Goldman Sachs increase AMD position by 156%

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“Everyone welcome to another episode of gangs life and travel and today once again. I i am talking about amd this give me a quick update on what s going so first we have to just go to the chart. What s been happening so last week. I talked about how on friday.

It was higher than the week before i saw it as progress this week on monday. We had to drop it went down. But then it start to build back up again so from tuesday. One orders been going up and up and up you know ending the day higher.

I would say pretty much yeah so overall. It is trending upwards. Which is a good sign. Which is where i like and if you look on the longer term chart.

You know. Six months or you can see that before it was kind of plateauing at 10 00 less in our wrap around 10. And now there are about 11 messing around around 11. And then i think in the future.

It might have another. Oh nope and then start messing around around 12 or more. But remember you have the 50 day moving average as a ceiling. So to speak.

So you had it you know stopped when i there stopped us from going higher. There and i think it did down plate down some extent. There. I remember i think it went over 13 at that point.

So. I think that did have some effect and again it may stop it from going any higher unless. There is really positive news. Which cases just break through and go higher on the positive news side.

What do we have going on so i m going for now. I don t see this falling. Really and the either go sideways or upwards the lid open unless there s some negative news or something real negative which i don t know if there s anything out there. But i think it goes up over the longer term here.

See a coin opus warm a towards the end of the year when where for the positive news side. What we have coming up so have on the 30th. So today s the different seventh of may and then you ve got on 30th. I ve got gdc down.

I think that s actually ctx not one website over basically if an event that is held every year and last year. Obviously then amd launched the rise in cpu at the at the event. You know the disorder boom on the horizon and they ll be launching it this year..


And so on so that s why i think that s what all the hype start on that side. Although they did have i think that i had a dilution which can dampen down so from june. If you look on the chart. I see it s gone so it go back.

So. This is where we were last time so we had june may june. There so hopefully don t third. There so ctx is around this time.

And then if you can see look look at the very top. So they disorder. Horizon cpu and up here. The other side.

I loosened. That s why i came down to this level because of the sheer dilution. But anyway. That s that s a good you know know so i m hoping same thing up the system around with this front up with the event and ask for new products.

You know what what have i seen so far so it was curious you know i found this online. This article. They talked about trademarks that emb has basically even registering and the new trademarks. I ll just go back to the beginning of this so i actually starts to create one so these are the older ones and then it comes up to you go free sync there so.

The more recent ones. I pro analyze and write an amd g rock. This is a new one again. We don t know what the what the product is what we know that is is a trademark that s been licensed by maybe that they ve diverged to basically and then you go jitsu joro wanna tread repose.

We already know about because they revealed at the unlist day. So all of these and then the the one that really popped out to me was promethean. What is commuting mean right so again and they ve got all these new names terraces or kaizen kaizen. Basically.

If you break it down into the japanese. It s actually a method and then whereby you can you know create a new positive habit within yourself and basically is a 1 minute rule. So what you do is you say you wanted to learn a new language. You can learn try to learn that language in one minute.

So not not all the language. Just you know try to learn it for one minute every day. And then you eventually get better so i think knowing that and the name under speculating. But it could be super fun a fast process so that you know within 60 seconds.

It can do you know so many tasks or something to that effect so that s that s what i mean. It s just speculation it could be true it could be completely false. But anyway..


We ve got kaizen has a trademark as well aragon. Then saw a mv iras on the mv. Then saw so all these names all these trademarks make me think that this new products are out there that basically they they re planning to launch at some point in the future and they just preparing the groundwork now with the trademarks and we might might get more information at the ctx or gdc whatever is event in the next few days. And then you know we ll see what they revealing or what they ve held back so basically the ones that they reveal will look at more information and the ones that they hold back there may be more bigger items you know they may for example.

I mean i don t expect them to to tell us about a you know as a gpu or a cpu and give all the benchmarks of that i mean dm is here. We re going to have a new gpu in next year or new cpu next year like then to vega 2 or something or navi. But i don t expect them to give us the benchmarks or the performance or anything like that so try. And tell us about that because then people might actually wait for those and it would they may not buy the current products are coming out.

I just like i think the video ad. The gtx 1080 and then it it all everyone oh you know we re going to have a gtx 980ti. A few months later nobody would buy the gtx 980 and i d work with ti right if it s only a few months. So i don t think that we doing that kind of stuff.

I don t think we ll be revealing a lot about products please we ll get some information on what they have going on what else do i have in my list. That s what the share price. I found something interesting on corner holders. So who all s you know she has of amd i found that goldman sachs downgraded amd at let s see at this point where it was here fourteen point one seven to set is over over board.

It came all the way down. I think they put the price target are eleven point six or something like that and even all the way down to you know here now so at this point to set is over oversold when it should come back off. But it s interesting what they actually did so they actually bought this year. So firstly number one we got a call option.

Which gives them the right to buy so this is a positive it means that they think is going to go you know that the stock price is going to go. And this was on the 18th of the of may 2007 and 2010 is it so this year. And then on top of that they have shares of the audience or. Previously we had a 26.

