Fragmented New Age Marketing

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“And welcome in this module of our video. Introduction to the sm. Bock guide. We we re going to discuss fragmented new age marketing in recent times.

The media has increasingly fragmented with several hundred television and radio. Channels. As well as a large variety of print media. Including newspapers magazines and trade publications.

Moreover. Since the late 1990s with the increased popularity of the internet and more recently smartphones. Many options now exist for advertisers to reach a global audience using digital media marketing methods such as mobile phone apps google facebook twitter linkedin youtube qr codes gamification and proximity marketing with all of these options many marketers find it beneficial to use an integrated approach to marketing by leveraging..


The strengths of various types of media companies must evaluate all media in terms of who the target audience is and what media resonates with them best in many cases assumptions will need to be made and incorporated into the media testing framework. Some characteristics of fragmented new age marketing are as follows. It is a fact that people now spend more time on the internet using smartphones tablets or computers then they spend through conventional mass media such as television radio or newspapers. This is especially true for the 30 year old and younger market segments since sales and marketing is most successful when it meets the demands of consumers.

This change in consumer preferences is significantly altering the sales and marketing landscape for established. Companies. Businesses are discovering that conventional mass. Media marketing has limited effectiveness.

And some customer segments are not even. Reachable using these traditional media forms fragmented. New age marketing..


Generally supports new small brands with much smaller budgets. Targeted directly to customers in a global marketplace. This represents a significant distinction from conventional mass media marketing. Where achieving a global reach for a small company may have been prohibitively expensive.

While mass media marketing is less targeted and primarily focused on affecting emotional attitudes about the brand new age marketing is data driven and more focused on driving specific calls to action. Also while mass media. Marketing. Typically involves interruption new age marketing is about engagement.

Unlike. Older media. Options where sales and marketing communications..


Were primarily unidirectional communications. Have increasingly become multi directional. So for example. There are many rating websites.

Available. Where customers can provide independent ratings of a company s products or services and others. Including the company itself can respond or elaborate on these ratings due to the nature of new age marketing consisting of multiple media forms and the ability to generate significant information. Huge amounts of data commonly referred to as big data are now available to companies the ability to process this data through proper marketing analytics and assimilate such data to generate valuable insights can become a significant differentiator for ensuring that companies engage in smart marketing can you think of any examples of fragmented new age marketing.

Social media and company websites allow small companies to showcase their products at a low cost or at times. Even for free companies can share. Engaging content..


Which can go viral thus promoting their brand and reaching a global audience brands can also produce in four instructional content via blog posts forums and so forth online paid advertising allows companies to market their products or services to their target audiences at smaller budgets. Compared to conventional mass media marketing for many companies online paid advertising is replacing conventional mass media marketing. It may be important to note that unlike mass media. Which is a one way broadcast from brand to consumer new age marketing involves a two way interaction between brand and consumer for example in the case of google adwords if the consumer accepts the call to action the company provides additional information on the product itself.

Thus the transaction is usually a back and forth engagement between the company and its potential customers multi directional communication is facilitated using fragmented new age marketing customers can provide their own feedback or research. What others have to say about particular products through blogs twitter feeds google reviews and so on tripadvisor provides a forum for travel enthusiasts to share feedback about their experience. Staying in particular hotels such feedback can significantly impact the buying behavior of future tourists who read customer reviews before deciding their travel options and that brings us at the end of ” ..


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