it s just um a sad situation that they were chicken when it came time for them to go to war when a number was called and then next thing you know they come back because they have a silver spoon in their mouth or gold spoon. Where you want to claudia call. It in their mouth.

And now they come back to hulk and they re very bullish on war. Well i fought for the right and every veteran would tell everybody out there the same things we ve fought for the right for people to be able to exercise their constitutional right to protest you may not like it..

But they have a right to protest and regardless of what they re telling you in god is what they re saying out there. Colin kaepernick has never protest the military and if you watched it from like 2008 on up you watch this buildup of patriotism in the nfl and other people and i sit and watch how they gain people the general public. All the time their excuse me that s the going to say this listen. It is this is where we re coming as the country check this out florida student faces misdemeanor charges after refusing to stand for pledge allegiance.

You mean to tell me we re going to start charging people on misdemeanor charges and give them a record because they don t want to stand during the pledge of allegiance. An 11 year old student in florida is facing charges after refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance and creating a disturbance in the classroom and police said. What kind of disturbance can someone create if they re just sitting down. The boy was arrested for causing a disruption and refusing repeatedly instructions from the school staff and law enforcement.

Polk county public schools spokesperson kennedy said in a statement he was not arrested for refusing to participate in the pledge. Okay. Let s see what the spin is then even. Those students have a right to do so by florida law and district policy.

The sixth grader from a temple suburb allegedly told his substitute teacher. The flag is racist. We and the national anthem is offensive to black people bay news. Nine reported citing.

The statement. The teacher gave the district in response and the teacher. Said she asked the student. Why not go to another place to live if it was so bad here.

She said. He answered they bought me here we let me answer this thing about go to another place to live. The majority of people who have melon native skin in this country are already indigenous to this land and you know through conquest canole. Ism and rape robyn murdered pillage instilling.

Undermining that s how this country was taken and what we are looking at here. We re looking at a younger generation being informed about the facts of this country that we would love to continue to keep deceiving the masses of the people about the true history of this country..

I often said it again. Let s just use a little bit of self autonomy and then we re gonna roll along with it when the constitution of the united states of america was written and believe you me i keep them on my desk right here it s under a bunch of stuff as decoration independence. I have it here on this desk. But when the constitution united states of america was written and when it says that we hold these truths to be self evident that all men were created equal and they were endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.

The right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Which really means property that did not apply to the blacks. Nor did it apply to any women in this country being a black or white. Didn t apply that only applied to all white men.

It wasn t until 1957 that things start to change. But not at the loss of life not without the loss of life during the civil rights movements and of course. The only thing that people was trying to do is get a little bit of dignity after being treated less than human beings. So let s go on with the story.

I know many people rather ignore the facts here. But it s going on right here. The substitute identified by district officials. As and i have already said well you can always go back.

Because i came here from cuba and the day i feel i m not welcome here anymore. I would find another place to live. And that s one thing for a wrong woman to be talking to eleven year old boy like it but talk to an adult about like that who is informed why would a wrong woman want to talk to an 11 year old boy like that to me that s abusive. Albert has said that she called the office on february 4.

Because she did not want to keep dealing with him. According to her statement and officer and the school administrator tried to calm the student and the lakeland police department said in sunday night s press release. The administrator asked him to leave the classroom for more than 20 minutes. Police said that the student allegedly made threats while being escorted to the office police transported their lawton child s middle academy student to the juvenile assessment center and charged him with a school function and resisting an officer without violence.

Resisting an officer without violence man. It s a good thing..

I used sefelt on me. Because the double talk and a double speech in this article right here is off of the proverbial chain. The lakeland police department said officers would not arrest a student toy stand for not standing during pau pledge allegiance. Publicly public information officer.

Gary gross. Told usa. Today on sunday. But in general would arrest a student for screaming yelling.

And making threats. Dareka table. A the boy s mother told. A news.

9. That she wants the charges dropped. She denied the arrest affidavit. Accusing her son of threatening to beat up a teacher.

The station reported of course you know who told who knows what s going on now because usually when power corrupts it corrupts. Absolutely. She was wrong. She was out of place.

Told tabet tavaa told. The bait newsnight. If she felt like that there was an issue with my son not standing for the flag. He should have resolved it in a different way or a different manner than she did alvarez no longer works as a substitute in the district kennedy said adding that the teacher didn t i know the students weren t required to participate in the pledge.

Where they should be better trained before they take on the job of being a substitute teacher than sydney. The district would also review training for substitute..

They are right there hmm kennedy say it first amendment rights for in schools from requiring students to recite the pledge or salute. The flag. The supreme court ruled in 1943 and mind you people other than whites in this country. Didn t have any rights and i will quote and colter.

Only black people have civil rights. Everybody else has rights the article originally appeared in usa. Today. You know i i bring up stuff like this because i realize that most of us don t know history.

We know the history that has been crammed down our throats and then has put in the tech books. But there s a lot of things that simply has been ignored and we live in a time. Now that if you ought to become unpopular. Tell the truth you want to be hated still the truth stand for the truth.

You will not believe the visceral attitude and the dishonor to disrespect that you would get from dharm dormant. Docile. Demoralize and demonized people just by standing on the truth. You don t believe me i don t care.

What truth. It is stand on the truth and watch for the manifestation of everybody around you and how they would literally go stark raving mad. And there s only one reason because they unplugged they re not unplugged from the proverbial matrix. So i just reported something let s just watch the dog and pony show get your popcorn on the comments on this video.

Right here you won t believe what you re getting ready to see you re getting ready to see i m manipulated and and docile controlled people come alive all of a sudden because they re passing about issues that they know nothing ” ..

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