Million shares and they ve increased up by a hundred and fifty six percent to six million eight hundred thousand eight eight hundred eighty seven thousand shares right so the you know that s a huge endorsement to say you know that the stock is going to go. But on the on the other end of it i think they they re protecting their position. Somewhat. Because they have a pope they re a portion so very poor options are there to protect against downside.

But if you look at the the volume of it is two million. So i think that two million covers that two million there on the call. But generally overall. I think a positive on the stock that think they think it s going to go up you know advertising zero telling people.

But i believe a think is going to go up. Quite a bit all these green fields here are new acquisitions of the stock is so there s a new movement. So no more rava is is a put option they re over a hundred thousand these guys if they ve actually bought some shares fifty thousand westpac and that s a call option. There by number as well so we ve got a pope on the call.

It s pretty even you know it s like the amount we have in a pot. It s pretty close to that in the call option so again. You know there s a lot of buying if you look at it yeah..


So only deutsche bank has sold off everything they ve got let s see who else has sold off pts images. So majority you see is green and that s the point. I m trying to make majority is or green and if you if you really look at the majority of the the action is actually positive so even though you have a put there you have a call there. And that s again you know just buying chairs playing shares.

I put there again put there again. A call there again overall. If you add up all the calls versus all the other puts and all the normal just buying of the shares you know is is positive you know people are buying overall so that s where we are with that let s all look at the next thing. I have next thing.

I have is the the video system that they are coming out so it s called again so i think it s called power box or something over there. But anyway they re putting rison in dna in the system. So this is so he says emp will consider selective licensing to intellectual property. We re really trying to look for those.

This is what lisa sue saying. I really have launched the new uk based bags for the next generation of geforce gtx battle box pc. And they re. No longer.

Just. Giving their sea level gaming. Approval. To intel cpus.

They ve got a mmd s rise in chip. In mine. Too. So basically the horizon in there so they yeah the boosting got up i think and there was another article about china up only a lot of rising cpus are selling in china at the moment.

And there s a huge amount of positive or is it work on that let me see if i can pull up to show you guys came out of it yeah. It s in the conversation here on yahoo messenger. If you want to check it out see ya so here you go so they ll rise and see computer who sees one represent good bridge. China over fifty five star comments in just one day excellent you know so this is what s going on in china to see article mean we can t read it cuz it s in chinese.

But that s what we re seeing on there on the chart forms anyway so overall otherwise see the stock going i think so to medium term. I was never good at really climbing a stock. Which is why i never sold out on came back in because i know that s not my thing. My thing is longer term longer term.

I think it goes up. I m really interested to see the the christmas sales. You know so you can have the back to school sale so looking out around november time and the earnings for november and then the earnings for on january. Again really interested what happens there i didn t realize it should be good.

But again. I don t i don t know if they will be or not. But i think if there s a very good chance of being earnings around november time..


And again the end of year sales. And so on again. As you know velocity. Divided told.

You guys they have a full spread or data sent to cpus coming up plus. The gpu and the apu. So there s a lot going on a lot a lot of products coming out. And they should the share price should go definitely i mean if the video is anything to go by they triple the profits on their center.

You know amd should have way more success than that and the stock should go through the roof at some point. But for me how i was thinking about you know to write up my my price target on it number. I think seventeen to twenty dollars is fair how many have to put you have to draw the lines and send it somewhere. But i think seventeen is low anyway but seventeen to twenty dollars.

I m happy to sell a little made some profit. So that s it for today guys. And that s all i have a number it s very interesting to see the trademarks. I think going forward.

We all stand to make some good money anyway guys again once again. I have i m going to put the books in the description. If you re interested in the books. I will also put the link.

I m trying to get my videos a little bit better try and give you more sources to look at so. I ll put the the link to this webpage. Where you can you can look at all the the holdings. You know for the shares and so on and in in the in the description as well and if you want to support me you know you want to buy the book by the book.

It s not my book. I m i just put it out there is red pollard and intelligent investor those two books. Basically tells you invested teaches you about the how to do value. Investing like more on booking and that kind of thing but rich dad poor dad basically tells you how to think differently to what normal people think so normal people go out make make wage and they they just depend on that weight.

And that s it and i ve seen this a lot within my own relatives friends and so on they always think about just getting that paycheck and that s all they have but i never made any serious money from doing that although. I had a part time job. The serious money was made from investing. That s where the serious money was made that s where the big chunks of cash were made and that s how i was able to buy my house and you know buy a couple of properties and then and then go on from there and buy more and then invest abroad and so on and even now you know i m building website to do that if you interested in the website.

I ll put the link in the description as well in go check it out it s nothing amazing. I m just putting it together at the moment. But it s all gonna be there if you if you want me to improve anything on on my videos. Which is like some information on something else let me know i m happy to basically talk to you about it you know make a video go and cover that subject or whatever is but for now guys thanks.

” ..

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