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” s video. We re going to discuss the foreign tax credit also referred to as as formal 1116. If you re a us taxpayer. Lived abroad and paul us income in this video will help you to prepare the form correctly and save you a lot of money by optimizing taxes.

Hi i m patrick evans founder of us tax. Practice i m a us certified public accountant based on switch one servicing us tax payers here and in the rest of europe. And i m in the business of helping fellow us taxpayers. Today.

We re going to discuss. The foreign tax credit also referred to as form 1116. The foreign tax credit is one of the main ways a us expat can reduce or completely eliminate their us tax burden. However.

The form is relatively long and there are some complex calculations that need to be made and make sure you pay attention while i walk you through the form based on the irs recommendations this form will take around five hours to prepare. But after watching this video you should be able to prepare it much quicker and much more accurately the purpose of the foreign tax credit is to take a credit for the income taxes. You pay or oh and appoint country. Please note.

That this is only for income taxes and cannot be used for other types of foreign taxes such as cell tag wealth tags etc. This is very important because the irs of getting more stringent on the filing requirements for the foreign tax credit. The first section of the form is enter your name identifying number social security number or i 10 below that need to know the type of income for which you are taking the credit. You need to prepare a separate form for each type of income you have five choices of income category.

A passive category income. This generally includes dividends interest royalties rent annuities and capital. Gains. It s not related to the active conduct of a trade or business be general category income this includes wages salary friends its overseas allowances income earned in the active trade or business see section 901 income.

This is income derived from countries..

Which have been designated by the secretary of state as repeatedly providing support acts of international terrorism and no credit is allowed for foreign taxes imposed by in paid or accrued to the sanctioned countries d certain income we torch my sweetie if there is a tax treaty between the united states and the country and posing a taxes and a torsen roles included in the treaty. You can resource us source income to foreign source to take a foreign tax credit for such taxes an example of this would be if you receive interest from a private loan agreement in the united states and that income is also taxable in the resident country you can resource the us. Income to foreign source and take a tax credit. However you may also need to complete form eight eight three three treaty based return position is closer to full fully disclose the treaty position e.

Lump sum distribution. This is related to taxes be paid or accrued on the foreign lump sum distribution from a pension plan special rules may apply now that you have your category of income selected you need to enter your resident country in line f. Okay par. One now the fun begins of part 1 and in line g need to enter the foreign country initials or name of whom oppose the taxes in line when a enter the type of gross income mmm melt in line 1a and there are multiple countries you ll need to enter they melt in the each column separately if you also use the foreign earned income exclusion you can enter form two five five five here and make sure not to include any income.

That was excluded also you can pair a prepared statement here showing the different types of income and their sources and attach it to your tax declaration line one b must be checked if you have income on line. One a is for compensation for services d. Performed as an employee and the total employee compensation for both us and foreign sources was two hundred to two thousand or more and use an alternative basis to determine the source of compensation essentially. This is use if you want to establish that an alternative basis is used for trimming the source and amount of your income rather than the time or geographical basis.

Which is normally used lines. 2 through. 5 are used in all your deductions. And losses.

Which will be used to reduce your foreign gross income from the section above bank lose deductions and losses that definitely relate to the foreign income or ratable share of your other deductions. That is not definitely relate to that for income please note that the foreign earned income exclusion and personal exemptions are not included line seven subtract the deductions and losses from the foreign earned income part two in part two you need to enter the amount of foreign taxes paid or accrued during the year. Please note that you can select your the paid method. Which is the cash method or the accrued method.

Which is the old method. However please note that once selecting is a crude method you can switch to the paid method in future years without the approval of the irs commissioner. Therefore. It is extremely important you think about how you want to utilize the credit and optimize your taxes before making a selection.

The first time you file your taxes also make sure to enter each corresponding country s information in the appropriate row..

If our multiple countries which correspond to the column in part 1. You need to enter the date paid or accrued. If the type of income for which the taxes relate to in both foreign currency and us dollars. Okay part.

3. This section is used to calculate the credit amount line 9. This is the amount from line 8 line. 10 carry back were carryover from unused form taxes from another tax.

Here you can carry back one year and carry forward 10 years of any foreign tax. You paid or accrued. Please note. That a separate statement.

Should be prepared showing the amount carried toward or back for each year. Add lines. 9. And 10.

Which give you your total foreign tax credit available line. 12. This is extremely important that is where most mistakes are made related to the foreign tax credit taxpayers can take the foreign earned income exclusion must reduce the taxes paid or accrued amount by the tax is allocable to any foreign income excluded also you need to prepare a statement detailing the calculation. The numerator will be the amount of foreign earned income and housing amounts.

You excluded the denominator will be your total foreign earned income received during a tax year deductible expenses. This is a primary reason for reducing the tax credit. But it should also be reduced for taxes on incomes reported for puerto rico exempt from us and contacts excellent income from american samoa exclusion on form four five six three taxes on combined foreign oil and gas income taxes on foreign minimal income reduction for failure to file form. 54 71.

Reduction propel your file form 88 65 reduction of taxes or credit through to international boycott operations taxes related to a foreign tax credit splitting event line..

13. This is an adjustment for foreign tax related to the high tax kick out. We re not discussing a high tax kick out in this video. But it s essentially where passive income is treated as general income because it is high text line.

14. This is the combination of lines 11 through 13 fine 15. This is the email provided. 7.

Which is your taxable income from sources outside the us line 16th. Any adjustment which need to be made to your foreign taxable income which includes allocation of foreign losses capital losses us losses line 17 is your actual income or adjustments which bring you to your net foreign source taxable income line 18. This is the amount on line 41 form 1040 in line 39. Upon 1040 are for individuals line.

19. Is the calculation filled. Which is line 17 line. 18 mine.

20. Is your us tax amount which can be found on lines. 44. And 46 of form 1040 and lines 42.

And 44 or form 1040 and our line. 21 of the calculation filled and a template of line 19 times line. 21. 22.

There s a smaller of line 14 or line..

21. Finally part. 4. This is simply the summary of credits from separate parts.

3. This section is due to summarize all the foreign tax credits taken for each type of foreign income general and time passive income etc. Remembering into a foreign sheet for each one of those form of form 1116 for each type. Now that was a foreign tax credit in nutshell.

I was very quick and i don t expect you to may be fully comprehend everything that we just talked about however watch this video. And it should help you understand form 1116 a little better and remember take the method optimizes your taxes the most if it s the foreign earned income exclusion by itself if it s the foreign earned income exclusion. The foreign tax credit or if it s just the foreign tax credit take. The method.

Which gives you the most optimization and helps you plan for the future. You can find more information on us tax compliance and tax preparation on our website at wwe us tax practice. Calm. If you have a more specific question on us tax compliance.

Didn t touched just call on country towards for one koalas by five two five three three four five eight. One don t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more us tags updates and tips you can also find us on facebook twitter google and linkedin and we also send out regular newsletters too so make sure to fill out our newsletter form. I m patrick evans. The us tax practice thanks for watching and see you in my next video.

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